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It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s the end of June. Summer is here and I am doing my best to get a little “normal” back into my life.

Over the last week I have had the best kind of normal return with…

Granddaughter helping me decorate and bake.

… someone helping me rearrange the decor around the house and baking goodies for everyone.

Having our granddaughter, along with her mom and dad all week at the lake has made for a fun week with me getting lots cutie time. XO

Spending all my waking hours with family, left little time for any projects, but I did find some things of interest online…

Large scale art is one way to fill an a large empty wall. This is one way to make it pop and this is a very budget-friendly way to create large art for your home.

Every inch is inspiring inside and out… A very DREAMY lake house.

I am seeing garden spheres every where. Some can be pretty pricy, then I found this clever Garden Ball DIY.

The Amazing Anti-Aging Beauty Routine.

The little know reasons why these are yellow.

Clever and stylish DIY drawer pulls.

Are you ready to live more simply?

No more ugly backyard shed. This is the such a great shed makeover and the wonders of what pea-gravel can do.

Looking Past Likes.

I have always bought expensive outdoor umbrellas. No more! They always break. This one is affordable and does the job very well for under $40.

Looking forward to grilling this for an easy weeknight summer meal.

One way to make your house address numbers stand out.

To market… to market in style. My all-around summer tote.

A comfy chic top for a hot summer day.

Currently enjoying this series. I am on the 6th book now.

Grand baby sitting on floor playing with a box of toys.

Now I am back to enjoy 2 more days of smiles before my family heads back home.

Enjoy your weekend!

smile face

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  1. she is beautiful, and I bet a Lot of Fun! Oh, I do envy you! I’ve been hoping for grandchildren since .. well since my son was born, I guess! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Linda – I loved having Zoe at the house. OMGoodness – it was the best, but exhausting as she is always on the move. She really LOVES Ed. He is her buddy.

  2. Love the precious pics of Zoe ?. I’m sure you’re soakin’ up all the hugs and fun times !!!
    The patio umbrella looks nice…thanks for the review!

  3. Lucky you! That is wonderful that you can spend this time together, and Zoe is adorable! Thanks for the great links, as always. The “live more simply” was an especially great read!

  4. That’s the best possible help? and so much fun. Beautiful girl. Love this age, a pure delight

  5. Well you certainly have an adorable excuse for not working on projects! Goodness, hasn’t she grown? How will you stand it when they’re gone? Sigh, new normals at every bend in the road these days, right? Luckily, we are an adaptive species and we will go on. Enjoy every precious minute, Diane!

    1. Hi Sharon – It was pure joy having Zoe around. I miss her. My house is quiet now and I am getting back into my daily routine. Luckily I will get to see Zoe in three weeks for another whole week. Knowing this is getting me through. :-)