Style Scouting: Fall Week

This week’s Style Scouting is the start of all things fall!

In two days it will officially be fall. YAY! The cooler weather and the need for a lightweight sweater have arrived and it feels wonderful.

Upcoming on the blog this week, I will be sharing fall decorating projects that I have been doing around my house starting with what I changed in my foyer/entryway.

Today I am sharing random stuff I found online that captured my attention or inspired me this past week.

I love this house. Those beams…

I have heard of tiny houses, but could you live in this dwelling?

I have seen pumpkins made of velvet, yarn and fabric, but never with this material. Very clever and easy to do.

Looks like a yummy fall treat any time of the day.

I think these are the cutest edible pumpkins that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Preserve your peace in a hectic world.

My fingernails have been really loving this. It smells really good, too.

When you want large candle holders to add fall coziness to a room and can’t find any – try this easy DIY.

This blogger’s fall home tour will have you chuckling. :-)

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  1. I always look forward to seeing the links that you share. These were great, and I am definitely going to make those pumpkin oatmeal bars. Thanks!