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I was productive last week and got a lot accomplished while using my kitchen table as my work desk with my new rolling file organizer at my side that I posted on Thursday.

Another thing that helped me stay on track was the arrival of a new yearly planner. I ordered it a few weeks ago and was happy to finally get it.

I still prefer a paper planner. I have tried going digital, but it is just not my style. I like the visual aspect of a paper planner. I ordered one that I got to semi-customize this year from Plum Paper. I chose the Notes & Dates layout and enjoyed filling it in with blog posts plans and more for 2021.

Do you use a paper planner? If so, what one do you use?

Before I share the inspiring links I found on the web this week, I have something exciting to share with you.

I am teaming up with a few of my blogger friends to put together a decorating group on Facebook that is now live for you to join.  It’s a place for you to ask decorating questions, and share anything related to home.

We hope you will share your photos or ask questions that you’d like our panel of designers to address. Interaction and sharing your ideas and opinions is encouraged with each other as well.

In addition to conversations about all things home, the Decorating Panel will be sharing their best articles, posts, decorating advice, and resource info.

The group is free to join and as a thank you for becoming part of the group, we are offering a $50 gift card GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner.

To Enter: Head over to Facebook and join the group.  If you’d like to introduce yourself we would love to hear about you. You can also wait until you have a specific question. Either way we would love for you to be part of the group.

You can join us here on Facebook:  The Decorating Panel

Inspiring Articles and More That I Came Across This Week:

Bath of the Year Winner
Atlanta Homes Magazine

I can see why this bathroom won the The Bath of the Year. I love the entire space… the rolling wood door, the spaciousness, and the huge window by the tub.

A furniture makeover not to miss.

A bright, colorful and cozy little cottage.

Look at the high-end catalog worthy decor that can be created using dollar store items.

A creative way to display house address numbers besides on your house or mailbox.

Feeling stressed or anxious the last few months? Here is one easy way to lessen it.

If the above doesn’t help your stress-level…. owning this surely will.

Lifestyle secrets from people who live to be 100!

Your morning cereal will thank you for this.

I read decorating books like many read novels. I finish one and start another. I just finished this one and also this one. I liked both and picked up a few tips and found inspiration, but over the last few years, my favorite decorating book is still this one. I love this book’s layout, her style and doable ideas and tips that anyone can do, even on a budget.

What is your favorite decorating book?

Coming up on the blog this week I will be sharing the new plate rack wall in my kitchen. It looks just how I envisioned. I am also going to share how I made over my night table in minutes using something that I had in my china closet.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the healthiest eating article as well as the breathing ideas. Both have made my life so much more especially in the last year.

    1. Hi Jill – Isn’t it amazing that eating right and lessening stress has so many positive effects on our lives? When you feel and see the changes, it makes it easy to eat right, move more and breath right.

  2. I just had Cozy White Cottage uploaded to my iPad free with Kindle Unltd. Like you, I prefer paper over digital for reading and note-taking. It’s probably an age-related thing! I joined the FB group today and just took a peek. And lastly, that Dollar Tree mirror is WOW! Thanks for sharing, Diane.

    1. Hi Terry – I think you are right with paper over digital can be age related, especially for non visual types. :-) I love seeing great projects using dollar store items – the mirrors are one of the best I have seen. So happy to have you join the Decorating Panel. We have had an amazing response.

  3. Hi Diane! I’m so excited about The Decorating Panel on FB. I’ve always wanted a source where I could ask questions about decorating, get opinions on my “possible projects” and get inspired by the creative ideas of others. Now, it’s a wish come true. Thank you!
    Your rolling cart organizer is brilliant! I work in my office/craft room as much as possible, but there are times when I feel somewhat isolated and need to be in the kitchen, looking out the window to watch nature unfolding or catch Adam as he flies in and out from one project to another. With your rolling cart organized, I’m free of “stacks” on the kitchen table, in the den and scattered about my office. Your creativity knows no bounds!

    1. Hi Judy – Thanks. So excited to have you join the Decorating panel. We are blown away by the response. :-) I am loving my new cart, I may never want to work in my studioffice again, at least when I am doing computer work.