Style Scouting

Style Scouting Sunday

How can it be that we are at the midway point in August already?

I am not sure I want summer to end quite yet as I have been taking the time to truly enjoy the lazy days of the season the past few weeks before September arrives.

Colorful autumn-flowers on a windowsill.

While taking things slow over the past week – sitting out on my deck daydreaming and thinking about what I plan to do around the house this fall, I found these posts, articles and links inspiring:

Is it too early to start thinking about fall? Maybe this year the cozy comfort of the fall season is just what many of us are yearning for… That Fall is on the Way Kind of Happy. :-)

Wouldn’t it be fun to dig up something like this when gardening?

This home only has one bedroom, but it sure has a lot of style!

I am sure you have heard about The Magnolia Network and the return of Fixer Upper, but have you seen the video previews of the other shows coming to the network. They all look wonderful, it is going to be hard having to wait until next year to watch and enjoy.

If you have allergies you can blame it on the male species.

The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Nothing.

Thinking about painting a room in your home, but not sure what color to use? Check out these trending colors.

I have always gravitated to white trim in a home, but this is making me consider something different.

Need to de-stress – take a bath with one of these.

The reasons you have clutter in your home.

I LOVE how lipstick can brighten your face and totally agree with why this writer still is applying it even as she has been staying at home.

A free printable to enjoy either indoors or outdoor at night.

How to save seeds the right way for next year’s garden.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  1. Dear Diane,
    Along with many other readers, I immensely enjoy reading your scoutings and appreciate you sharing them with us!

  2. Hey Diane, Wondering if you made or purchased the cute wire jar holders (for lack of a proper term) in your window. Very cute!

  3. Love
    It was a risk 5 years ago but never regretted them being Greige with lighter greige walls.

  4. Diane—I love these posts full of helpful/interesting ideas! Also wanted to tell you that your blog is one of the easiest to navigate! I really enjoy it!

    1. Hi Carol – Thanks :-) It is also great to know that you find my site easy to navigate. I have experimented with different blog designs and layouts over the years, but the way I have it now, makes sense to me. So good to hear you think so too.

  5. Hi Diane! It’s been embarassingly too long since I stopped in to say “hi” and thank you for your continued bright spots in the dull of unrelenting virus. Those brilliant flowers in your window made me smile before I was aware I was smiling. Like you, I’m lamenting the postponement of the Magnolia Network’s premiere. Conversely, it’s always great to have something to look forward to…like your entertaining, creative weekly posts. I hope this finds you and Ed well!

    1. Hi Judy –

      So nice to see your name in the comments. Hope all is well for you. Ed and I are well and just plugging along trying to stay positive over these past months. It is the only way to not get depressed about the situation.

      I agree with you that it is great to have something to look forward to. I think the Magnolia channel is going to be worth the wait. :-)