Style Scouting: Vol. 107

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

Pottery Barn Table setting

I spent the past week with my daughter Mandy in Charlottesville, while Ed was at a conference in Washington, DC. While out and about one afternoon…

Rustic white table at Pottery Barn

…I enjoyed taking a stroll around Pottery Barn where fall was emerging now that September is days away. I love autumn and seeing this table setting is getting me excited for the season. :-).

I also smiled when I read what fellow blogger, Liz Marie wrote in her recent post:

“Can we all agree that we are no longer fighting back our Fall urge?! I mean kids are back to school, high school football games are starting, all we are waiting on are the pumpkin patches to open the gates.”

I know I am ready, how about you?

gel mat with tile pattern on floor in front of French door

While at my daughter’s house, I helped her paint this door and the wood screen door in her kitchen. It is now all semi-gloss white.

I love her gel mat. She bought it at World Market, but sadly it is no longer available online and we didn’t see it in the Charlottesville store either. If you like it, the World Market near you may still have it. It is very cushioned and feels great when standing in front of a sink.

Posts You May Have Missed This Week:


As someone who craves a deeper connection to the natural world and slowing down, I am enjoying following the plans the Giannettis are undertaking from building a new home and more as they move across the country from their Patina Farm home in California to a new one in Tennessee.

The cozy and inviting home tour.

This home in one of my favorite NJ beach towns.

I have seen this hardware on cabinets, but never knew what they were called. Interesting post all about them.

The outside spaces in this home tour steeped in history.


A pretty fall wreath to make using paper.


I have never roasted potatoes using this ingredient.

Looks good and is sorta healthy to go with your afternoon coffee break.

Will make a nice dinner or lunch when the fall chill sets in.

Creative ways to use basil from your garden besides pesto.


Another cool thing you can do with some iPhones.

Fashion & Beauty

This was an interesting NYTimes article all about a company whose products I use. If you can’t open it as it may be behind a paywall – it is about how this product came to be back in 1926. I use it as an eye and neck cream.

Fun & Interesting

Fun back story about the song September and its longevity… ‘ba-dee-ya.’ 

Did you know to do this when you take a pill? I didn’t.

Something to Think About

Make time for what you want.

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  1. Thanks for leading us to the item in the newspaper. Those links don’t work for me and I refuse to subscribe. Happy to know about the lotion.

  2. Carol Fitzgerald says:

    I walked through Pottery Barn on my way to Lens Crafters and I was swooning over the fall decor. I felt like dancing through the store. Fall cannot come fast enough for me!

  3. Caye Cooper says:

    Your paper wreath is just so darn cute, Diane! A few years back I made up a whole bunch of felted acorns in fall colors and glued the cap on each. Put them on some Fall wreaths.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Caye – :-) Your colorful felted acorns sounds so pretty and cute! I bet they look great in your wreaths. Great idea.

  4. So much to absorb from all the links you have gathered for us. What a meaty post. Thank you!