Style Scouting: Vol. 150

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Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

white shelving unit with blue grasscloth paper behind it
photo: Diana Speer

Now that the 4th is over and the family and friends that were staying with us have gone home, I have been enjoying a lazy weekend. It felt nice yesterday after doing some yard work in the morning to just chill and not do anything but sit on our dock with my feet in the water.

I didn’t even read a book or have my phone with me, it was just me and my thoughts until it got to hot and I had to go inside out of the sun.

Today I plan to do more of this kind of chill-axing and hope that you can take a bit of time to enjoy doing nothing. :-)

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This classic cottage in the Puget sound.


Love this pretty idea to make for a stool.

It may have taken hours and hours of sanding, but like how this furniture makeover came out and wish I had the room to have something like it in my house.


I have a hard time passing up a pretty storage basket especially when they are on sale.

Reading & Watching

Ed and I are enjoying watching Hijack on Apple TV, although I wish they would put the whole season up at one time so I can binge watch it now and not wait for 7 weeks.


Zucchini and corn season is upon us. This recipe using both looks delish.

I remember making this summertime treat when I was a kid. And if you like lemons, this also looks refreshing.

No need to buy the wood storage bag organizers from Amazon anymore – Target who always keeps an eye on trends, now has their own option.

Out & About

The new McMansion’s that are here to stay.

Overstock the online place for home decor deals is getting a rebrand and new name.

Fashion & Beauty

I am hoping that by following the tips in this post will help my aging neck look better.

An affordable and stylish handbag for summer.

Fun & Interesting

The facts behind the real history of the archimedes dial that was in the new Indiana Jones movie – Dial of Destiny.

I want to become an aspiring astro-tourist.

Just wow! I have never been able to do this – not even one skip.

Something to Think About

The best article I have read about finding happiness living with less.

Redefining what it means to be content.

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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Are you an Amazon prime member and like to shop the deals that are being offered on July 11th and 12th? If so, I have created a shop in my storefront where I have gathered the deals I found were worth getting excited about. If interested, you can find it HERE.

2 pc Lounge Set

Summer Top – comes in 4 styles

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  1. Thanks for such a great tips for “Fashion & Beauty” I hope this will contribute to improve my aging appearance.

  2. What an interesting article on the Dial of Destiny! I loved the writer’s comment, “And it makes you wonder what else we have no idea about.” Doesn’t it do just that? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi Edna – I agree that the article is fascinating. Maybe someday we will know the answer to what it was designed to do as well other stuff from ancient times.

    1. Hi Lisa – The photo in my post is one from a designer showhouse so I don’t have the exact resource for that blue grasscloth wallpaper. But I did use a similar one in my bedroom. You can see it in this post:

      The paper I used may not be available any longer, but here is the link to buy it:

      Here are a few more that are similar:

      And this one:
      And one more:

  3. we live in 1100 square feet; 1500 would seem like luxury. We’re pretty darn happy. That’s a little misleading since we’re in a senior residence with a pool, small gym, library, restaurant, movie theater and art room.
    We don’t have to have all those amenities inside our own unit when it’s available out our front door.

    1. Hi Patricia – It sounds like you have it the best! Just the right size living space with lots of amenities that you can enjoy without having to take care of them.