Style Scouting: Vol. 151

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

I remember when it wasn’t until August when the hot, hot, dog days began, but here we are right in the middle of July with temps in the danger zone later this week.

When it gets this hot, I like to delve into learning how to do something new. This year, I prepared in advance and bought the materials to paint a canvas for my living room.

I also bought lots of colorful cotton fabric to make a simple quilt. I set up my studioffice to enjoy the AC, an old movie on the TV and lots of creating. When I finish, I will share the creations with you. How about you? What do you do when the temps become too hot to enjoy being outdoors for any length of time?

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This kitchen seating area is so pretty.

A popular apparel retailer is going into the home decor market.

This is one cute little Jersey shore cottage.

This is quite a house.

This architect’s site will keep you inspired for hours.


Look what you can do with empty paint cans.

A pretty way to grow herbs in your home.

A clever way to make an outdoor clock.


I didn’t think I needed this until I saw how it could easily clean the crumbs in kitchen drawers and my laptop keyboard.


A fun take for making summertime popsicles. Having one of these will make it very easy.

I enjoy all the food served for this pastime, how about you?

A fun take on the classic Peanut Butter Blossom cookie.

Out & About

If you like to shop online at Walmart, I now have a Storefront there.


I have to file this away for the hydrangeas growing in my yard.

Fun & Interesting

Did you know about the two finger rule when choosing a watermelon? I didn’t and am surely going to try it the next time I buy one.

When I think of cities in Africa I never thought they looked like this.

Something to Think About

Need a break from life? Consider doing one of these solo date with yourself ideas.

“Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful.”

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  1. I love your Style Scouting posts! Always such interesting things! I have several painting projects planned for these dog days but we’ll see if “life” makes them winter projects 😂😂

  2. Life in coastal Florida we are well acquainted with hot, steamy summers. So my adjusted schedule looks like this-errands or garden chores in the early mornings, late afternoon swims and midday I do indoor projects, sewing, painting, ceramics, crafting. This year it’s finishing embroidering quilt blocks that my husband’s grandmother started decades ago to have made into a light weight quilt for our bed this winter. I’ll be watching crafting and anthropology dupes on YouTube. But honesty a daunting project that may turn into a table runner! 😂

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pamela – It sounds like you have a well-laid out plan keeping busy and enjoying your passions to fit with the hot summer. I understand how much time and focus it can take to make a large bed quilt. I planned to do just that for a textile course I took in college. It was way more than I could do in a semester. It turned into a crib size quilt that my mom helped me make. :-) Enjoy making yours and your other creative pursuits this summer.

  3. I love the idea of painting a canvas. Since I live in South Florida where it is often too hot for outside work (and lately the pool is bathtub warm), I’m always prepared with a new crochet project to work on (crochet alongs are my favorite). I have also bought everything needed to try my hand at loose watercolor florals. Enjoy your dog days of summer and learning something new!

  4. Love so many of your go to links today! The one that stood out was the tea sandwich’s. My grandmother catered by street car. Never drove a day in her life. She was very popular here in the Twin Cities. Oh my her tea sandwiches were so nummy. To this day I love green olives with cream cheese. She would make all sorts of shapes… pinwheels were my favorite. Have you ever had a sandwich loaf? Another old school entertaining idea I recall from my past. I still am looking for a frozen fruit salad bar.She would cut it like an oversized bar. So good. Thanks for warming my heart today with these special memories❤️

  5. The “date with yourself” article really hit home for me. As an introvert, I enjoy doing things by myself, but mostly, I just run errands or shop b/c I can do those things in my own time without any input from anyone else. The article is a good reminder that anything can be done solo. And I, too, need that vacuum. I just spent a couple of hours last weekend wiping out all of my cabinets. This would’ve been a timesaver. Add to cart! Thanks for all of your time on your Sunday posts. Love them!

  6. Thank you for the two-finger rule. I will try that soon.
    Those cookies look pretty good and easier as one doesn’t have to take the wrappers off of the Kisses.
    I’ve never been to a fancy tea party with those cute sandwiches but would like to sometime.
    Have a great week.
    “See” you next week!

    1. I have the mini vac and love it! My husband and I both love the Avondale house. Our only hope is that it comes with a team of maids. Good post!

  7. Loved the mini vacuum, I’ll have to wait for another Amazon prime day & see if it goes on sale! Our prices in Canada are always so much higher.

  8. I had to laugh at your comment about Africa – I looked up Mongolia a couple of weeks ago and had the same surprise. ;-)