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Thanksgiving table setting around the fire set with items from Old Time Pottery

The weeks are passing by quickly – Thanksgiving is 11 days away. After that life will take us into full-holiday mode. I love this time of year – the decorating, the music, the food, everything dressed in holiday style.

This year I am looking forward to the holiday season more than in past years for a few reasons. The most exciting is that my older daughter and SIL who moved to Los Angeles 2-1/2 years ago are coming to stay with us for the entire month of December – which also means that I will have my two grandbabies around 24/7! Lots of Mimi time for me. :-)

My granddaughter who is 4-1/2 likes to make things, so I have been thinking of ideas on how she can help me decorate the house, bake holiday treats and more. If you have grandchildren and have made anything with them that they enjoyed making, let me know.

Now onto the inspiring links I found this week.

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A forgotten farmhouse becomes home-sweet-home.

This Santa Barbara home.

This is one pretty way to cover a sofa.

This old house has so much potential and is just waiting to be restored with character.

A classic midwest Christmas.


These adorable holiday dinner table place card holders. And if you save Christmas cards you may like to make a few of these for your tree.

This thrift store end table makeover.

She made it black and spooky for Halloween now she made it into a charming Christmas village.

Home Improvement

How to update a built-in wall niche in a room.


If you like soup and pot pies, this recipe is for you.

The addition of gingersnaps makes this pie for Thanksgiving sound delish.

And while on the topic of Thanksgiving food, I think my family will like this way to serve mashed potatoes.

Some ingredient substitutes if you’re in a pinch!

Out & About

If you like to make stuff, did you know that Michaels – the craft store has a new website you may like.

Fun & Interesting

Staying at a friend of relative’s home over the holidays? Here is how to sleep on a sofa without hurting yourself.

What the color of your bread tag means.

Something to Think About

A simple way to boost your happiness.

How to use Google to fact check images.

“We are what we believe! And we become what we say to ourselves.” – Danelle Harvey of Deb and Danelle

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  1. I’m so happy that your family will be visiting for Christmas, and the whole month of December. So much fun to plan for! When everyone visits I get so excited and later experience a very content and happy exhaustion. Have a fun celebration!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Diane, best wishes for happy times with your family, especially your grandchildren. Haven’t been around little ones for some time, but the “If You give a Mouse a Cookie’ geniuses added a ‘Mouse Cookies’ recipe book, and it is still a hit around here. The Lemon Drops are still a delicious and necessary part of our holidays each year, and I cannot recommend them or the lovely kid-friendly recipe book highly enough. Enjoy!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi – Thanks so much for this idea. My granddaughter loves to cook and bake and all things kitchen. She calls herself a “cheffer”. :-) I am going to order the book today as I know she will love it and is familiar with the Give a Mouse a Cookie book. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea with me.

  3. Diane,
    I sent these 2 sites to my niece who is a first grade teacher and she loved them for easy and cheap things to do with her students.
    Site for crafts for children:
    1) Crafts by Amanda -projects on craft recipe cards
    2) From: Laura | Mom Envy
    Enjoy your family’s visit and make great memories!!!

  4. Super excited for you to get your family there 💜💜💜

  5. Diane, what a treat to have your grandchildren for a month, especially for the holidays! My grandchildren love making cutout cookies & gingerbread houses. We’ve also had fun making cinnamon dough ornaments for them to give as gifts. I know no matter what you do, the most wonderful thing you’ll be making is lasting memories! Enjoy every minute!

  6. So very nice to have extended time with grands! It is fun to make Christmas mice with littles — maybe 4 is too young? Just search for “Christmas Mice” for directions. We use long-stemmed maraschino cherries (drained and dried), chocolate chips melted for dipping the cherries, unwrapped Hershey kisses, Oreo cookies split in half (use the frosted side), almond slices for ears, and a dot of red decorating gel for eyes and nose. It is a lot of fun even if a bit messy. Each little mouse seems to have its own personality based on position of ears and eyes.

  7. Michele M. says:

    Oh Diane, I am so happy your grands will be staying with you such a nice long time! There is NOTHING like Christmas with the littles. They make it magical to be sure.

    I REALLY loved that Midwest Christmas you shared – I just thought that was so perfect, warm, simple, earth and inspiring.

  8. Caye Cooper says:

    Hi Diane.
    Thanks for the tip about Michael’s new site. I didn’t know about it and I’ll check it out. Glad to see they have the opportunity to become a demonstrator also.

  9. Wow…..a whole month of company with the people you love most! That’s a Christmas present all in itself! A suggestion for a fun project…..use crayola play dough and cookie
    cutters to make ornaments for the tree…dries instantly.

  10. How wonderful to spend Dec with your grandchildren!! It will make the holidays extra magical. I’m not very crafty, but I turned our blanket chest into a toy box and keep mostly the Calico Critters houses & characters I’ve collected for my oldest grand daughter. We’re the only family members who have the calico critters so she really looks forward to visiting & we set up houses & play. I’ve also picked up a few age appropriate games for the holidays too, including a floor puzzle of a gingerbread house!