Style Scouting: Vol. 195

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Weeth Home photo pf dining table with a bowl of fruit
photo: Weeth Home

It’s June! Do you feel that time seems to be racing by too quickly? I am starting to realize that I have to intentionally “slow-it-down” to make sure I enjoy every single day instead of letting the days slip by without taking notice.

I do feel blessed that I am able to work from home and put in work hours when I want. This time of year though, has me yearning for the excitement that school kids feel right about now. I miss feeling that joy – the excitement of the last day of school and the anticipation of a carefree summer ahead.

I still need to work, but over the summer months I am going to try to enjoy more peaceful, pressure-free days and allow myself to follow my bliss instead of working every day.

That means doing more like…. sitting on one of the rocking chairs on my deck and doing nothing but gazing at the lake, reading lots of good books, going on vacation with family to make new memories and even working on a few easy projects around the house since I do enjoy creating, but nothing too time consuming. :-)

Another reason I want to enjoy the summer is that I have a big milestone coming up at the end of the month…. I turn 65! Wasn’t I just 29? Being 65 now means I have a Medicare card!!! I don’t feel old, but the years… well as you know… as the saying goes… seem to have flown by.

In less than 3 weeks I will also be helping my twin sister and her family move into their new house that is only 4 miles away from mine. So excited for this!!!!!

Lots of summer fun ahead. How about you, do you have any fun or carefree summer plans?

 Now onto the inspiring ideas and links I found this week.


This designer’s work is filled with color, beautiful details and character.

When laying furniture out in your home, have you considered a snug? I think you will like what it is.

The perfect look for a summer dining room.

This kitchen floor came out beautiful.

This home renovation, especially if you like traditional decor well done.


I was going to add cane fronts to the cabinet doors in my bath, but decided to go in another direction. I still may do it somewhere else in my home, but until I do here is a great tutorial showing one way to do it.

Clever organizer ideas for when you don’t have any store bought ready-made organizers.

Something cute to make with your kids or grandkiddies this summer.

Home Improvement

Adding one of these to your yard doesn’t have to be hard.


I recently wrote about how I organized my clothes closet and mentioned other closet organization systems. Here is a comparison between 2 very popular ones.


This layer cake is simply AMAZING!!!!

I am a big fan of toasted bread, but have never made it to look so pretty like this before.

Crab guacamole! YUM!

Out & About

Ed an I went to see this movie. I went in thinking I wouldn’t like it, but I really enjoyed it and felt like applauding at the end. :-)

Just finished reading this cozy mystery. It was good. Now I have to figure out what to read next on my book list. Have you read any good books lately or are excited to read this summer?


Think your flowers are dead? Before you toss them, try this.

Look how magical you can make a garden trellis look using fairy lights.

Fashion & Beauty

Wow! When you want to go from drab to fab in minutes.

Fun & Interesting

Long gone are the cozy, warm, holiday-inspired interiors I fell in love with in the movie Home Alone. Have you seen that the house, 671 Lincoln Ave is up for sale. It looks so different inside now!

Yes to all these!!! Grandma habits to bring back.

Something to Think About

Life too busy to have time to do what you would really like? Here are a few ways to simplify life when it gets too busy.

For more time, energy, and peace of mind remember this.

“One day you will realize that happiness is not what your house looks like, but how you love the people within its walls.” – Brianna Wiest

Oh… So Stylish Finds

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • This button down jean dress for when I need to quick change out of shorts and a t-shirt to go to the supermarket to pick a few things up.
  • This looks like it is from J Crew, but it’s not and currently it is on sale for $23.80!

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  1. I love to recall that “school’s out!” feeling of endless days and possibilities ahead. I’m going to try to recapture those feelings this summer, and intentionally slow down as you are. It’s too easy for me to get lost in “stuff” and suddenly the month of June is over. Ah yes, the medicare card, quite a milestone and I remember feeling “for me? already??” Fun times ahead for you and your sister! Have a fun birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for another great post!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Diane! I love reading your weekly blog and have used so many ideas. It will be a busy week with your twin moving and I can imagine a fun time having her nearby.

  4. Sue Bauman says:

    I’m so excited for you that your sister and her family are moving so near to you!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Life will be sweeter when your sister is living so close. Think of all the wonderful things you can do as couples!

  6. Happy birthday Diane! I also turn 65 in July. Although I felt old when my Medicare card arrived. lol

  7. Michele M. says:

    GREAT scoutings this week, Diane! I got a kick out of so many things – but seeing the Home Alone house (and a Home Alone theatre promo poster on their media room wall) was extra fun. I bet you’re getting so excited your sis twin will be there soon. I’m so happy for your both.

  8. Diane, how exciting to have your twin sister so close! I know all too well how the years fly by…I turn 70 this week. Enjoy your lazy days, you have earned them.

  9. What a wonderful season of life you are about to start with your sister’s move close to you!