Style Scouting: Vol. 196

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

I am writing this post on Saturday morning while sitting outside on my lakeside deck on one of my favorite rockers. It is my favorite time of day. The weather could not be nicer – not too hot with no humidity. It is the type of morning I wish every summer morning could be like.

Soon enough the heat and humidity will begin in earnest which will keep me inside most days. When this happens I do tend to get more projects done around the house – this summer those projects are finishing up changes to my fireplace area in my living room and adding wallpaper in one of the guest rooms. I will share a sneak peek of each this week with you.

But for now after getting this post up, I may sit awhile longer to simply enjoy weekend relaxing. :-)

Now onto the links I found this week.

Posts You May Have Missed This Week:


Oh my!!! I wish I had an area in my kitchen to have a banquette like the one in the photo above! See the designer’s portfolio.

This home has a colorful and cohesive look throughout.

How adorable is this little house that is for rent in my favorite vacation town.

Take in how all these rooms excel at the art of layering when decorating.

Ever struggle with what shade to place on a lamp? Shedding light on lamp shades will help.


This is a great idea for when you are hanging art or photos on walls in your home.

Making a few of these and hanging them on a wall or displaying in a hutch would look very pretty.


If you use Google calendar on the web, did you know you can do this?

Watching & Reading

The Zac Ephron/Nicole Kidman Netflix movie looks like it may be good.


Firing up the grill this summer? Try one of these BBQ sauces.

What you can make with summer veggies. And this recipe to use your strawberries.

If you eat meatless, here are a few grilling recipes to try.

Grocery store cake makeover ideas you will want for your next party.

Fun & Interesting

Did you see the new email emoji?

Wow! Amazing – I want to see what the inside looks like.

The best ever mom secret for the summer.

Something to Think About

The Sunday reset that will simplify your entire week.

“Slowing down reminds you that the journey is supposed to be fun.” – Anne Bancroft

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  • The 4th of July is coming. We have this American flag flying from our dock. It’s well made and holds up to the wind.
  • I just bought this casual summer top and have worn it two times already when out and about with a white skort. Each time, I was stopped multiple times and asked where I got it.

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  1. Perfect weather … best excuse for sitting on your deck and sipping an Arnold Palmer and reading a beach book. This is what summer should be.