Style Scouting: Vol. 23

Happy 4 days before Thanksgiving!  One that is looking like it is going to be different from how we normally celebrate. 

How was your week?

I was home all week and didn’t go anywhere except to get a Covid test.

Ed developed a cough last weekend and felt sick. If it had been any other year, he wouldn’t have given it any thought, but with Covid, it was the first thing we thought. We both got tested and had to stay at home until mid-afternoon on Saturday when we got the results back which were negative. :-)

Now I can get to the supermarket to stock up the fridge and pantry for our small, but going to still be festive Thanksgiving.

Close up image of a paper chain of pine trees decorating the edge of kitchen shelves for the holidays.

While I was waiting for the test results I did have time to get a few small holiday projects done that I will be posting soon.

On the blog this week I shared how I made:

I also worked on getting a page designed on my blog where you will be able to find all my holiday projects by section – Christmas trees, garlands, gift-wrapping, etc. Right now they are lumped under Christmas. In a few days I hope it will be ready to go.

Here are are few items that I liked online this week:

Will be making these for Thanksgiving Day…. they look like they will melt in your mouth.

I am going to make a few of these. Perfect when you need to raise something on a table or counter. These are easy to make also.

Do you have a Butler’s Pantry in your home? I once decorated one for a Decorator’s Showhouse when I lived in PA. It was featured in a few magazines. I loved that space and love seeing and reading about this one all ready for the holidays.

Great re-use for all the gift bags you get and probably have stashed in a closet.

A pretty house and this more rustic house tour.

The next time you want to find decorating inspiration, these are the Best Home Decor Shopping Streets in America.

A warm and cozy holiday decorating collection.

If you want to feel like you are in a Hallmark Christmas movie, these towns are the best Christmas towns in America.

Good to know if you like pomegranates.

I posted two ways showing how to fake the look of concrete. Here is another way to make a planter or pot look like concrete.

Feeling depressed with the 2020? Here are a few ways to find happy right now.

I bought this Micro Fleece Turtleneck in olive green and love it so much that I ordered two more, one in plum and another in turquoise. It is so soft and cozy and under $20!

Thanksgiving will be low-key at my house this year, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to make the day feel special. I bought a new set of affordable flatware with a natural vibe so we can eat in style. My previous flatware was getting pitted and looked dirty even when it was clean.

That’s it for this week. :-)

If you enjoy these posts, you can check out all the past Style Scouting posts here.

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Stay safe… stay well… I will be back with a new post on Tuesday.

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  1. Linda Schombert says:

    After reading your recommendation of the fleece turtlenecks I checked on line and ordered 4! I agree they are wonderful…plus at the time I ordered, with all the deals, I got them for about $8,50 each, a real steal! Thanks for sharing…

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – I went back and bought a few other colors also. I have been wearing them everyday. One thing I did find out is that you should wash in cold water first and hang dry. I didn’t do this with the first one and it did pill around the cuffs. I washed the others and they are fine.

  2. Be well Diane and Ed. Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours!
    I’ve already ordered two of the cozy tops…
    Erin (Greenville SC)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Happy Thanksgiving Erin – I love the tops, I have the olive green one on right now. It is thin, but cozy. Even Ed commented when I was wearing the olive green one that I looked cute. I kissed and thanked him! :-) The way the top is cut, just fits my body shape perfectly. I just wish our SC weather would decide if it wants to be cold or warm

  3. Linda Weeks says:

    p,s, by the time I checked your turtleneck sweater out, it was down to $8!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – WOW! That is a great deal! Maybe I should go back and order more at that price. :-)

  4. Linda Weeks says:

    I hope that Ed is recovering nicely… I guess the baby isn’t going to make it this year for Thanksgiving? Well I know how that feels, I’m not even sure if my own little boy is going to make it this year he’s 36 now. I don’t want to take a chance that we have the virus or he has the virus or gosh knows! But we are wishing you and Ed the best…

  5. Barbara Goodspeed says:

    Diane, can you please repost from a previous holiday blog when you shared the random and slowly twinkling Christmas lights? I cannot find them anywhere in stores or online and wonder if I may not be looking for the right lights—and also wonder if they are available in LED. I couldn’t find your post but I’m pretty sure you shared it a year or two ago. Thank You!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Barbara –

      I have been looking for the brand of twinkle lights I bought also as I wanted to post a link to them in today’s post. I have been buying them via Amazon the last few years. The box they come in has always been a burgundy red, now the link takes me to a blue box called shimmer lights. I an not sure if these are the same thing or not. I am going to have to buy them to see.

      There are also twinkle lights called Vermont twinkle lights. These have only 12 lights on a strand of 100 that twinkle. My original twinkle lights have more than this. I got these when I worked in retail display. I only have 3 strands left that work. I added them to a pre-lit tree artificial tree I got last year. The twinkling makes the tree look even more magical.

      If I find a brand of twinkle lights I will post about them. In search of them now.

  6. Thank goodness your tests came back negative. Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving! Hope you get to spend time with your adorable grand daughter.

  7. Marianne Anastasia says:

    I LOVE your Style Scouting posts!

  8. I usually don’t wear turtlenecks but that one looks relaxed and very comfy. Love the flatware, but it is getting impossible to find 18/10. Even Pottery Barn and Sonoma where a 20 pc set is $200 hand washing is recommended because it doesn’t have the nickel to keep it shiny and to resist corrosion.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Carol –

      I was shocked to find out how expensive flatware can be. One place setting – $89.00 at some retailers. I also found out when I was researching, was that you can wash most in the dishwasher if you use plain dishwasher liquid, not one with citrus in it as it the lemon based liquids that eat away at the metal and wood.