Style Scouting: Vol. 40

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

I hope your week was a good one and you are enjoying the weekend.

It is a rainy one here, which I don’t mind as it feels cozy in the house and I am all snuggled-in enjoying the art of doing nothing. We haven’t had much rain over the last month so our newly planted garden is most likely loving it too.

What You May Have Missed On The Blog This Past Week:

Could you live in a house like this? I think I could.

Homes & Decorating

This serene dining area.

This charming space…. with a Dutch door.

A good guide for when choosing neutral paint for your home.

I agree with these outdoor decorating trends we will see more of this summer.

I agree with this blogger who said looking at this home design portfolio feels like your on a vacation. She’s right!

Love the door with the large transom over it on this home.

Ideas for decorating with corbels.

I loved the red one I bought to decorate at Christmas so much that I bought one in ivory to use for both indoor on my new kitchen table top and outdoor dining so the breeze won’t blow it out.


I want to do this to my granddaughter’s room.

What to do with a basket.


I am getting tired of wearing leggings and athletic tops and I have been looking for a few outfits to wear when I am out and about. I found a few summer staples….this dress for $20. It has a looser fit with a seam at the waist. It comes in 5 colors. Or this one also for $20. I like this one, too… it comes in pink and other colors.

This pretty top – it comes in many colors.

I love tops with a pretty neckline.

As I get older, I notice my eyebrows are getting sparse. I use eyebrow pencil, but a few weeks ago my twin sister told me about this eyebrow gel. Wow! It really works. It comes in quite a few different shades. I use the Cool Grey.


When you need a small chocolate fix.

What you can do with the leftovers in your fridge.

To remember my trip to France…Oooh…la…. la… I am going to make this.

I always forget how much I like this caffeine free herbal tea that is always in my tea drawer. It tastes like dessert.

Fun & Interesting

For anyone over the age of 50. A fond memory.

I played with these as a kid – interesting story about who invented them.

Nice to have for the beach or farmer’s market.

I miss travel… this is one way to enjoy sightseeing right in your home.

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As always, thanks so much for reading. XO

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.

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  1. eranholland says:

    our bathroom cabinet’s appearance is a bit outdated! You have the most effective options: to tear all of them out and placed new cabinets that may be certainly highly-priced and time-consuming. Another alternative is to paint your bathroom cabinets; it is quite simple and a lot less price.

  2. my secret chocolate fix is 3 ingredients plus a tsp mini chips if I am feeling decadent; 1 banana mashed with 2 T each nut butter and cocoa powder folded in; micro cook for 2 min. Top with chips or fruit if desired.

  3. “La dolce far niente”

  4. I really enjoy these Style Scouting posts, thank you Diane! I also like how you divide the links into topics now, I’m sure it’s extra work for you but it makes it much easier not to miss a link. Thanks again for the fun, helpful and inspiring weekly ideas!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Tiffanie – Thanks :-) I try to organize my posts in a way that makes sense to me so I am happy to learn you like how I categorize the links. Thanks for reading.

  5. Sherry Darlington says:

    Love all the inspiration but need help locating the mosaic tile shown with the corbels in the opening photo. It is so beautiful! Searched the link to no avail. Thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sherry –

      I tried to find a link also, but could not find one. You can contact Sarah Richardson on her blog and see if you can find a contact page. They might be able to tell you.

      Another way to maybe find them, is to pin the image to Pinterest and then click on the the little camera icon that shows up on pins now. This will open up other pins that look like it and maybe the tiles will be picked up by the Pinterest image matching system and you can follow the pins that show up to find a source.

  6. Linda Scott says:

    Nice post as always. Funny you showed that house with all the windows in Monkton, MD. I live nearby Monkton and it is such a beautiful area. We live among the many farms here! I saw this house on Trulia (bc I love looking at houses) and when I saw this house I loved it!! I love love windows, so yes, I could live in this house! Look up Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, MD too. The gardens are just beautiful at Ladew and open to the public!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – I love interesting homes. After living in a traditional center hall colonial and a split level home growing up, unique homes like the glass house are just amazing to me. I love homes where the inside and outside merge together. Plus I am all about views and this house has many. :-)

      I will check out the link to the topiary gardens. Thanks for telling me about it.

  7. I always look forward to your emails popping up in my box Diane, packed with so many ideas, thankyou so much for sharing.xx