Style Scouting: Vol. 55

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Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

It has been a very productive week for me, although not in the way of posting a new post or project for you to read, but in getting quite a bit of back-end blog and business stuff accomplished, which included planning fall content to post come September.

Next week I am going to take a break from everything to soak up one of the last few weeks of summer. I am headed to get some R&R at the beach.

I know after most vacations that I take, I will feel rested and excited when I get back and ready for fall season ahead. :-)

Posts You May Have Missed This Week:

  • No new posts this week as I have been tackling back-end of my blog to-do list. :-)


The exterior of this home and its gardens are worth a look. So is the rest of the designer’s portfolio.

I have seen this decorating trend emerge over the last year, but it is not for me. How about you – do you like it?

In a time of cookie-cutter flip homes, it is nice to see a home kept in its original condition after being purchased.


These are so lush and pretty? Do you have any blooming in your yard?

A handy garden to do list for August.


Looking for a way to cook zucchini? These looks rather tasty!

Searching for ways to use fresh herbs from your garden? Here is an excellent idea.

Fashion & Beauty

I don’t think I could go this far, but have paired my closet down to only items I truly like. Hence the reason I didn’t pass up this shirt for fall. It is pricey, but I only buy clothing that I love and know I will wear often, so it was worth the splurge.

So true about how much to exercise.

Out & About

We need more buildings like this in the world.

Fun & Interesting

If I was going back to school in September- I would definitely want this.

Seeing iconic things in a new angle.

Do you like books by James Patterson? How about Dolly Parton?

Good to Know

If you use Google Drive, this is a good tip.

Something To Think About

The writer got this right. I know I feel this way.

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks so much for reading. XO

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  1. Shannon Combs says:

    I love certain aspects of the “Dark Side”. I’ve always liked darker toned woods and warmer paint colors, but I think that’s because I love Craftsman Style homes. I get all up in arms when I see an old craftsman and someone comes in and paints all that gorgeous quarter-sawn oak woodwork. Grrrrr! I saw a decorating show the other day where they had this beautiful, antique, tiger-maple side board (and it was in great condition) and they painted it black!!! I about had a fit. I don’t know if I’d want to paint a room black, but I do like the darker, richer colors. I think the white on white homes are beautiful, but I couldn’t live with it for long. I need color.

  2. I love the olive green shirt that you purchased for Fall!!! Olive green is my jam. I have a gorgeous purse in that color that I bought a year ago and I can’t stop using it because it’s the best neutral and goes with everything!!!!

    I can’t help but love the “dark side” of decorating bit there is no way I could live full time with this color palette. Totally not me….however, I appreciate the beauty 🖤

    Enjoy the time away…. We are on the red eye home from Hawaii. Aloha 🌺🌺🌺

  3. Yes, this summer has felt “off” for me too. This might explain why my favorite picture in all these posts is the the puzzles on the table that looks out to the ocean in the MV Beach Cottage post.

  4. Interesting posts today. You really come up with some unusual articles. I love looking at all the houses and their decor. I especially liked the regarding wear the same dress for 100 days and cutting back on the number of clothes you owe/wear. Especially enjoyed the soy curls from last week. Hope you have a wonderful week at the beach.

  5. Lorraine Champion says:

    Hi Diane
    I would love for you to share a bit about lake living. Ever since I started seeing your blog and the beautiful lake We have thought about retirement there. Anything you want to share is appreciated. I will be heading that way in September.

    1. Hi Lorraine – Thank you for the idea. I am never sure if readers would be interested in knowing more about what it is like to live on the shores of a large lake. I will write a post it soon. When in September are you coming to look at the area?