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The past few weeks I have been feeling the “dog days of August”. I have heard the expression all my life and knew it had something to do with summer, but never fully understanding what the saying meant, I decided to look it up to find how the saying came about and found this:

The dog days are the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun: now often reckoned from July 3 to August 11. A period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or laziness.

Aha!  That explains why I am feeling the way I do. :-)  No focus or energy to get things done. I think the only cure is when the crisp fall air arrives or at least when the calendar page turns to September. :-)

This past week hasn’t been all lost as I did find a few clever ideas, pretty decor and inspiring posts as I browsed online.  When I see a new idea or at least new to me, I get excited and think….

…Wow…now that’s creative, pretty or stylish….

2 macrame-feathers-purse-charms

My blogging friend, Julia is so chic and stylish. She always posts really easy to follow tutorials like these Macrame Feather Purse Charms  A new twist on a tassel.

Speaking of tassels…. these Boho Tassels for Fall are pretty and colorful. I think one laid across a stack of books on my coffee table will look nice.

I can’t wait to watch this tonight on Netflix!!!

Prints of blue and white china

I am using more blue and white in my decor. When I saw these prints, I thought they would be nice framed on a wall…and best of all… they are free.

If you like Dutch Doors, I think you will find this post on DIY Dutch Doors On a Budget inspiring.

Get a head start and have this very clever DIY Halloween planter ready to use in October.

What makes you happy at home?  A heartbreaking, but good read.

Who doesn’t love bacon….?  These look delish and so elegant to serve at a dinner party.

Have You Reached Your Peak?

This time of year I like to get my desk organized with new pens, folders and note pads. I have found a few of the items on Amazon. The ritual was formed early on when my siblings and I would go back to school shopping every August to get ready to start a new school year.  I am not starting school, but buying a few new things to place on my desk is another way I will move out of the dog days and excited to get back to what I do… decorate, make, create and share it all with you.

My Amazon Finds: In My Own Style Amazon Shop

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  1. I love your ideas unfortunately my husband is a photographer and have no need for the printables but can the printable be turned into cards?
    Thanks keep it beautiful

  2. capri spine says:

    Thanks for sharing this post i am looking more information on this topic.

  3. I love the feather tassels – love, love, love them. Diane, I find the dog days the funniest of all days in August – not because of the exhaustion, but because they kinda stop you dead , right in your tracks, and help you see the world around you from a distance.

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  5. Summer is my favorite season after spring but I must agree that the Africa heat and humidity we have been having in SE Virginia is no fun. I live to work in my garden, however, I haven’t done much the last several weeks. You mentioned the cool crisp air of September…not in my neck of the woods. September is usually as hot and humid as August.
    Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to watch The Guernsey Literary…movie on Netflix. I’ll be watching tonight.

    Stay cool and try to remember how cold it was last winter. That helps me deal with the heat sometimes.

  6. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out Diane. I really appreciate it.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Julia – When I saw your post on the feather tassels I got really excited. I knew I would share it. They are so unique and creative… and so many possibilities to use them. Your tutorial was excellent too!!! Hope you are enjoying Germany. XO

  7. Laura Bervig says:

    Watched the Netflix movie last night and it was outstanding!!!! Also, love the feather tassels, so fun!

  8. Summer is my least favorite season because I live in Michigan. It is always too hot and humid so I have to struggle to get things done. Fall is my favorite because the weather is glorious, the fall colors are beautiful and I have so much more energy.

    We all must adapt to our surroundings and do the best we can. I don’t think there is a place with perfect weather year round.

    All my best to you Diane. You have accomplished so much lately with your new pillow collection and everything else that is keeping you busy with your new home.

  9. Kathryn Rhyne says:

    Oh my goodness those bacon-asparagus apps. I am definitely making those!!

  10. I like these lazy days before the next season begins. I guess it suits my mood right now – lazy!

  11. Diane, I needed this post desperately today. Like Elaine, I have always dreaded Summer’s end, even though the “dog days” make me droopy and lethargic! I have so many projects that I wanted to get done this Summer because I have more time but just cannot seem to get done because of the weather (at least that’s my excuse!). It’s nice to know there are others like me.
    You have helped me to refocus on what’s important with the “heartbreaking but good read” and I am going to get at least one thing done to continue on my journey of “designing a life” and home that I love.
    I, too, am looking forward to watching TGLPPP&S movie this weekend-I would say a good use of the remaining “dog days”!

  12. LAURETTA PERRY says:

    I am looking forward to the movie too! I always bring at least 2 books with me on vacation, but this time only one large book. We had a three hour delay at the airport so I went searching for a new book. Found this one, bought it and then realized the story was told entirely in letters. Loved it!

  13. Elaine Williams in Baltimore says:

    I have dreaded the end of ‘summer’ my entire life. I used my pool up to the third week in September last year and I expect I will do the same this year. We are skiers so I don’t mind cold weather but I just hate it when the days get shorter!

  14. I’m with you regarding the “dog days.” The heat and humidity this summer has done a number on my health, my energy and my normal “get-it-done” attitude. Can’t wait for cooler temps and drier air so I can work in my garage and complete some of the projects I’ve been stockpiling. Fall is my favorite time of the year and even more so as I get older. I’m hate to wish my life away, but I’m so over summer this year.

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