Tape It Up: Furniture Makeover

This furniture makeover post is sponsored by Scotch Brand. All views and opinions are mine.

You know how much I like to make over an old or even a new piece of furniture, right? It is usually with paint of all kinds – spray,  DIY chalk paint, and even oil-based.  Today I want to show you a vanity I made over using something entirely different… I used tape!  – Masking, Scotch, washi, and shipping tape to be exact.


It went from bland to fun, hip, and modern in a matter of an afternoon.  The vanity was a thrift store find and is in my youngest daughter’s room. The mirror was my grandmother’s.  I made the no-sew skirt many years ago. It is attached to the vanity with Velcro.

I have not posted much about this room because no one occupies it anymore. I call it and my older daughter’s room  – “museums of their lives”.   After they left for college and beyond – all the stuff they needed to live their grown-up lives went with them. The rest stayed in the bedrooms they grew up in.   It is their history all saved and on display still.   It was fun to go in and liven things up a bit.  She will be moving into an apartment in January – this may end up going with her.


I used a variety of Scotch Brand tapes to create the chevron pattern on the top of the vanity and update the mirror with color.

BEFORE:  Vanity & Mirror


The mirror has an old fashioned design on it that I was never very fond of.  The top of the vanity has a removable top. I removed the top and set to work.

How to: Furniture Makeover Using Tape


supplies needed:

  • Scotch Brand Expressions Tapes – Magic Tape, masking tape, washi tape, and shipping tape
  • Chevron Pattern
  • Small clear ruler
  • Craft knife with extra blade
  • Pencil
Free printable pattern – Download .pdf here.


  • Print out chevron pattern and cut out. If you plan to use it more than once, trace it on cardboard so it can be used again.

Center pattern on furniture surface you want the taped design on. Trace the pattern on the surface lightly with a pencil.   Every other zig-zag line will build to cover the surface from this first zig-zag line, so you want to make sure it is straight.


1. I used 4 different tapes for one horizontal zig-zag line. Follow pencil lines to lay tape down.  Cut tape at each pointed section of the pattern both the top and bottom.  Smooth tape with your fingers after each cut.

2. Using a clear ruler makes it easy to line up each cut correctly.

3. Each point of the zig-zag line should look like this after tape is cut.

4.  Once the first zig-zag line is complete, add more lines following the pattern and using different colors and patterns of tape until you have the surface covered.


The tapes are shiny and pretty durable so I did not seal it, but you could use a non-yellowing polyurethane or have glass cut to protect it if it is going to get a lot of use.


 How to Make Simple Flowers and Leaves For a Mirror with Masking and Shipping Tapes


To cover the old-fashioned design on the mirror, I simply cut masking and shipping tapes into leaf shapes with a craft knife. I then placed them over the design that was already on the mirror.  Easy! – no measuring or centering of a design needed. It was already done for me.


Lay out the tape on a cutting mat and then cut simple leaf shapes. I made a few different sizes to make sure all the design on the mirror was covered.  I used 2 different tapes to add contrast and interest.

For the stems, cut thin, long curved lines in the tape.  Use your fingernail or the tip of the knife to lift the leaves and stems off the mat.


I made the flowers by cutting out the pink circle on the shipping tape. I then cut the circle into 4 equal pie-shaped pieces.


I cut out small circles from the tapes for the center of the flowers.


Smooth each piece with your fingers to make sure it adheres.

To Clean:  Spray glass cleaner on a paper towel and gently blot over and around the taped design until clean.  Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the design.



I had some tape left over and decided to have some back-to-school fun.


Old school note taking…and new school note taking – in style!

For the composition book:  I placed the tape horizontally across the book a few inches apart. I then added the vertical lines of tape and cut it away as it went over every other horizontal line of tape. Doing this created the woven effect.


To make the taped letter on my iPad. I overlapped tape into a square shape on a cutting mat. I made the square of tape the same size as a letter stencil I had. I traced the letter onto the tape with a pen and then cut it out with a craft knife. I carefully transferred it to my iPad.  I did it for fun – it would need to be protected if it was going to last for an extended period of time, but it does show that tape can be pretty versatile.


I even made divider tabs for the composition book with the colored Scotch Tape.  After the excitement of the first day and week, school wasn’t too much fun, but I always had a place in my notebooks for drawing and doodling if I was bored in class.  Did anyone else do this?

I can hear the 1st period bell ringing now.

  • Scotch Expressions Tapes come in over 100 colors and patterns and in four varieties – Magic Tape, masking tape, washi tape, and shipping tape.
  • They are available at office supply stores and mass retail stores nationwide. To find a store near you head to ScotchBrand.com
  • If you would like to see other projects using Scotch Expressions Tape use the #ScotchBTS hashtag to search.

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  1. Donna Wright says:

    You are SO-O-O-O smart and creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Donna XO I love creating and making thing look pretty. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. Gorgeous vanity and mirror. I can’t seem to find the chevron pattern u offered. When I click on it a picture just comes up, not the template. Thanks.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Diane – The .pdf of the chevron design is an image. Download and print it. Cut one of the zig-zag lines out and use it as a template to trace around. If you need it larger – print it larger or get it enlarged on a copy machine. Making the pattern from scratch looks so easy, but beyond frustrating to get right.

  3. Christine says:

    You are one hard working, creative and ambitious lady!
    You can take a tired, old looking mirror and table and change it into a prize.
    Way to go!!

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh I forgot to thank you for showing us how to do this clever and colorful makeover and also….. I must say that this template you gave us to print out is a lifesaver….. okay, maybe just a sanity saver……. but it is like gold to me.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sheryll – I like how you phrased the chevron pattern – “a sanity saver”. You must have tried to make a chevron pattern in the past. It looks easy, but as you know it is not. :)

  5. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Wow! Amazing, just amazing. How you come up with such gorgeous and clever makeovers is beyond me.

    Okay, I am totally ignorant of all this new and fancy tape. Can you tell me the different functions or how and what each are? I thought I new what masking and shipping tape were, but holy moly, we can use such colors in shipping??

  6. Diane,

    I LOVE this project! Seriously…..you are a genius!!!!!

    Thank you so much for inspiring me today!

  7. m elizondo says:

    I really get tons of inspiration from your site. thank u. oh and what a super groovy vanity and mirror. and i thought duct tape was to keep my kids quiet. just kidding

  8. I used to have a dressing table like that when I was little. Wish I still had it after seeing this!! It’s so cute and colorful, perfect for a teen or college aged girl. Love the colors you chose, too. Now about that no-sew skirt…coming attraction?

  9. andrea cammarata says:

    This is simply AWESOME!!!! I am totally WOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs…

  10. I LOVE it! Job well done. Takes this vanity to a new level.



  11. Nana Diana says:

    Funky AND fun. My granddaughter would love it. She wanted duct tape for her birthday…lol xo Diana

    1. Lucinda Bell says:

      Very Great and Good Quality Article Very Great Design Thank you so much for writing an article and post a good pic