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To help celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, I have a “reverse” Father’s Day gift to share with you, a gift that was from my dad to me.

My dad passed away last December. He was 87. This is the first Father’s Day that he won’t be around and I didn’t need to find him a gift, or take him his favorite sticky buns.  But I just received a gift from him.

My dad was a DIYer and loved woodworking.  His dream was to build a boat, he built many models of sailboats and lots of other items that my mom, or one of my siblings or I asked him to make. He always got right to work to make whatever we requested. The finished product was always perfect in every way.

When I asked him if he would make a pencil organizer based on plans I found in an art magazine, he happily took the plans and made it for me.  It was a Lazy Susan with hinged blocks of wood placed on top with holes drilled to hold the pencils. It was the best pencil organizer, EVER!

How to organize colored pencils in a studio

When I started to blog, I did less and less illustrating and the pencil organizer was not necessary for me to keep in my studioffice anymore, so I put it into storage in my basement.

Last week, I began purging and cleaning out the basement, getting rid of everything we no longer needed.

When I found the Lazy Susan base of the pencil organizer, it made me smile and I gave it a hug, fondly remembering my dad making it special just for me.

I got a little teary eyed and when I turned it over and saw what he did… I had forgotten...I really cried when I read what he stamped to the underside. Happy tears remembering my dad and all the things he did for me.

Lazy Susan made by my dad

I knew I had to find a spot to use and see it every day.  It won’t bring him back, but having something he made just for me fills my home with love and meaning.

Lazy susan

I put it on the center of the kitchen table that I stripped last summer – I loved it, but not the color of the polyurethane finish.  It was too yellow and didn’t look like an integral part of the table.

Lazy Susan-

So I stripped it to the bare wood…


…and added liming wax so it matched the table. I applied it with a rag and then wiped it off so it would leave a slight white cast to the wood.


Perfect…just like everything my dad ever made.


My dad’s gift to me…the second time around…one that I will cherish forever.

To all the Dads, Daddios, Pops, and Fathers in your life….wishing them a…Happy-Father's-Day

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  1. Diana, what an awesome gift from your dad, and so bittersweet to find his gift. He is smiling at you right now :). Enjoy it a second time around (and you’ve inspired me to make a holder like that of my own!)

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing that! What a wonderful gift….the gift of love that he gave you.

  3. Awww! I got goose bumps reading this post. I love how you did your own DYI, in your Dads foot steps, so you can once again use, love, enjoy but most of all remember him everyday.

  4. Diane, that is so wonderful…rediscovering something so special your Dad made just for you. I almost cried seeing the stamped message under the lazy susan. I’m so sorry for your loss, but it’s wonderful you will think of him every day as you sit at your kitchen table :-)