The Cutest Father’s Day Gift Bag EVER!

Father’s Day will be here before we know it. I wanted to share something you can make that you can give your dad for Father’s Day  It is a super easy Father’s Day gift bag to make… or even a way to wrap a gift for any occasion for the men in your life.

Father's Day Gift Bag folded to look like a men's shirt with a ribbon neck tie. Text overlay on photo says, Father's Day DIY Gift Bag.

All you need is a flat bottom paper bag of any size, ribbon, and a pair of scissors.

If your gift is large, you can even use a brown paper grocery bag and a real men’s tie instead of a piece of ribbon.

Paper bags come in all colors and sizes, check at the craft, party, or dollar store to find them if you don’t already have one stashed away somewhere in your house that you could use.

Father's Day gift bag. Clever gift wrapping ideas for men.

How to Make a Father’s Day Gift Bag that Resembles a Shirt and Tie

supplies needed:

  • Paper bag – any size
  • 15″ of ribbon, more if you have a large bag
  • Scissors
  • Optional – Small buttons and a glue stick
Fathers Day Gift Bag how-to tutorial

1. Figure out how wide your ribbon is. Mine was 1-inch wide. I cut the length to 24 inches.

2. Lay bag on work surface and fold over mouth of bag twice (folding away from you) making sure the folds are the same width or wider than the ribbon you are using. I made each of my folds 1 -1/4″ wide.

Paper bag gift wrapping ideas on how to make gift bag for men. Perfect for a Father's Day gift bag.

3. Clip into right and left side of the bag directly under the fold, cutting in to about 1/3 the width of the bag on each side.

How to make a men's shirt and tie gift bag for gift giving to all the men in your life. Perfect as a Father's Day gift bag.

4. Fold each side into the center of the bag…

Creative gift wrapping idea for men that you can do with your children. Father's Day gift bag or wrapping idea.

…to create the look of a dress shirt collar.

6. Place gift inside bag.

Creative gift giving idea for men and boys. Perfect for a Father's Day gift bag.

7. Center ribbon and place under fold.

Clever gift wrapping ideas for men. DIY Shirt and Tie gift bag. Perfect as a Father's day gift bag

8. Bring sides of collar together and tie ribbon into a knot. If you don’t know how to tie a men’s tie, here is a good tutorial. You can also simply tie the ribbon into a knot.

Optional: Use a glue stick to attach small buttons to the points on the collar.

Father's day gift bag. How to make a men's shirt and tie gift bag to wrap a gift for all the men in your life

I know my Dad would love this and bring a smile to his face.

Do you have something to give your father this year?

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  1. Sabrina B says:

    I think this is an awesome idea! I don’t have a daddy that wears a necktie everyday to work, but I can take the initiative on this idea! Great post! I love it!!!

  2. Wow great, I can’t but sharing with my father to gift him such an awesome bag!

    Thank you for writing for us.

  3. This is so darn cute. Saving this idea for sure…

  4. Thomas Roberge says:

    I think many fathers will very happy with this lovely gift. Thanks for sharing Diane

  5. Shannon B says:

    This is so clever! Diane, you never cease to amaze me.

  6. Look how cute!! I’ve never seen my Dad in a tie except for my wedding Ü I do have a friend that wears bow ties so I’m going to try my hand at making him one. The bag concept is super clever! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Oh gosh, this so clever and so very pretty/ sharp looking! I have to share this on my FB page. Thank you so much. This is just wonderful!