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How to Make a Fashionable Bracelet Using Barbie Doll Shoes

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How to make a cute and very fashionable bracelet for yourself or to give as a gift using Barbie doll shoes.

Make a Bracelet using Barbie Shoes

I wanted to make a fashionable bracelet for my sister’s birthday.  She is into vintage Barbie clothes.  Here is what I made for her – A Barbie Shoe Bracelet. It is adorable and very colorful.


I celebrated my birthday too, since I am a twin. My sis is officially in the record books – 5 minutes older than me!  She is my twin sister, Carol.  She is the one on the right, I am on the left of our “little sister” Laura on her wedding day.

We have always made good bookends for her and always add instant symmetry to all of our “sister” photos.   In this photo I am the one bending down and Carol is on the left.

Sisters on OCNJ

People have always asked us, What is it like being a twin?  Did you ever switch classes in school? Switch boyfriends, fill in for each other on the job?  Who’s smarter, taller, skinner, funnier, nicer, meaner,  etc, etc, etc…  

We never thought we looked enough alike and would get away with any shenanigans, so the answer is no to trying to fool people.  When I was in 7th grade I had to write an autobiography. I titled it, They Call Me Carol, But I ‘m Diane.  

That is the best way I can describe what it is like being a twin – I can answer to two names along with having a built- in buddy.  Being a twin is really no different than being a “single”.  Our twin-ness  makes us look alike, but we are very different in many ways.

I wanted to give Carol something special for our birthday, something that would make her smile, something she would treasure always.  She collects vintage Barbie clothes.

A bracelet with Barbie shoes came to mind and would be just her style.   I planned on completing it a month ago to arrive on our birthday, but that didn’t happen. 

How to Make a Fashionable Bracelet Using Barbie Doll Shoes

I am going to show you how-to make a bracelet out of Barbie Shoes. It is not hard to do and can be completed in less than an hour.

Here is the collection of shoes I found to make the bracelet.  I bought them on ebay.  Type in “Reproduction Vintage Barbie Shoes”.  The real vintage shoes are pretty expensive, so look for the reproductions.

supplies needed:

Jewelry making supplies can all be purchased at the craft store.

  • 20 or more Barbie Doll shoes
  • Bracelet chain
  • 10 mm Jump rings
  • Awl
  • Point-nose pliers
  • Optional: beads
How to make a Barbie Shoe Bracelet
  1. To start, using a bead hole expander or awl, make a hole in the back of each shoe.
How to make a Barbie Shoe Bracelet

Then put a 10mm open jump ring through it.  You may have to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to get the ring in the hole.

If the shoe is made of hard plastic it is pretty easy to get through. The rubbery feeling shoes took a little more effort.

DIY Barbie Shoe Bracelet

2. Then attach the jump ring with shoe to the bracelet chain. Depending on how many shoes you have, you can space the shoes at equal distances apart or fill the entire bracelet to cover a lot of the chain.

How to make a Shoe Bracelet

The completed bracelet.

I also added some pearls and crystals to add some contrasting interest.

Girlfriend Gift Bag ideas

I also wanted to make something that said “Barbie” to put the shoe bracelet in for a fun gift-giving presentation.

How to make a purse gift bag

Find out how to make the perfect gift bag to place the Barbie shoe bracelet in if giving as a gift.

Fun, colorful, and chic bracelet to give to your fashion loving girlfriends. The bracelet is made from Barbie shoes, the clutch a file folder. | In My Own Style

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  1. What a wonderful blog you have. I’m the mom of identical twin boys (who are turning 10 in a couple of days) and I know they are as different as can be in personality, but so close in so many ways. I hope they always stay close. The gift you made was so sweet, and original too. I love it.

  2. Such a cute gift you made for your sister and actually I thought y’all were triplets in that photo. Happy birthday to you both. Have a super weekend.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s fun to hear about people’s Barbie stories. This bracelet is fabulous! I am going to have to get on eBay!

    Very interesting to hear about being a twin. I have twin daughters and even though they are identical they are so different. They are 6 and people are asking them questions already about swapping places. They are frustrated about being the same so much that they like to wear their school uniforms differently so they can be different!

  4. What a wonderful gift.You are such a sweet sister to think of such a meaningful gift.
    Happy Birthday to both of you.

    I am fascinated by twins.Dunno why.