Friday Link Love: Inspiring Links

When my weekly calendar page turns to Friday, my mind goes directly to the weekend and this weekend I have lots of plans to enjoy it. It is my youngest 28th birthday, so we will be celebrating with her. Before I sign off though I wanted to share a few things I found inspiring on line this week.

How to gift wrap ugly spring flower pots

But before I do I want to know if spring fever has hit you yet? Seeing spring flowers when I was out and about this week and in my neighbor’s yard has me eager for the end of winter and has me in spring cleaning and decorating mode.  I still have a few more touches to add and I will share it with you in a few posts next week.

Now onto…

What Inspired Me Most This Week…

Remember my small pantry reveal post?  Check out THIS amazing pantry that is on a whole other scale!

Are You Addicted To Interiors?  A fun read if you like all things decorating.

How cute is this DIY pillow?

Excellent post to read when you just can’t figure out why a room just doesn’t seem right.

Look what you can do with something so basic and use it in a decorative way.

Have empty space above your bed and don’t know what to do with it? Ten ideas, here. 

Clever DIY…  and so easy to do with an old frame.

Easter is a month away. This is one cute way to fold a napkin for your Easter table setting.

What Opened My Eyes This Week…

Surprising Facts for All Cell Phone Users

What I Could Not Live Without This Week…

When late afternoon hunger sets in…. this allows me to eat something good and not feel guilty.

What I Found Frustrating This Week…

Do you have a good toaster, one that toasts bread evenly on both sides and will last longer than a few months?  I have gone through more toasters in the past few years. I have bought expensive and inexpensive brands and none of them toast evenly.  I just bought a new one this week and right out of the box it only toasted one side and one half of the other side. I returned it, but need a new toaster soon.

Thats a wrap for this week. Enjoy your weekend. I know I am in the south where spring shows up sooner than the rest of the country, but I hope you see a few signs of it in your neighborhood soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing our frame project. Loved seeing all these great ideas.

  2. I have a little Black & Decker countertop convection oven that I use for toast, sandwiches, small casseroles (especially in the summer!) and anything else I can fit! I’ve had mine for several years and love it!!

  3. I’m currently out of town but as soon as I get back the Easter/Spring bunnies are coming out!

  4. I stopped using toasters also as I have limited counter space. Just use a Toaster Oven as it toasts as well as bakes and broils. I have a Black and Decker and it has served me well. Nice to use for baking something small or warming up food for just my husband and me. Living in Florida I always dread turning on the oven as it gets the kitchen so hot. Much more economical for just the two of us.

  5. America’s Test Kitchen did an entire segment on toasters! There conclusion was that there is no toaster at an price point that does a decent job. They said you might as well buy an inexpensive one. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. “Their conclusion”!!

    2. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Roxanne –

      From my experience I would agree with the finding of America’s Test kitchen. Thanks for telling me about it, at least now I know it is not just happening to me.

  6. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the links…Here’s wishing your daughter a happy 28th birthday!

    Have a great weekend : )

  7. Gail Vernali says:

    Happy Weekend! I have a Hamilton Beach 4 slice with wide slots! So far so good it’s about …… well 5-10 years old I can’t remember, my husband says definitely more than 5 years but still toasting. Just fine.

  8. Ugh – toasters. Next let’s talk about irons, ok? I have the much hailed Rowenta. It leaks!!!

  9. A belated but heartfelt thank you! Several years ago we downsized. We were very happy with the move but not sure about kitchen storage. When I read about your kitchen pantry, I knew I struck gold! I followed your advice about measuring every last thing I wanted to put in the closet before selecting shelf spacing. My pantry holds everything perfectly. I think of you every time I open it. Thank you for sharing ideas that truly improve our lives!

  10. We have a four slice Black and Decker, my husband has toast every morning, it has worked well for us. The openings are wide enough for bagels,too. We were buying expensive toasters, pretty toasters, no-name toasters this one has outlasted them all.

  11. I use my mom’s 1948 Westinghouse toaster that she got as a shower gift. It works great and has more metal in it than my car! I found a slightly newer one for my daughter for a dollar at a yard sale. Works great too. Go old school for toast….

    1. Exactly! My aunt gave my cousin and me an ancient toaster (all metal with a cloth-covered cord!) when we moved into our first apartment together as 19-year olds. I kept that toaster well into my married life, but decided one day I wanted a new toaster and sold the old one at a garage sale. I’ve regretted that decision ever since! I’ve never had a better toaster than that old tank.

  12. First, thanks for all the links. I will need to visit some of them. I know what you mean about the toasters. Sorry, I don’t have an answer. I got rid of my toaster years ago and only use a toaster oven. I just bought a new one because our old was like a blast furnace when you turned it on, especially in the summer months! This new one is okay, but I see that the underside gets a little more toasted than the top side. One thing I like about the toaster ovens is that you can see the item while it is toasting so you can stop it if it is getting too dark. My late husband used to say I liked raw toast because I don’t like it dark. ? He was always teasing me about stuff like that. Good luck with finding one you like. They just don’t make them like they used to!