Decorating After the Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, try this winter home decorating idea to make the most of any room in your home for the winter months.

It is time to breathe… the holidays are behind us now. I enjoyed every minute, but am happy to make them a fond memory and start the new year in a refreshed style.

Did you take your holiday decor down and store it all away, or is that your plan for this weekend?

Are your everyday furnishings back in place yet?

A room in transition between holiday decor to winter decor

If not, don’t rush to get your rooms back in order.

Right after the holidays, this slow time in January is the best time to sit back and evaluate your home’s decor.

When you take your time to put a room back together, you have the ability to see how to make the space better for the way you want to live in the room during the winter months ahead.

After Christmas winter decorating idea and tips

You may not like the bare look of a room once the Christmas decorations come down, but for me, seeing the blank slate in my living room feels so good. It is my favorite time to decorate.

A bare room holds so much potential. I can do anything. I can freshen things up, play around with furniture arrangements, experiment with different colors and accessories, or do a deep cleaning and then organize the space. 

I will never ever be a minimalist, but clean lines and no clutter make me do a happy dance.

Winter home decor ideas

After taking my Christmas decorations down, I am slowly choosing items one by one that I want to see in the room.

So far, I am layering my basic pieces of furniture with textures and fabrics to create softness and warmth.

Neutral and natural tones from wood, stone, and seagrass. I plan to add touches of greenery as a reminder of the outside world that is currently too cold for prolonged exposure.

I have added my large dough bowl, wood bead chain that was a Christmas gift and my wood candle holder with bubble glass back into the room.

Living room transitioning from holiday to January and the winter months

Over the next week, I will play with adding different items until I like what I see. I am in no rush, but know when I like what I see it will be clutter-free, but a comfy cozy room to enjoy spending the winter months in.

Take the time to sit in your bare rooms this week. Look around to see what is missing. Maybe add something fresh and new, or maybe something from another room…. or maybe even nothing. Play and experiment until you like what you see.


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How to transition from holiday to winter decor.

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  1. Kelly Elko says:

    I’m with you Diane! There is nothing like a fresh, clean slate after the excess of Christmas!

  2. It’s interesting because I’ve only kept some winter decor out, and I like my living room so much better now with Xmas out. So lesson for me next xmas is to use less red, I found it became a really loud color after a few weeks and it just wasn’t that peaceful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Holly – About 15 years ago, the same thing happened to me. Red just didn’t look right with my furnishings. I started using the color a lot less and some years not at all. Happy New Year!

  3. I am don g the same thing this year. A blank slate really inspires my decorating juices as well.

    When I help friends decorate, if they’re going to paint, I always tell them to fill the nail holes or they’re just going to put things right back where they were.

    Great post!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Rebecca – Happy New Year!

  4. Great advice Diane! I put Christmas decorations away on New Years Day. I am happy to have my house back to normal and it doesn’t seem bare to me. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.
    Happy 2020!