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Wraparound The Room Art or Photo Gallery Wall

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Do you admire the rooms you see with perfectly aligned photo gallery walls in your favorite decorating magazines, but can never seem to figure out how they get every frame perfectly aligned?  I know the answer.  The best part – it is so easy to achieve –plus you won’t have to make any holes in your walls.

Hanging art – gallery style, can add quite a lot of interest to a room. Popular ways are to use a grid pattern or to fit frames together on a wall like a puzzle. Today I want to show you how to hang frames that will wrap around a room, keeping them all perfectly in line and straight.


There is only one easy way to do this without pulling your hair out and that is to use Command Picture Hanging Strips. If you have used these – you know just how awesome they are.  They should be in every decorator’s toolbox.  After ease of hanging – the next best feature of these magical little strips is that when it comes time to remove them – they come off cleanly and won’t damage your walls thanks to the stretch-release technology that is on all Command Products.

I added a wraparound art gallery to my dining room.

Dining Room Walls  Before




Command Picture Hanging Strips Wrap Around Gallery Wall

Perfectly aligned frames hung quickly and easily with the help of Command Picture Hanging Strips.

4 Hallway-view





Supplies-Needed for Wrap Around Room Gallery Wall

Supplies Needed:

Wall Frames with matte included (maximum weight 16 lbs. each) – I got mine at IKEA
2 sets of Command™ Medium or Large Picture Hanging Strips for each frame
Colored and patterned scrapbook paper
Transparent tape
Rubbing alcohol
Bubble level

Note: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims; for example 4 large Picture Hanging Strips hold a maximum weight of 16 pounds.

3M-Command-Strips-and-Scrapbook paper art

You will need enough frames to go around the room or corner of a room.  I lined my frames up along the floor first to figure out how many I would need and the spacing between each.  If you plan to go around a corner – figure the spacing needed there first – and then use that spacing for the rest of the frames.

How to hang pictures level on a wall

If you don’t have a laser level to help hang your frames at the same height across the wall, you can easily use a yardstick and 2 sets of Command Picture Hanging Strips to help you hang your frames straight.  On the back side of a yardstick, attach one set of strips horizontally to each end.  The pull tabs can face in or out – it doesn’t matter.  ( I will explain how to use this later in the tutorial.)

Clean back of frames and wall area where you will be hanging the frames with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry.


1. Remove matte from frame. Cut desired patterns from scrapbook paper a bit larger than matte opening.

Inexpensive wall art ideas

3.  Use tape to attach the scrapbook paper to the back of the matte. Place back into frame.

Command Picture Hanging Strips

4. For each frame you will need 2 sets of Command Picture Hanging Strips.  To make a set, simply attach two strips together as shown.

Command-Picture Hanging Strips

5. Attach one set to each side on the back of your frame.

6.  Clean the wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.

How to hang wall art level

7. Decide where you want to hang the frames and use a bubble level and a yardstick with the Command Picture Hanging Strips attached to create a level surface to act as a hanging guide.   Remove the green liner from the strips and press yardstick to wall once you have found a level line.

How to hang wall art straight

8..  Start in the center of the wall and work out to each side.  Remove the green liner from the Command Picture Hanging Strips and place first frame along yardstick. Press into wall. Then press it into place on the wall firmly for 30 seconds.  I spaced mine 1-inch apart and used the measurement markings on the yardstick to easily figure this out.

9. You need to let the picture hanging strips set before adding the weight of the frames to them, so you will need to remove the frame from the wall by slowly pulling the frame from the bottom and pulling straight towards you.  This will leave the wall mounted strip in place.  Wait one hour to re- mount the frames, making sure to press the fasteners together until they click.

10. Repeat with the rest of the frames.

How to hang art on walls straight


Command-Picture Hanging Strips-to hang art

11. Carefully remove yardstick by holding on the bottom and angle up and away from wall.

How-to-remove Command Picture Hanging Strips

12.  Carefully remove strips by slowly pulling tab and stretching it along the wall. Do not pull out, but along the wall. This is very important to ensure the Command Picture Hanging Strips come off cleanly. When the strips are applied vertically – pull the strips down to remove them cleanly.

How to remove a Command Picture Hanging Strip

13. Keep pulling at least 12 inches until strip releases from wall.

Wrap-Around-The Room Gallery Wall

Wrapping framed art or photos around the room will add quite a colorful focus to a room.

Wrap Around a Room Wall Art Gallery



I am working with Command Brand from 3M to share projects I created in my home. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Brilliant this sure is! I have never used the Command Strips, but I sure want a bunch of them now. Your colors and patterns are just what I love. Sigh, my wish list is really getting long now.

    My dream is to do my tiny bathroom as close to the girls bath as possible. Will be awhile still though.

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas (even if I have to just dream about them for now).

  2. How funny, I just shared a post about Command products on my blog yesterday as well. I just love all of their different uses.

    Great tutorial! It never occurred to me to attach the yardstick to the wall to keep the line straight. Thanks for sharing your method.