How to Add Crown Molding Above a Door

What can you do with a pine board, a piece of crown molding, and decorative trim this weekend?

How-to-add crown molding above a door the easy way

You can separate two rooms that share a long wall with this combination of decorative molding.  This way the rooms can be painted different colors giving each room its own identity.  By adding this 1, 2, 3 combo of molding I was able to create a nice delineation between my kitchen and family room as well as add some architectural interest to the space.  I bought the beaded decorative trim at VanDykes Restorers.


This doorway used to look exactly like the one further down the wall until I installed the board, molding, and decorative trim above it.


I measured the space between the ceiling and the existing doorway trim and cut the pine board to fit. The board was the same thickness as the pre-existing door frame trim.  I attached it with liquid nails and a nail in each corner.   I then added the crown molding at the ceiling line and on top of the board.  I used the decorative trim piece to cover the joint between the existing door frame trim and the pine board.

A little Spackle to cover the nail holes, some caulk, and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Alabaster and I was done pretty much 123…

How-to-install-decorative-molding above a door



  1. Cathie says

    Just want to point out that -although it looks great- it looks like an after thought. if you notice the pros, take the top piece off the existing casing off, trim the side pieces so they’re flat on top (not mitered), then add the header..

    • says

      Hi Cathie – My background is in display, not a pro carpenter. Most of what I do is based on what I learned in the retail display trade where quick visual improvements were made using what we had on hand in the “display shop” of the store. It may not be the traditional way or perfect in a perfectionist view, but it works and is effective at breaking up a long wall in my home without the time of having to take the molding off, cutting, it and replacing it. I simply added a topper to what was already finished.

    • says

      2 pieces of molding – Crown molding and a thin piece of decorative trim. The 3rd piece is the plywood board that you attach to the wall above the door opening.


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