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Lamp Shade Decorating Idea in My Craft Room

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Holy Hanna, it can’t be Thursday already. This week got away from me. I have been so busy with many projects that I seemed to have missed Tues/Wed/Thurs.  I am working on five right now and have two dec jobs.  Living the creative life keeps me busy, but always makes me happy.

Now that I made my excuses for not posting anything earlier this week – I do have two to show you – a tiny one and a Spring room refresh.   It started when I wanted to put new lamps in my family room.  I had a pair, but bought them to use in two separate rooms. One was in my stufioffice and the other in my basement.  I always thought they were too tall for my family room, but when I put them on the sideboard behind the sofa… I liked.   What I like even better is that I shopped my house to find what I needed. I love shopping my home for goods, it is inexpensive and rewarding to see items used in different ways and rooms.  Since I didn’t have another lamp I liked to replace the one I took out of the studioffice I had to go to out shopping at a store for a replacement.

(Shutter speed on camera slower than TV screen.  Hope it doesn’t make you dizzy looking at it.)


I had this lamp in my inspiration file.  I like the vertical lines.  I went out in search for something like it.


I was pretty happy when I stumbled upon this one at my favorite thrift store for $4.30.  Didn’t like the wood top section, but it was an easy fix with some white paint.


The harp that came with it made the lamp too tall, so I went to my lamp stash in my basement and found a short one.


I also had some lamp shades in my stash and chose a white barrel shaped one.   I wanted to add a bit of color to it in the way of ribbon.  I found some inexpensive bright and cheery ribbon at Walmart. I bought two because I could not decide which color I liked better.


I am thinking if I add pops of color throughout my house – it will feel like Spring has already arrived and the white stuff aka Snow won’t show itself again until December.

I went with the pink ribbon as I have green on the other side of the room which you will see down a few photos in this post.  I simply turned one end of the ribbon under to create a clean edge and hot glued it to the other end of the ribbon on the back of the shade with a dab of hot glue.  This way when I want to change it, it is easily removed and no damage to the shade.


Now there is light again in my studioffice shining down on some of my favorite things.

How to decorate a lampshade with ribbon

I also found $5.00 clearance shades at Target last week that were perfect for my desk. I change the shades on these lamps as often as most women change their nail polish. I have a few different sets – white, blue, black and now green – Spring Green!


Adding them to the desk has made me want to de-clutter and clean up my space even more.   I took down the big inspiration board and left only a small one.  I may even move that or take it down completely – not sure yet what I am going to do.  Gotta think on it.  I have so many creative things going on in my life that it is kind of nice to just come in here now and think – no distracting clutter. My focus is on my creative pursuits, not my stuff anymore.  It is a liberating feeling.





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  1. Hi Diane,

    I love the pretty striped ribbon on your lampshade and the thrift store lamp too.. what an inexpensive way to change the looks a shade. I agree with your philosophy of concentrating on creative pusuits instead of “stuff”. Our economy in this country is so dependent on buy, buy, buy, consume,consume, consume, and it’s not in the best interest of our environment. We acquire so many things that we end up moving to a larger home ( which will use more energy and recources) to accomodate these “things”. I know,I’ve been guilty of the above and am now trying to slowly change the way I live. Wow, I didn’t mean to go on and on like this :)

  2. I did that, too, with lamps behind a sofa, Diane ~ only I had put them there “for a minute” while doing something and liked the way they looked! It worked out too, because I always wanted some lamp light in that area. I’ve been eyeing some of my lampshades and maybe I’ll go the ribbon route. I don’t do very well with fabric because I’m always in such a hurry to get the change made! I love the lamp you found at the thrift and the two you put in your family room; I think I’m drawn to the white bases. Have fun with your jobs; I know how crazy it can get with everything else going on!

  3. Diane, I love it all! What a find with that lamp, could it have been any closer? I have a question how did you get decorating jobs so quickly after leaving your job? Was this something that you did on the side?

    1. Hi Laura-

      I have always done residential decorating consults and used to teach DIY dec classes at local colleges. I also used to have a real estate staging business with a partner a few years ago. When the partnership ended, I decided to go back into display, since that is how I got my start in decorating in the first place. (I based my book, Instant Decorating on the tips and tricks I learned while working as a display designer.) It was just a part time position. When my husband lost his job and we needed medical benefits I started working full-time. I worked for the past few years doing that. I enjoyed the people, but display has changed since my early days and I was nothing more than a glorified sign hanger and mannequin changer. I think the only place where the display team can be creative anymore is Anthropologie. I quit back in January to start up my own business again, but this time by myself not with a partner.