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How to Add Crown Molding Above a Door

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How to add crown molding above a door in your home isn’t hard. If you gather a few basic supplies you can have the project done in a day.

What can you do with a pine board, a piece of crown molding, and decorative trim this weekend?

How-to-add crown molding above a door the easy way

You can separate two rooms that share a long wall with this combination of decorative molding.  This way the rooms can be painted different colors giving each room its own identity.  By adding this 1, 2, 3 combo of molding I was able to create a nice delineation between my kitchen and family room as well as add some architectural interest to the space.  I bought the beaded decorative trim at VanDykes Restorers.


This doorway used to look exactly like the one further down the wall until I installed the board, molding, and decorative trim above it.


I measured the space between the ceiling and the existing doorway trim and cut the pine board to fit. The board was the same thickness as the pre-existing door frame trim.  I attached it with liquid nails and a nail in each corner.   I then added the crown molding at the ceiling line and on top of the board.  I used the decorative trim piece to cover the joint between the existing door frame trim and the pine board.

A little Spackle to cover the nail holes, some caulk, and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Alabaster and I was done pretty much 123…

How-to-install-decorative-molding above a door


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    1. Hi Kathy-

      I have some extra grasscloth wallpaper that is on the bottom portion of the wall in my kitchen. I think I may add it to the top as well. Having this molding in place gives me the perfect stopping point. Now I just have to find the time to get the wallpaper up.