How to Make a Thrifty Knock-off Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Over the weekend when I wasn’t working on my bathroom makeover, I started on a bit of Inside-Outside decorating on my deck so I can enjoy it more during the summer.  I love to be outside and am always on the lookout for outdoor decorating ideas.  I love looking at the pages of  home furnishing catalogs this time of year for inspiration.

I like to keep things simple, but make my outside space look inviting and comfortable.  To get the look I am after and not spend too much, I bring my inside decorating accessories outside for a thrifty makeover.   Everything can easily be brought back inside when not in use.  My newest additions are the green tablecloth, the Le Creuset pitcher, and a cheap – o fake brass chandelier that I picked up at my favorite thrift store. The tablecloth I am using as is and I transformed the chandelier to make it an outdoor candle chandelier and hung it from the pergola.


The chandelier cost me $5.90 minus 25%; it was on sale.  The candles cost more than the chandelier. I bought them at Walmart for $2.88 each.  I am excited to sit out here in the evening now. The candles will add to the mood when we are eating alfresco or I am enjoying some quiet time on the swing with a good glass of wine.


I sprayed the fake brass chandelier with Rust-Oleum’s Universal Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. It is a primer and paint in one.


Here is what I did to transform the chandelier.

This is what it looked like right after I brought it home from the thrift store. I like the fact the candle bases are wide. When the existing electrical sockets are removed a pillar style candle will sit nicely on these bases.




I removed the candelabra covers and stashed them safely away as they are in perfect condition and I can use them on other fixtures. I cut all the wires from the center of each candle socket and then removed the socket. They just unscrewed.  Easy.


It was easy to unscrew the top section from the bottom of the main body of the chandelier. I cut all the wires and pulled them through the chandelier to remove them, then screwed the chandelier back together again.


This is the pile of electrical guts I removed.  See the price tag – $5.90 minus the 25% – I know I told you that already, but I love the fact that the thrift store discounts their already low prices. :)


To keep the base of each arm on the chandelier intact, I needed new screw- nuts, but my hubs said he could just cut each socket screw off with tin snips.   I needed that bottom nut to screw back on.


If you don’t have tin snips – you will need to buy nuts that fit over the screws on each arm of the chandelier.  You can see the section that was cut off from the socket. I also thought I could cover the screws with a blob of hot glue to hold them in place if I could not find nuts to fit.


Screw  the nut back on over the existing arm screw.   I had to slightly bend each base so it was level.


Repeat the process on all the arms and it is ready for spray paint.


I used one quick coat of Rust-Oleum metal primer because this is going to be outside and I wanted the finish to be as durable as possible.


Then I sprayed a few coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze on it to finish.


It goes nicely with my Walmart outdoor sideboard.


I bought the green linen tablecloth for $2.90. It is extra long and was the perfect fit for the dining table on my deck. The Le Creuset pitcher was $5.00.


The throw is from my family room. When we are outside at night it can get a bit chilly, so this is nice to have. I made the pillows and no-sew cushion last summer.  My party baskets are in easy reach and at the ready.   Now all I wish for is a laptop with a screen that can be easily viewed outside. I would love to be able to work out here – that is the only thing that is stopping me.


Have you decorated the outside of your home like the inside?  If you have I would love to see your photos as I would like to add them to my Pinterest board.




  1. says

    Hi! I love your outdoor space. Will definitely use the technique for the no sew cushion! I love the outdoor sideboard…can you give me any information on when you bought it at Walmart? Online or in store? I need one and it’s perfect!

    • says

      Hi Erin-

      I bought the sideboard a few years ago in the store. I do not think it was part of the Better Homes and Garden line. I wish I had the info on it, but I don’t. I looked on it to see if there were any kind of labels or manufacturer’s marking’s, but there isn’t. It comes apart really easily for winter storage and is super lightweight. I don’t think Walmart carries it anymore, but they may have something like it as they do seem to carry similar items year to year.

  2. says

    Nice! You definitely accomplished making the outdoor space inviting. Great job on the outdoor chandelier. What a deal!

    • says

      Thanks Amanda

      We get to live outside for only a few short months so I try to make the space as comfy and pretty as possible without spending too much. Now it is so hot during the day to go outside. I have to wait until the evening when it cools off. The candles do add the perfect ambiance.

  3. Andrea Belrose says

    Love your outcome. I am working on an outoodr candle chandelier that my mom gave me to hang over my outside table & chairs. I found a design inspiration from Ryan Gainey’s book “The Well Placed Weed” pg 140 where he attached a chandelier to a tree using a rope & pully system. The idea is that you haul the chandelier up when you entertain and release it down when the weather is bad. Mom says I need to rustoleum the chandelier. The hanging equipment and rope cost around $140.00 which I purchased from Home Depot. I purchased the pillar candles from Hobby Lobby for about $26.00 for seven candles. My mother says that I need to get a candle votive cover to cover the candles when I am using them so that the wind doesn’t blow them out. Does the flame on your candles blow out when you are using them outside? I’ve looked for covers on the internet but haven’t found any. I guess I could use LED pillar lights. Any thoughts? Thank you. P.S. Hobby Lobby also has some really pretty iron & stone tables to use outside at great prices!

    • says

      Hi Andrea-

      Wow what you are creating sounds really amazing. I wish I had a big tree in my yard, but I don’t. My candles blow out when it is very windy – like a storm is brewing. Where my deck is and the chandelier hangs is protected by my house and a line of tall pines. Most nights so far this summer have been humid and still. I have looked into the battery operated candles at WalMart and have heard great things about them. I may try one to see what the light looks like. They would be the perfect answer for you as they look exactly like candles and won’t blow out. Another option would be to add some sort of hurricane over each candle arm, but that takes away from the natural simplicity of the candles.

  4. mary says

    AS another option, Wouldn’t this be great to incorporate with your tuna can hurricane lamps was well. Meaning use the tuna can and the glass cover instead of just the candle.

  5. Pam says

    Great idea! Everything I have been looking at to purchase is too expensive and just not what I want. Your simple idea of making something with less that $20 is brilliant!

  6. how2home says

    this is such a great tutorial, i like DIY projects where its easy, fun and affordable to do and this definitely fits my criteria! really like your deck and pergola, was it built by yourself or you hired a contractor to do it?

    • says

      Thanks – I designed the deck on paper and then took the drawings to the Home Depot where they put it into their computer and a 3D design was produced. The print out also figured out all the material we would need. My husband built it. It is 17 years old. When we built it the Chippendale style railings were not available to buy, so I drew the design to size on a large piece of paper and my husband used it as a template to cut each piece of wood and fit each Chippendale section together. The Home Depot print out did not give us that part of the design. I posted a photo of it being built in this post.

      • how2home says

        i never knew that home depot offers 3d rendering services, thats quite convenient. another tool thats good for 3d design is google sketchup if you’re interested to use in the future for other design renderings. How long was the whole process to built the deck and what type of wood did you use for your deck? For our own deck, it took about 2 years to built b/c its covering a pretty big area and we used composite wood for the side deck (which we love) and back yard deck we used pressure treated wood (which we regret b/c it gives you splinters).

        • how2home says

          Building a nice deck definitely takes a long time but hey….in the end is all worth it right! and that’s the beauty of it! don’t know how you feel about posting link but i think this would be a great addition to your deck for cool summer nights ( we have one of these on our deck and we love it. Hope you’ll like it too! :)

  7. Gigi Ables says

    Just finished this project for my pool patio! I hung mine from a crabapple tree branch that shades the dining table. The metal dining table and chairs just got an update with paint too! I recieved the FREE chandy when my parents upgraded ! Cheap is GOOD, FREE IS BEST!

  8. Anita says

    Making outdoor decor is SO much more fun and satisfying and unique than store-bought! Your chandelier is wonderful.

    I put a bowl-type candle holder into a decorative birdcage for my “chandelier”.

    I have a ’70s-style chain swag hanging light fixture where the socket points DOWN. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can rig up a candle holder in this? I was thinking maybe wire and a tuna can, but I’m open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Anita – Your chandelier sounds very unique – love it…doing things in your own style. Wiring something to the socket sounds like the way to go so that the candle will be upright. It could be anything from a wire basket, mason jar, or as you thought a tuna can. You could make the wire holding up whatever you use in curli-cues so it becomes part of the design.


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