Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern DIY

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How to make an outdoor lantern using a tuna can and a few basic items.

DIY outdoor lantern with glass globe made using a tuna can.

Last week I made a candle chandelier for my deck. It looks so pretty when lit, but the rest of my yard was looking kind of neglected. I was determined to find a way to spread some more candle light around the yard to balance the light and provide more ambiance.

I used to have TIKI torches, but they unravel and have to be filled up with oil that can make a mess. 

I remember years ago seeing candle lanterns at a wedding that I thought were pretty clever and decided I could try to make them myself, but I needed to find some glass hurricanes.  A trip to the thrift store was in order.

Usually when I go on my weekly thrift store excursion, I run in and do a quick cruise around the store to see if anything pops out at me.

Decorating treasure is not always waiting to be found, but you have to go frequently to stumble upon it every now and then.

I went on purpose, knowing my thrift store would have exactly what I was looking for – I had a choice  – lots of glass hurricanes to choose from. I ended up with 3 and a cylinder glass bowl that I plan on using for another project.

Thrift-Store-Glassware made used to make an outdoor lantern

Total cost of my glass haul – $2.70.

Completed Tuna Can Outdoor Lantern

Here is what I made with the thrift store glass hurricane. At the end of this post you will find a few variations using the other glassware I found.

Tuna Can Lantern by In My Own Style blog

This DIY outdoor lantern was very quick and easy to make.

How to Make a Tuna Can Lantern

DIY Tuna can Candle-Lantern-Supplies-Needed

supplies needed:

  • Empty tuna can
  • wood screw – 1″ long
  • Copper adapter
  • Old paint stick- if you don’t have an old paint stick, you could use an old broom stick – just cut the broom part off, or even buy a dowel.  

The copper adapter was the most expensive part of this project – $3.00, but I like the way it looked.

If you want to be really thrifty you could use a soda bottle cap on top of the stick. The adapter or cap adds a nice transition between the can and the stick and provides support.


Using my Craftsman Rotary Drill, I drilled a hole in the top of the paint stick. I love this drill, I have found so many different projects to use it on including: Pumpkin Head Bat Tassels, Stylish Bath Salt Holder, a Carved Monogrammed Ornament and so many more.


Then I used an awl and hammer to make a hole in the center of the tuna can.

How to Assemble the Lantern

Every paint or broom stick will be sized differently.

How to make a tuna can lantern

The copper adapter I found fits over the paint stick perfectly. Take your stick to the plumbing section at the hardware store and try a few different sizes out for the perfect fit.

Can-screwed-on to pole to make outdoor lantern made using a tuna can.

Screw the screw into the stick so it looks like the photo above.

Place the bottom end of the paint stick into the ground. 

Tuna can Candle-lantern-assembled.

The lantern is complete – it just needs a coat of paint.

Once I removed the hurricane and candle, I sprayed the whole thing right where you see it in the photo – EASY!

Spray-paint-tuna can lantern with-RustOleum Hammered Brown spray paint

I used Rust-Oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze so the lantern will coordinate with the chandelier I made last week for my deck.

Tuna Can Lantern by In My Own Style blog

All Done!  If you have a windy yard – a hurricane such as the one I used above will help keep the candles from burning out.

Tuna Can Lantern glass variations

If you can’t find a glass hurricane when you are out thrifting – I also bought a small vase. It also works.

Outdoor lighting Tuna can lantern using a small vase

There are a lot of variations to choose from. You can try a drinking glass and if you have an old set of glasses, you can make a matching set of lanterns to place around your entire yard or to use for a wedding or outdoor party.

Drinking-glass-tuna can lantern

Now I need to eat more tuna so I can make a few more so my yard will have all- over ambiance at night.

Tuna Can Lantern TIP:

To remove dried wax on glass after use – fill glass with ice water. Let set a few minutes and wax will come right off.

Tuna-can-screwed-on to pole to make outdoor lantern made using a tuna can.

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  1. Lisa Burke says:

    I absolutely love this!! You are brilliant :)


    Excelente ,muchas gracias .

  3. Michael Brellenthin says:

    Thanks for the quick and cool project.
    I like the huricane lamps the best.

  4. Car food cans would work, the larger ones. These are very good looking. Could use battery candles as well.

  5. Hollie Frederiksen says:

    Will you make these for purchase ? if so email me ! thank you

  6. How do you keep rain water from ruining the candle?

    1. Hi Debbie – I don’t keep the lanterns out all the time. Only for parties or outdoor gatherings so I don’t worry about the rain or the summer heat melting them.

  7. We made bunches of these – twenty-four, I think. We painted them white and tied pretty bows to use right below the holder. We were hosting my nephews wedding rehearsal dinner and had most seating outdoors. They were SO beautiful. And they have been borrowed many times since then. I don’t even know what color they are now! You are going to enjoy these.

  8. Lisa M WHITE says:

    To cute and seems easy to create. Thank you for an amazing idea.

    1. Lisa M. White from Michigan??❤️

  9. My soon-to-be sister-in law got crafty over the holidays and sent us some pretty awesome packages. One of the coolest was this DIY trivet, constructed from wine corks she’d been collecting.

  10. Martha Dowden says:

    Cat food cans!

      1. Hi Dorothy –

        You could use solar power lights, they would work fine. When I wrote this post, solar powered lights were not as common as they are today. They all looked too orange or blue and not the white color of a real candle.

  11. Ev Dekorasyon Fikirleri says:

    Great article

  12. Marsha Blackwell says:

    Pleased to see this on your blog. My dad made these 30 years ago and I still have them. They were also beautiful to use at Christmas decorating each with a bow and greenery. I’ve even seen some lining each side of a walkway with draped green garland going from one to the next all the way down the row.

  13. Hello! I haven’t read your comments on here, but I also have another suggestion for the tuna can lanterns…omit the glass hurricane and candle, and just use the can and dowel for portable drink holders. You just stick it in the ground next to your chair outside, and you have somewhere to put your drink, if you don’t have a table handy. I plan on making some of these for that purpose. I really do think the lantern idea is great, though!! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Vicky – Thanks for the great idea on using the tuna can as a cup holder. I don’t think any other reader mentioned using it this way. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea with me.

  14. Whule we know the rwte of the Rift which it’s just around the corner, the PlayStation VR cojtinues
    too bee a mystery.

  15. I think this is a very clever idea, can’t wait to try it.

  16. Brilliant been looking to dress up my back yard with some lighting. Defo project that I’ll be doing this spring ready for the summer evenings

  17. Now how cool is this ??? I need to eat more tuna !

  18. I really like the tuna hurricane lanterns. Black is what I really like with the tall glass. The only thing is that don’t have time to make the tuna lanterns. Is the a place where I could purchases several sets. At a store? Cant find anything on line where I could make that purchase . Help mew be for the Christmas holiday

    1. Hi VJ – I don’t know of any place that makes them. If you do a Google search for “garden lanterns” or “staked lanterns” a few places to purchase something like them may show up in the search results.

  19. I found a pretty gold candle holder. I am going to put a timer candle in it and it will mark the spot my little boy poodle rests. No wax to clean up. I bought some window putty to seal around the top and the glass holder will come off easy when it is time for a new battery.

    1. Hi Laura – What a sweet idea to remember your poodle. Using the timer…very clever. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  20. Have just, while browsing, come across your wonderful Hurricane Lamps. I have 2 Large glass lamps I bought some years ago and didn’t know what to do with them. Thanks to your great article I shall gather all the other things I need and hopefully can replicate your lamps.
    Wonderful hands and ideas. Deirdre

  21. Diane me encuentro tan feliz de haber encontrado este blog tan espectacular. Agradeciendote de corazon por la idea del atun linterna.Voy hacerlo lo mas pronto posible . Dios te pague por transmitir estas idea hermosas para decorar.Te deseo muchos exitos,.Desde Colombia con gran cariño.Mercy.

  22. Florida Vince says:

    Great idea! They look great and are easy to build. We’ll be making ours using wax LED candles with a timer feature instead of real candles and using them as landscape / pathway lights. I’ll most likely use upside down straight edged mason jars (for weather protection) and frost the interiors to give them a warmer glow. Anyway, great site and nice work!

  23. Diane, this is brilliant in its simplicity! What a creative way to upcycle odds and ends that could be destined for the trash. This could be used in so many ways all year. I would love to feature this in my newsletter, The Redesigner’s Notebook.

  24. Great idea! If you’re going to be putting this outdoors, why not use citronella candle to ward off mosquitos and other bugs? My concern with using the hurricane type lantern is that the glass those are usually made of is thin, might pop or crack from the heat of the candle. Super idea for an outdoor wedding..I think I have an old mop or broom in the garage and probably a paint roller extender stick.

  25. What a great idea! Just moved into a new place and have a small patio area that needs some light… this is a great solution :)

  26. Interioridea says:

    wowww what a smart and lovely idea!

  27. I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I was taking a look
    for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  28. Hi Diane,
    I love love love this project. Why am I just now finding it??? I’ve been on your site forever and thought I’d seen it all. But you never cease to amaze me. Great project to start on this first day of summer :))

    1. Thanks Kristyn – The tuna can lantern is one of my most popular posts. :-) It is pretty versatile – it can go to from trad to modern to funky depending on what color you paint it and the glass you use. It is a easy DIY for summer and even in the Fall. It adds a cozy touch to my backyard when I am sitting snuggled under a blanket at bight enjoying being outside before it gets too cold. Happy Summer

  29. One question. Do you have to worry about rain water in the vase? That is my only concern with project. Just trying to think ahead before I make these and realize there is more that I hadn’t thought about.

    1. Hi Jill – I never have had a problem, but you can always drill some holes in the bottom of the tuna can. This will keep water to build up in the can.

  30. Wonderful blog. But I tried to sign up for the newsletter by email and
    its “deactivated.” Also could not get the reader sign up to work. Could
    you please put me on the list. Thanks

  31. Diane, I just joined your blog, and I have to say girl, I am sooo impressed with your creativity and glad I did !!! I never thought of doing this. My yard needs a boost, so we will be eating A LOT of salmon for awhile … :-D Thanks for the great inspiration.


  32. This is a great idea but I was not able to find hurricane shades to fit the tuna cans. So, I substituted 6 oz. salmon cans instead. They were a perfect fit. I am havingh to make over 2o of them for a wedding. Thanks for the idea.

  33. I made these last summer for a graduation party, I used stakes from solar lights that no longer worked. I glued the tuna can onto them. They survived being outside all winter in northern Illinois.

  34. Looks like I will be having Tuna for lunch today before I head off to Lowes Home Improvement for some supplies. Now I will be adding copper to my list.. Very Nice DIY Lantern you have here..

  35. Love this!!! I made 12 for a party I’m helping host!!! Inexpensive w a great impact. I have 1 question though. How did you get these in the ground??? I used a wooden dowel and feel I’m going to have trouble getting it in the ground!

    1. Hi Meg – To get the lantern sticks/dowels into the ground – I just pushed them in. The ground was not hard. If your ground is hard, you can dig a small hole, place the dowel in and then pack the dirt around the hole and dowel to make it secure. Another way is to push the bottom of the dowel in the dirt and move it in a circular motion as you press down. (Like you were putting a beach umbrella into the sand) Once it is down far enough – straighten it out and press the dirt to pack it around the dowel. You can also place them in flower pots where the dirt is soft.

    2. just cut the dowels at an angle and screw them into the ground

  36. I just got through making a patio using recycled bricks from the 1890’s and have been trying to think of creative ways to do the lighting with recycled products. This is perfect! Since I have access to cedar trees I might use the cedar tree trunks instead of broom sticks. Since I already have plenty of glass chimney’s lying around all I need to do is look in my recycle bin for that tuna fish can I threw away and paint it.

  37. gracias por compartir tus ideas ,que tengas un lindo dia Dios te bendiga vivi

  38. How many oz are ur tuna cans. Thank you. Great project!

  39. How nice idea! I hope you don’t mind if I will link this idea to my quite new Finnish blog.

  40. Michelle Platt says:

    Excellent Idea! I saw this a while back and have been saving my tuna fish cans all summer long! I think I’m going to embark upon this project sometime this week, as a matter of fact.
    I will be sure to post photos.
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  41. That is a very good idea for garden candle lantern. I like very much recycling deco….

  42. Love these, but have a question about what happens when it rains…. does the can fill with water? I suppose some holes punched around the can would help, but in the meantime, the candles would be floating in water with the kind of heavy rains we have. Any suggestion?

    1. Hi Pat – I don’t leave mine out all the time, so I have not had to deal with water getting into them. Drilling holes in the bottom of the can is a great idea if you plan on leaving them out. I would drill them in the bottom, so they would be hidden and not change the look of the lantern.

  43. Bernadette says:

    We have a lot of wind in our area. I am just wondering how the problem of glass breaking in the event that a wind storm comes up and blows over the lantern?

    1. Hi Bernadette – It is quite windy where I live, too. My neighborhood is called Winding Brook, but the builders dubbed it “Windy Brook” :) If you use the hurricanes where the bottom goes down into the can – they will be fine. A glass that just sits on the top of the can with no part of it in the can – may blow off. The bottom of the stick/stem is wedged into the ground and is very secure. It will stand up in a storm, unless it floods and the dirt that is holding it up washes away.

  44. Help? I don’t understand the purpose of the copper connector.

    1. Hi Elaina – It helps to stablize the can on the stick while giving the entire lantern a more finished look.

  45. Thanks for this great idea !! I’m going to make some for my yard too. How about using some kind of PVC connecter instead of the copper one? $3.00 is kind of expensive for a tightwad like me LOL

    1. Hi Mary – PVC would work. I just could not find a piece to fit my broom stick as well as the copper fitting did.

  46. These are great! I love up cycling and making lanterns was something I never thought of. You are very clever and creative ;-)

    Thank you

  47. TQ Fabulous says:

    If you use a can as a rain lid or all the time with the battery lights, you could glue something cute to the top. Like a marble or finial shaped item. Small plastic tread spool and a marble painted with the rest. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks again, Diane! You are awesome!

  48. Great Idea! Would it hurt to drill a few more holes in the bottom if it was left out in the rain so it would drain?

    1. Hi DeBi – great idea – It would not hurt it at all. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea :)

  49. You did a fantastic job with your tutorial. I’m new to Pinterest so glad to find you. Thanks..

  50. I love this recycle use! Thank you for post.my family eats lots of tuna so many lamps ahead!

  51. My boyfriend came up with another clever idea… instead of one can per lantern, save two per lantern before you do the project. It simply needs to be sprayed to match and it becomes the “lid” for the lantern when it rains so you don’t have water logged lanterns and candles.

    1. Hi Sheila – You have one smart boyfriend :) That is an excellent idea. One that has me saying, ” Now why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks for taking the time to share it. Happy 2013!

    2. Hello there – That’s even a better idea :)

  52. Rose Myrtle says:

    Oh, my gosh! I never knew you could make these things out of these! So simple and inexpensive! I don’t know how you get these ideas! I couldn’t think of all these!

  53. Hiiii! Love the idea. Can u tell me what’s the diameter of the bottom of the hurricane shade?

  54. This is amazing! I’m going to make it into a can holder for my husbands camping trips and just add a tiki torch stake to the bottom!

  55. Carol Govora says:

    Great idea! Your photos are nice and big. It’s so easy to see how to do everything to make these! So pretty!

  56. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Folks, don’t limit your opportunities. I used the medium, not tall, but not the tiny ones either of kitty kat food cans. I had somehow acquired some water glasses that I think are just dowdy (ugly). But they fit my empty kitty kat cans purfectly and I know love the glasses for outdoor torch lights/lanterns. I also could not afford dowels and no wooden broom handles on hand….. so I bought some very inexpensive PVC pipes… they come in long length’s and are less expensive (a lot) than dowels. At first I used some firring strips of 8 ft lengths and cut a piece off the top for the platform to hold the can. But this summer I switched to the PVC… just plug the end of the pipe where you want to attach the can… with wood glue and maybe some old newspaper first. It works and is prettier like Diane’s beautiful ones. I will save my pipes and glasses this winter and put them out again next year. And I always have some kind of use for the firring strips…. some where, you know? Don’t laugh, but you can also fill the pipes with kitty litter or sand also.

    I have the longest wish list in the world that I have made from so many of Diane’s wonderful ideas/tutorials.

    Diane is the very best I have found to learn, get ideas from, advice and what ever you need. She is honest and tells you the ins and outs of everything she does.

    Thank you very much Diane for so many wonderful ideas and all you have taught me.

  57. I have to start eating more tuna, I just found 3 boxes of glass hurricanes in the attic of my business, knew I didn’t want to throw them out but wasn’t sure what to do with them. Thanks

    1. Hi Sal – What a find. When I got the idea to make the lantern – I had had to search through a few thrift stores before I found the style hurricane I envisioned.

  58. Wow!! I love it, and can’t wait to make 2 of them for camping!! They will be perfect and easy to transport right in the camper. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas!

  59. Thanks for sharing these instructions. I’m thinking of following your plan, but substituting an old pie or can pan for the tuna can, and creating a platform type bird feeder. :-)

  60. Loving mason jars as I do, I would use mason jars to hold my lights, either tea lights or solar lights. I love the stands, whether sticks, handles, dowels, or whatever.

  61. Very cute light idea! I was also wondering if you knew what type of tree or shrub that is behind the light. They are just what I am looking for to go along the back of our side yard for a border. Thanks…

    1. Hi Kris- I think they are Emerald Green Arborvitae. We bought them at Home Depot about 6 years ago.

  62. Love it!!! I went on a thrift store haul but unfortunately I could not find any hurricane lamp shades. I ended up purchasing some online for a couple of bucks. Now my problem is finding a tuna can that will fit the bottom!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Lucy – Isn’t that always the case – when you purposely are looking to find something – you can’t. Wait a week or two and I am sure on your next thrifitng adventure one or more are sure to be lining the shelves. Tuna cans all look the same, but are slightly different. Look at crabmeat cans, too.

  63. This is so cute! You are so creative and thrifty! I pinned this and have it linked back to this site. Thanks for sharing your great idea! I’m going to make one to use next summer.

  64. love your blog……….so many creative ideas….already have my hurricane lamps so cheap at Goodwill………25-50 cents………had tuna tonight…….can’t wait to make the lanterns for around my deck.

  65. I just discovered your blog, you are amazing. I would have to work double time to stay up with you. I wanted to follow you but couldn’t find that so let me know how to follow. Thanks for all the great ideas, I think this one is my favorite. Of course I also have an ugly kitchen similar to the one you had so I also may be using some of your ideas on it as well.

  66. Hi Diane! I love this outdoor lantern~it is fantastic! I want to make a few of them. I have been poking around your blog, it is really impressive!! I am thinking of doing your zinc finish on the tuna can for the lantern, that would work too I think~so inspired!! I just opened two cans of tuna this week, time to get them out of the recycling bin!!

  67. Kelly Willcut says:

    Just found this on Pinterest–what an awesome idea! Thanks.

  68. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    In this instance Diane used a paint stick handle extender… you know that you screw into a shorter roller paint handle, for when you need to paint a high ceiling or high walls.

  69. Ok this may be a stupid question but what exactly is a paint stick?? If I say that around these parts they would think it was the flat stick that you stir paint with. Thanks!

  70. Grear idea. I want to make several to put around my deck. How did you put it in the ground? I am afraid if I hammer in the can it will dent. Again great idea, thanks for putting on Pinterest.

    1. hi Michelle-

      I put mine in to line my garden so the soil is soft and easy to just twirl the stick in as you would a beach umbrella in the sand. If it hard soil, you could make a hole first by hammering a stake into the ground and then removing it and then put the candle stick in to the hole.

  71. came over from Not Just A Housewife contest…I do alot of upcycling – your project is pure genius!
    amy of four corners design

  72. What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to make one. Guess I need to eat a lot of tuna. Can u buy broom sticks? I guess any dawl will do. Thanks again for the idea. I will surely share this my crafty friends.

    1. Sheryll & Critters. says:

      I shopped for the wooden dowels and they were too expensive for me, so I purchased eight – 8 foot firring strips for 97 cents each plus tax (I have eight water tumblers). I originally planned on each staying as tall as I could get them, after posting in the dirt…… but I ended up cutting two of them short (in half) for some to be walking lighting & the others to be high for visual effect. I simply cut off a chunk and used it to nail the can into instead. Not the same exact “look”, but very cute and now my friend’s think I am clever…. grin. I do tell them all to read all of Diane’s blogs, she is so great.

  73. I saw this idea briefly last week. Was at the hardware store w/husband and tried to explain to him and the clerk about the adapter. Neither one knew what I was talking about. Came home today and found this idea again, and showed it to my hubby. He said, “oh, I see. Very clever. But you need a paint stick. You were saying you needed a dowel stick.” Glad I revisited this idea! You came up with a very clever and cute light! Love it!

  74. Hi Diane, I am new to your blog and loving it already. I made these tuna can posts about 30 years ago. There were no dollar stores at the time OR pillar candles. I used tapers. I took the top of a soda bottle and put my screw threw that and into the can and dowel. (no paint handles) I lined my walk at Christmas. You really brought back memories.

  75. That is a great idea~I just threw out two old plastic leaf rakes and saved the handles ,*sticks, knowing something good would come of it. Thanks for this tutorial.

    1. Thanks Shirley – I do the same thing. I have a stash in my garage and basement of all the items I save to re-purpose someday.

  76. Hi Diane

    Love this idea! So chic – I am obsessed with restoration hardware and between this and your concrete pillars I could actually have the same look without having to starve myself!

    One idea – Since fire outside always kind of freaks me out, you might be able to use those solar lights that they sell for walkways, and maybe use some museum putty to stand them inside the hurricane glass or vase. Then your yard would be lit up every night without any effort and no fear of fire!

    Cool blog!

  77. Sheryll & Critters says:

    Hi Diane,

    I just loved this idea/craft of yours. I am going to make 8 of them(I have 8 tumblers). But I can not find anyone with wooden broom handles, so I am considering using 1″ x 2″ firring strips that are 8 ft long. I can saw off a little square to balance the can on? Do you think that will work? Also, if you get tired of eating canned tuna, kitty kat food cans work just as well. Oh yeah, I wanted taller than the broom handles would make them so thinking I will try the firring strips (still pretty cheap).

    Thanks again,

    Sheryll & Critters.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t think about kitty food cans. Now I just need to ask friends.

  78. I used this idea for my daughters backyard wedding. We painted the dowel and tuna cans white. Glued thin purple ribbon on the dowels and a simple flower on the painted tuna can. We then filled the vases with water and flower petals, put in a floating candle, They lined the bridal runner all the way up to where the bride and the groom stood. It looked amazing!! My daughter was so happy with how beautiful and inexpensive it looked! Thank you for the great idea

  79. This is such a great idea! Great job!

    Would love to feature this on my blog and link back to your tutorial if that’s ok!

    1. Hi Megan-

      Thanks – It is fine for you to feature the lantern on your blog. :)

  80. Diane, you are AMAZING! Lots of wonderful ideas! Loved your space!!

  81. Prissyville says:

    That was crazy smart! Wow! I like this better than the store bought ones I’ve seen!

  82. My mom made these with my sister’s girl scout troup back in the early 60’s. Thanks for the memory.

    1. Hi Maggie-

      You are so welcome. I saw them done in white at a wedding a long time ago and have always kept the idea in the back of my mind for someday. Someday finally came.

  83. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT …. gonna make this soon as the hubbs gets the new *paver* deck done … question, though: what is a *paint stick*? i’m thinkin’ those things they give you free from home depot or lowes, but it’s not lookin’ like that …. like a broom handle?

    1. Hi Darlene-

      It is the paint stick that a paint roller screws onto when you want to paint high up on the wall without using a ladder. I had a few old ones in my basement and used them. To buy them new at Home Depot/Lowes costs about $7, but you could use an old broom or mop stick to save some money.

  84. Wow! This is the best use for a tuna can yet! Thanks so much for sharing…can’t wait to try it.

  85. You continually amaze me…this is absolute perfection.

  86. Fantastic. I love it and its just so simple and looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  87. This is soooo adorable and ingenious! Thanks for sharing!

  88. why didn’t I think of this! Such a great repurpose! LOVE them all.

    catching YOU this week!

  89. This is so cool — almost as cool as that outdoor chandy from a couple of weeks back! Well, maybe it’s a toss-up!

  90. WoW! “Brilliant” idea! Seems like we live in a wind tunnel this year. Our patio sure could use a few of these.

  91. I love this! DH saves all our tuna cans to make firestarters, but we haven’t gotten around to doing it. I’ll show him this tonight.

    And I’m pinning this.

  92. I love this,, these would work great to line the pathway when my daughter gets married this fall.. we were gonna use tiki torches (painted black) but these look so much better.

  93. very clever! I love how this turned out!
    thanks for linking up to Catch as Catch Can


  94. Hi Diane! I wanted to let you know I featured this on my blog today — I’m sorry I don’t have a ‘featured’ button yet but wanted to let you know anyway!

    1. Hi Heather-

      Thanks so much. xo I just caught the tail end of Crafterminds and am so glad the tweets showed up in my stream. I am looking forward to connecting with the group every week.

  95. I saw this done several years ago for a wedding. They tied a beautiful white ribbon at the candle base area. I love yours! The color is perfect!

    1. Hi Lynn-

      That is where I saw the idea many years ago. They were all spray painted white with white bows. The cans were nailed onto dowels without the use of the copper fitting. I thought it was such a great idea and finally got to make one for myself.

  96. Loved your lantern idea, but was completely distracted by your beautiful row of conifers …soooo pretty xx Ava

    1. Hi Ava-

      We planted them about 3 years ago as we were having some water draining issues. The mound they are on helps out with the drainage issue as well as provides privacy into our backyard. Thanks for connecting with me.

  97. Love this idea! I’ll be trying this one out for sure!

  98. that is really cool, how in the world did you come up with that. i have those cans from costco chicken. i really want to try this!

  99. This is fun, funny, and ingenious all at the same time–what a creative mind you have! I always enjoy visiting your blog, Diane.

    1. Hi Kim – you are so sweet and always leave me the nicest comments. Thanks- xo

  100. These are AMAZING! :) How great is that!!! A tuna can?!?!?!? Can’t get over it! How creative!!! Gotta pin this so I can make some of my own! :)

  101. Girl this is brilliant! I’ll be featuring you on my site as well as on Tip Junkie Decorate :).

    1. HI Beth-

      Thanks so much. I was away over the weekend and just got back and noticed a huge spike in my pageviews. WOW thanks xo

  102. Wow, this is a great idea! I plan on making a few of these.

  103. Absolutely lovely! I am headed to the store to get supplies! :)

  104. Such a great idea. Love how your outdoor lantern turned out. Thanks for sharing the how-to at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  105. Meadowsweet Cottage says:

    Great idea for summer entertaining! And I needed an excuse to hit the thrift stores tomorrow, so thanks!

  106. OH MY GOODNESS are these so awesome and cute! WHAT a MIND YOU HAVE! I would have NEVER thought of this! And I thought I was crafty! LOL You rock! xoxoxoxo Kat =^.^=
    PS NOW I have to get more power tools! LOL!

  107. Guess who’s going to be eating tuna this week!!!! I already saw many hurricane’s at my local thrift store. This is a totally awesome idea.

  108. well how snazzy is that?! love this upcycling idea on so many levels. the tuna can the thrifted glassware. good job :)

  109. Popping over to say hello for the “Blog Party”! i host a garden party on Thursday’s & would love to have you come by to peek around or even link up?!? hope to see you sometime! xoox, tracie

  110. Love, love, lurve! I’ve been landscaping my backyard, but it takes so long and is so much work that I’m starting to get discouraged. Something cute like this would be great inspiration to keep beautifying! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I’m a new follower….LOVE everything on here! Ah!

  111. I just discovered your website today and you are amazing and incredibly talented! This is one of the best ideas I seen.

  112. Excellent! I have some hurricane glass with no bottoms. This would be a great way to repurpose it…thanks!

  113. Diane, you never cease to amaze me with your creativeness. Wow, you own trash to treasure in my book, who would of thought of marrying those items? You are a genius I tell ya! I am going to pin this. Have you gone on Pinterest yet? Dang, it is addicting, gets me behind on my reader though…but oh so fun!

    1. Hi Stephanie-

      Thanks. I Do have a Pinterest acct. It is the best thing, EVER!!! – I love it and get lost in time going though all the wonderful and inspiring images. Forget about the laundry, I’d rather be pinning.

  114. Nice Job.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

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  118. Vivienne @ The V Spot says:

    Brilliant! I love it! Stumbled and pinned. :)

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    I just signed up to follow..come see me when you have time.
    I am over from Beach Cottage.:)
    xo bj

  120. Wow, this is just brilliant. I would have never thought of this myself! I definitely need items to help decorate my gardens on the cheap. I cannot wait to put this one into action. Thank you!!

  121. Fabulosa essa idéia principalmente para nós que sofremos tanto no verão com ataques de mosquitos! Obrigada por partilhar esse tutorial!
    Abraços, Dolly

  122. Griffith Family says:

    As always, beautifully clever!!!

  123. Easy peasy and looks great too! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Robin-

      Thanks so much :) I used to do most of my blog reading through Google Reader and always felt I was missing out on seeing the actual blogs. I now use the Google Reader Next button and get to see all of them in full with the click of a button.

  125. Great ideas! My thrift store is overstocked with hurricanes and I’m always in search of new ways to use them! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. HI Jan-

      Why is it that thrift stores always seem to have a ton of these? You would think they would get broken.

  126. You have THE BEST ideas! I am going to try this!

  127. Patricia in Denver says:

    Once again, using the simplest and most available items, you have managed to amaze me.

  128. I SO love this! We are having an outdoor party after my son’s wedding reception for neighbors and family and these will be a cheap fix for lighting outside! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Lauren- they will be perfect. Congrats to your son.

  129. Tuna cans!! Now that’s re-cycling at its best! What a great way to extend the ambiance of the chandelier into your yard! Brilliant.

  130. Diane,
    Simple yet sooooo stunning and mega creative!! What a fun and easy project to light up your evenings. Hope you don’t mind if I post the link on my FB Fan page…too good not to share. :)

    Love your ideas and your blog. Your creativity and ingenuity inspire me!

  131. wow, I never would have guessed that pole was an old paint handle! This looks super awesome, great job! :D

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    Stumbled upon this (hehe). Really good directions for something that looks like it would be complicated.

  133. How absolutely clever! I think I shall make a couple of these for my back patio. I am sure I will have no problem getting my son to eat the tuna!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

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    Thanks for share


  135. Sallie @ Texas Cottage says:

    Ingenious! I never would have thought of using a tuna can.

  136. How incredibly creative and beautiful at the same time. Wonderful job!

  137. Diane, This is a brilliant idea, you are so clever!!! i just showed my husband and his exact words were, “wow that’s genius”.

  138. That is so clever! You made it look very high end. I am planning to make hanging lanterns for my tiny patio, but I think I need these (without the posts) to put on the patio railing! So pretty.

  139. What a clever idea! Love it!

  140. Diane, That is brilliant!!! It looks like something you would find at a decorating store, not in your cupboard! You truly are brilliant!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

      1. Diane – I mentioned in my comment about tuna cans that I had made a gazing ball the prior year with my granddaughter.

        1. Thanks Suzan :-) I figured it was something like that. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

  141. Dianne – you are just FULL of great ideas! This looks like a super project for my granddaughter and I while she is visiting this summer. She is my “crafty girl” and loves to help make things. Last year we made a gazing ball from a bowling ball so this will be perfect…tuna cans and lamp chimneys into beautiful outdoor lighting!

    1. Hi Suzan –
      It will be the perfect project. Some tools, paint, and fun. It took me longer to gather the materials then it did to make it. I hope you have a wonderful time with your granddaughter.

    2. Grace Samis says:

      A gazing ball from a bowling ball? Sounds interesting!! How?

      1. Hi Grace – Did someone mention a gazing ball in the comments of my post on the Tuna Can lantern? I am not sure I know what you are asking about.