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How to Make an Oversized Glass Candle Lantern

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If you enjoy a summer evening spent outdoors, then you may like to make one or two of these DIY oversized glass candle lanterns. They’ll make an impact on your deck, porch or patio for only a few dollars each. They can be made in 10 minutes or less and since they are hurricane style, an evening breeze won’t blow the candles out. 

Image of picnic table with a patriotic tablecloth and DIY oversized glass candle lantern to make

Late last week when I realized summer was almost here, I got to work on a Insta-Style type DIY project. A set of decorative lanterns that I can use all summer long on my deck and picnic table out in my yard.

I like to find creative and budget friendly ways to reuse items destined for the trash. One of these types of recycled/repurposed DIY projects turned into my most linked and shared project I have made here on my blog. It was a lantern I made from a tuna can.

I still use the tuna can lanterns, but needed something larger to hold pillar style candles on the outdoor tables that would also keep them from blowing out easily when a breeze blows in off the lake.

Two DIY glass candle lanterns made nautical style on a white star and navy tablecloth

Oversize Pickle Jar Outdoor Candle Lanterns

I made these outdoor candle lanterns using large pickle jars that I bought for $4.99 in the bulk food aisle in Walmart. They were filled with pickles. Luckily Ed likes pickles so they didn’t go to waste.

I always like to find the least expensive way to make stuff. These bulk oversize jars were cheaper than buying a big Mason style jar that costs around $14 a piece.

I could have used the jars simply “as is” to create plain glass candle lanterns. Living along the shores of a lake, I decided to give the pair of candle lanterns a nautical vibe with some sisal rope I had in my garage.

Twine wrapped outdoor candle holder made using a large pickle jar

I love the look of candle glow both inside and outside the house. It creates a magical ambiance as the sun starts to set.

Homemade candle lantern idea that you can customize to fit your decor.

…and only gets better as the sun fades away.

How to Make an Oversized Glass Candle Lantern

supplies needed:

  • Large pickle or Mason Jar
  • 1/4″ sisal rope or twine – enough to wrap around the jar.
  • Candle
  • Sand – 2 cups
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Craft or utility knife
  • Razor blade scraper
How to hot glue twine to a large glass pickle jar to make an outdoor table candle lantern

1. Remove labels from the jar by soaking it in hot sudsy water. Then use a razor blade scraper to get off stubborn sections.

2. Lay jar on its side. Choose one side to be the back side.

3. On the back side, run a line of hot glue right along the indent if there is one in your jar. If no, indent, place the glue about 2-inches from the bottom.

side of glass pickle jar with twine getting glued onto it

4. Lay one end of the rope in glue and press with your finger.  Let glue set for a minute.

Wrapped twine around a large glass jar

5. Wrap rope around jar 4- 5 times and then bring end to the back.  Cut end of rope to line up with the other end that is already glued onto the glass.

6. Run another line of hot glue along the rope and push the end of the rope in. Make sure that the cut end has hot glue on it so it will not unravel.

Removing excess hot glue from glass on DIY candle lantern by repurposing a large glass food jar

7. Remove any excess dried hot glue from the glass using a craft knife.

8. Wrap rope around neck of bottle in the same manner, but just wrap around once.

9. Place about 2 cups of sand in bottom of jar and then a short pillar style candle on the sand.

Wishing you a great start to the Summer of 2019.

If you know anybody in the military, don’t forget to thank them for their service. And remember all those who may no longer be with us who served to keep our country free at some point in their life.

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  1. This is a great idea – those pickles would definitely get eaten at my house, too! I am adding pickles to my grocery list for next week – I have everything else for this project!

  2. Love those pickle jars!! They came out great with the rope addition
    Enjoy your newest addition and everyone this weekend ??

  3. The candle is a great idea. Love, love seeing Zoe and her Aunt. My that baby is a cutie pie.