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Before & After Exterior House Painting Reveal

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It is exterior house makeover painting BEFORE and AFTER reveal day!!!

I know many of you have been patiently waiting for me to show you how my once dark teal painted house looks now that it has taken on a more neutral color scheme. We are very happy with how the color has updated the house and fits in with the neighboring homes on my cul-de-sac.


This is Part 3 in a series where I am sharing the whole exterior painting process. If you missed them or want a reminder, you can read:

Front Side of the House

The front of the house looks like the house is a small brick ranch style home, but it is a two-story home which becomes evident when you view the back or lake side of the house.

House Exterior Before getting painted

BEFORE Painting – Front Exterior

This is how the front exterior of my house used to look. Very textured tan brick with dark teal trim on the front. I would have liked to paint the brick or sided the house with plank so I could paint it all the same color, but that was way out of the budget.

I had to be realistic. Even though I write a blog that includes home improvement projects, that doesn’t mean I can do everything. I do have a budget just like every homeowner out there. I had to figure out how I could make the best of what we could spend.

Exterior of brick House photos before makeover


Having the house repainted has made a HUGE difference…

tan brick Ranch house after new paint

Front of House: AFTER painting using Glidden Premium Exterior Paint Plus Primer in the color Khaki Bronze.

I LOVE what paint can do to update the exterior of a home.

Outside of a home that was just painted tan from a dark teal color

Painting is the first step and biggest change that will move us forward to add more character and color to the front.

I took some liberty with this “after” photo to share my vision with my limited Photoshop skills, now that the teal paint is gone.

What I Still Need to Do:

  • landscaping that will coordinate with the lake side of the house
  • a wood slat wall in-between the front door and window
  • oversized modern metal street address numbers on slat wall
My vision for updating the front exterior of my home.

I have thought quite a lot about what I want to do to the front of the house – ideas that would keep it simple and affordable while adding some character. The wood slat wall brings the whole facade together and is something that I can easily make and add myself.

UPDATE: The slat wall I planned is completed. You can read about how I make it in this post:

Other Exterior Projects To Complete

When we get a new roof, it will be lighter in color – not black like the current one.

The flowers in the front bed are already planted. I need to plant 3 hydrangeas and some dwarf English boxwood for the foundation plants. These will coordinate with the lakeside landscaping.

We may keep the front steps for the time being or at least until I come up with a solid plan that we can do/ afford.  I don’t want to become house poor – Ed and I like to travel and take trips so I don’t want to eat into that budget.

Time is on my side for the steps – I am in no rush to get it done. When doing anything to my home and in life in general, I keep in mind what my Momma used to say – “Don’t hurry when decorating a home – let things evolve”.

Front of house in dabbled shade

Depending on the time of day, the house can be in full sun or late afternoon dappled shade which changes the way the color of the paint looks.

Lake Side of House Exterior BEFORE & AFTER

The lake side of the house has a rustic presence and looks totally different from the front.

Faded teal paint on brick lake house that got a makeover.

Lakeside of House Exterior BEFORE with faded teal paint.

What I didn’t like about this look is that the lower half is brick and the top dark. It gives the house a top-heavy look.

Lake side of 1970 era home that got a new coat of paint

Lakeside of House Exterior AFTER with new coat of paint: Glidden Premium Exterior Paint Plus Primer in the color Khaki Bronze

I pulled a color from the flecks in the brick to use to paint the siding and trim. Doing this removed the top-top heavy look.

When one of my friends came via the lake right after the house was painted, she commented on how different the house looked. She also remarked on how much the green shrubs around the deck “popped”. She also thought the shutters were new.  We added them over a year ago, but they blended in with the teal color and were not very noticeable before.

Exterior House Paint Makeover using Glidden Premium Paint and Primer

A closer look as the sun goes down.

Side View of House Exterior BEFORE & AFTER

side view of teal green and tan brick house

Side view of house BEFORE

Side view of house AFTer getting a new color of paint on the exterior
Side view of house AFTer getting a new color of paint on the exterior

Looks a lot different. The Crepe Myrtle has been cut back quite a bit. It should start blooming a deep pink any day now.

I have had to embrace the fact that my house is not a modern farmhouse or a classic traditional Georgian style home like the one I lived in for 22 years. That house also had a lot of white trim and classic architectural features.

Lake house in rustic tree lined setting

The house is a mix of architectural styles and sits in a natural, rustic setting, even though the boxwoods around the deck give it a more classic home vibe. Keeping the color neutral works with the setting.

Lake house painted in Glidden premium paint in the color Khaki Bronze

I can now check off “painting the exterior of the house” from my “To-Do” list.

After adding the slat wall and landscaping to the front, it will be onto the next project… re-staining the dock…

Side of house that shows the transition from Ranch style front facade to two story lake side
Side of house that shows the transition from Ranch style front facade to two story lake side

…and the lattice around the deck. I think I actually want to remove the lattice and replace it with a board over board look to create a more modern feel.

I will get them done eventually, but now that summer is here…

Lake view from side of house

…the lake beckons… time for a little fun and relaxation before starting on the slat wall and landscaping.

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  1. I love the new paint colour!! It has changed everything. I also like the slats you plan to put on the front wall. After the roof is changed to a lighter colour there will really be only one thing left to do–change the doors and windows beside them (imo)…that may be an expensive job. I think the doors need to go before the steps (doors are very 70’s)– It seems with home ownership there is always something to spend money on!!

    Just paint changed everything!! I love it!

  2. WOW!!!! Your house looks beautiful! To my eye that updated paint color really upped the value of your home. I’ve been watching all of your renovations and your home has become your signature happy comfortable home . Well done!!! Now it’s time to enjoy your summer and that gorgeous lake. : )

    1. The result was really awesome so beautiful in the eyes not so flashy or shiny that is so overrated. Your work was superb man hopefully you have a nice stay at your home. I will do same in my future house with my guys at northern beaches painting. Thank you for inspiring.