Quick and Easy No Sew Window Valance

Finally after all the hard work I have been doing in my hall bathroom, I have been rewarded – it is all coming together just as I had envisioned.  No snafus or problems.  Yes!  I love it when that happens – which usually is NEVER – as in DIY decorating land there is always a glitch.  I have seen more than my share of them – this room is the exception.

I am so excited to be actually showing you the icing on the cake – no more construction photos. Now I get to show you the fun, pretty, and colorful stuff like the

Easy No Sew Window Valance I made.

 It only took me an hour to make. I have made a few of them in the past, so I can get one completed pretty quickly since I know what I am doing.  I made one of these Polystyrene Valances as a project in my book. This is an updated version.  I didn’t use batting, only a liner fabric to soften the edges of the valance.  It is very lightweight not at all heavy like a wood valance.


I made the green valance you see here from cardboard. 



All updated!!!  I love it.  I showed you how I added the wood panel and molding above the wimpy window in my last post.  It really made a huge difference in how the window looks now.


To make the valance I used one Polystyrene Insulation  panel that I got at Lowes. They sell the package of them in the Building Supply area. They are wrapped in clear plastic.   You get 6 – 13” x 48” pieces for about $10.  You can make one for every room, your best friend, your mom… it is so easy to make and install you will be wanting to make them for everybody.


Materials Needed:

Polystyrene Panel
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Straight Pins
T-Square or straight edge (yardstick)
Craft Knife
Decorative Fabric
White Fabric or Quilt Batting

1.  Determine the height of your valance. Mine is 12” high.  The width is determined by the width of your window (outside molding to outside molding) measurement.  Add 1- 1/2” to that width measurement.   This will be your front piece.  Cut a board to that size using a T-square or straight edge and a craft knife.

Make sure the blade is sharp and use an up and down motion as you cut instead of one long gliding motion. This will help keep the Polystyrene edge sharper and less little pieces of Polystyrene all over the place.

2. You will need three pieces – front and two sides. My side pieces were 2” deep and 12” high.


3.  Attach the side pieces to the back edge along each side of the front piece. Use hot glue. I know hot glue melts the Polystyrene, but only a little and it really doesn’t matter as you are not going to see it.  If you have a cool melt gun then you can use that.

My motto – What you can’t see can easily be faked!


4. For added support – push a few straight pins in the front along the edge that will go through the side pieces. I used 3 – top, middle, and bottom on each side.


5.  Your valance should look like this now.


6.  Cut your fabric and lining large enough so that you have enough to wrap around to the back of the valance.  Place the decorative fabric right side down and then the lining on top of that.  Then place the valance – front side down onto the fabric. Make sure pattern is straight and then wrap excess fabric to the back of the panel. Pull taut and use straight pins to attach to the valance.  The straight pins need to go in on an angle so they don’t go through the front of the valance.   Work your way around the valance attaching the fabric with pins. Leave the sides alone for now.


They will look like this when pushed all the way in on an angle.


7.  For the sides and corners –pull the side fabric up and around and attach with pins.


Fold and/or tuck the excess in.


8.  Tuck the corner fabric in and then fold over the excess and attach with pins. Pretend you are wrapping a gift.  Pull excess fabric to the back to keep the front and edge smooth.

It will end up looking like this.  Re-pin if necessary to keep the fabric taut around the valance.  I found my pretty beaded pins at the dollar store.


9. If you have a very long window you can brace the back of the valance with another piece of Polystyrene. Use hot glue to attach.  Wait to add this piece after you have the fabric on.  If you put it on before – the side fabric wrapping is harder to do.


I use straight, bank, or T pins for so many projects. They are one of the basic items I used when I worked in display and they are my go-to for easy adhering and attaching.  To attach the valance to the window I used the straight pins you see below.


10. To attach the valance to the wall you will need an extra set of hands.  “Honey, I need you xo” Once you have your helper hands – position the valance where you want it and use a straight pin to attach the valance to the edge of the window molding.  Right into the valance and  side of the window molding.  Repeat on other side.   Bye, honey I don’t need you anymore- xo.”  You can add an extra pin or two to each side to secure.  (No molding around your window?  See instructions at the end of this post.)


All done!  My valance cost me under $10 as I found the fun fabric for $6 a yard.  I had the lining fabric and the Polystyrene from another project.


This bathroom makeover all started when I found the brown and white damask print shower curtain at HomeGoods.   I loved it and it was only $14.99 so I went home with it.  It has been sitting in its package for weeks!  I got it out this morning and had to steam it to get all folded wrinkles out.  – Not a glitch , but ironing is not my idea of a good time.

It is going to be my Fall/Winter shower curtain. I also found a White Nautica one when thrifting – I plan to use that one in Summer/Spring.  I know it is summer now, but I was too excited to see how the brown damask one was going to look that I had to put it up early.

How-to-make-a-no-sew-window treatment

Here is the name of the fabric I used for the valance.


How to Mount the Valance when you don’t have molding around your Window

You will need a 2 – inch  “L” bracket, 2 screws, and 2 brass fasteners for each side.  Note when figuring out the measurement for how wide your valance should be.  Add 4″ inches to the total measurement 2″ inches for each L bracket. you should mount them on the wall first and then figure out the width the valance should be.

Figure out where on the wall your valance is going to go.  Place the L bracket where the center of the valance will be.  Screw the L bracket into the wall as shown below with 2 screws.  Once the L bracket is in place hold up the valance against it and push a brass fastener through the holes and then spread them open. Repeat on the other side.  You can paint the heads of the brass fasteners the color of your fabric to hide them.

Note: This photo shows the L bracket  at the bottom of the valance but that is just to show you how to mount it.  It should be centered in the valance.

How to make a no sew window valance using foam insulation

If you would like to know how to:

Make a No-sew window valance using cardboard – click – here.

Make a wimpy window look bigger –click – here.

I have lots more to show you – accessories, floor, and a few more details.  So much to do – so little time.  :)

I am working on the floor – it is coming out better than I expected. I will post about that next time.



  1. Stacy says

    Diane- you’re my hero! This is a fabulous idea and perfect for my daughters room which I am in the process of re-decorating! I’ll try to post a pic when I’m finished…..yay!!

  2. Lauren says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I created one yesterday for the nursery for our son, who will be born in July, and it turned out wonderfully! I used duct tape to reinforce the joints, and attached it to the wall with two small nails. Thank you again!

  3. Sarah says

    I am so glad that I found your page! I was recently laid off, and now am starting to pay attention to the little projects in my home, trying to become a DIY’er! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much cant wait to try it.

  4. Stacey G says

    What size are the brass fasteners that you used? And where did you get them? I have searched all over and the biggest ones that I have found are 1/2″ and these aren’t long enough. Please help!! :) Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Stacey – I used 2″ long brass fasteners. I got them at either Staples or Office Max. If you don’t have an office supply store in your area, you can order them online at staples.com They have up to 3″ long ones.

  5. Nina says

    Love your blog!! I’m so thankful I stumbled across it today. You inspired me to go ahead and try making this box valance. It was so easy!! Well, I’m not exactly done, still have to put the fabric on. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Hi Diane,
    Thank you so much for your wondeful blog. It’s the best DIY home decor blog in my opinion. I’ve learned tons from you. Finally found some affordable fabric and I’m ready to make my two valances. Both will be 17″ long by 124″ wide. Huge! I read your response to Armida above and wondered if I might be able to get away without a top to my valance by doing the following: using 1 inch thick foam, using two L brackets at each end piece, and adding two more vertical support pieces with brackets near where the foam “seams” will be. I wouldn’t have thought of having two seams instead of one so thank you for that.
    In appreciation,

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth – I have hung the valances I have made in many different ways with and without tops depending on size and wall space. I think oyur way will work fine. Adding the vertical supports will help the valance stay rigid and you can get away without a top.

  7. Melanie says

    I made these for my kitchen and bathroom and now my friends are all making me do them in their houses! So easy and look really expensive!!! I bought curtains at home goods for $30 and hung the panels flanking my sliding doors and then used the other panels for 3 of these valances….I had leftover to cover a bench cushion and a cork board in the same fabric in my kitchen….love it! thanks!!!

  8. lisa eifolla says

    Hi Diane,

    My window is 62 wide so how would I piece together for the valance? I love your idea and want to try it myself. I am going to the store today to get the materials needed. Thank you!!

  9. lisa eifolla says


    I read your response to Armida. The supports will not be covered with fabric then, is that correct? Also, when the supports over the seams are attached, the valance will just “rest” on the angle irons that are mounted at the top? Do I have that correct? My hubby will have a fit when asked to add 2 to 3 angle irons at the top besides the side ones. He hates making holes in newly painted walls. Ugh! But I am thrilled to have found the perfect decor for my windows. Thanks so much Diane!!!!!!

  10. suzie says

    Great idea!!

    Just wondering……if my window is 52inches…will I need to install support brackets? I will be using cotton Mat’l.

    • says

      Hi Suzie – You may, but probably not. The foam boards are 48″ and still rigid at that length. You only have to add a few inches to it and it should not need the extra support. As long as you glue a piece of cut foam board behind the seam where the two piece join, it should be OK. If you were adding more than 4 – 5 inches, then I would suggest you add an extra support.

  11. Holly says

    I found your site and was so happy. I am a sewer but my machine is broken so this was so so easy for me to make. I did add a bit of beaded trim along the bottom of the valance with a hot glue gun. Looks great and gave it a little sparkle. No more sewing for me anymore, this is easier, quicker and looks just as nice.

  12. says

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    Is going to be again ceaselessly in order to check out new posts

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  14. Ashley Korn says

    I love you!!! I’ve just made the most beautiful valenances… Thanks to you!! I would of spent five times as much having someone. Make them for me. I can’t thank you enough

  15. Jami Smith says

    What a great idea. My living room window consists of three-36″ windows that abut. Could I make a valence as wide as that? I guess I would need to find a way to secure the valence a few times. Any ideas for doing this?

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