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One Yard, No Sew Window Treatment –3 Ways

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How to use only one yard of decorator fabric to make a no Sew window treatment that can be styled three different ways. 

I have posted about making no sew drapes and no sew window treatments that required a lot of yardage. This window shade only requires one yard and what is even better, it can be made without the need of a sewing machine.

I made this no sew window treatment for my daughter’s apartment bedroom using only 1 yard of fabric.  I wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to like or even need on the window, so I made the shade versatile – she can style it in 3 different ways.

I photographed it on one of the windows in my studioffice.  Here is the same yard of fabric styled 3 different ways – all completed with no sewing at all.  ( After posting this I found one more way to use the shade making it 4 ways.  See end of post.)

Affordable, easy, and no-sew window treatment. It can be made with only one yard of fabric and styled 3 different ways.How to Make a One Yard No Sew Window Treatment

#1  No Sew Window Treatment: As a No-Sew Roman Shade

Easy to make No-Sew-Roman-Shade

Then….Presto Chang-O!

#2 No Sew Window Treatment:  Double Clipped Shade

Easy no sew window shade

Easy no sew window treatment

Presto Chang-O once again.

#3  No Sew Window Treatment: Single Clipped Shade

One yard No Sew Window Treatment

How to Make a No Sew Window Treatment

supplies needed:

  • 1 yard of fabric – I found this turquoise fabric at JoAnn’s Fabrics. It did not have a name on it , but was sold with all the cotton quilt fabrics, not in the decorator fabric section.
  • Optional: 1 yard of lining fabric
  • Fabric Glue or HeatN’Bond Fusible Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Iron
  • For Roman Shade – 4 tension rods.  I bought them at Walmart for $2.50 a piece.
  • For Clipped Shades – 2 Tension Rods, Decorative Brooch or Clip-On Earrings

I ran out of fabric glue in the middle of attaching the fabric lining so for this tutorial I am going to show you how to use both fabric glue and fusible adhesive. You can choose either one and do not have to use both.


1. Measure the width of the window and cut the fabric as needed making sure to add 2 extra inches to fold over so you can make finished edges.  The length of your fabric doesn’t matter, as long as the bolt you buy it from is at least 44” – 54” wide fabric.  My fabric was 44” wide.

No Sew hem

2. Press 1-inch of the fabric over on all sides.  Run a line of fabric glue or fusible adhesive along the edge of the wrong side of the fabric. Fold over to make a hem or in this case  finished edges to the yard of fabric.

3. To make top and bottom rod pockets for tension rods:  Fold over and press the top and bottom of the fabric about an inch and a half or more depending on the diameter of your rod.  (You want to make the pocket large enough for the rod to go through).  Run a line of fabric glue along the edge of the fabric and fold back over to adhere.  Let glue dry or fuse cool before putting rod through.  Note:  remove the rubber stopper on the rod to make threading it through the rod pocket easier.

If you do not need lining, then you are ready to hang the fabric.

How to Make No-Sew Fabric Lining

No-Sew-Decorating Tips and Tricks

1. Use your decorative fabric that you have already folded and finished the edges on as your pattern.  Lay lining fabric right side down on ironing board or work surface.  Fold over the lining to match the size of the decorative fabric.   Press.  I lined the entire piece, but you could stop the lining right under the folded edge of the rod pocket.

How to make no sew decor

2. It will look like this.  All you have to do now is glue/fuse the two together.


3. Here is where I ran out of fabric glue and switched over to HeatN’Bond fusible tape.  Cut the tape to size and press it on all along the edges of the fabric.  Let cool.

How to use HeatN Bond Adhesive

4. Remove the paper backing.


5. Line up the fabric and the lining and press. Repeat on all sides. Let cool before hanging.

No-Sew-Seam using fabric glue

6. A no sew seam.

How to use fabric glue to create no sew decor

7. Press the entire yard of fabric to make sure it is wrinkle-free. Put a tension rod through the top rod pocket and another through the bottom rod pocket.

How to Hang the Shade on the Window


1. To make a tension rod bigger or smaller – hold one end in each hand and twist.   Hang it up.  Attach bottom rod on the window where it falls.

Tutorial for how to make no Sew window treatments

2.  Place the other two tension rods as shown – about an equal distance apart.

How to make a no sew window shade

3. Using both your hands – one on each side of the fabric – pull the fabric up and over the higher rod.

How to make a no-sew Roman Window Shade

4. Repeat over the lower rod. You may need to adjust where rods are to make sure each fold of the shade is about the same size.




How To Style the Shade In Different Ways

You only need1 or 2 tension rods for these treatments – for the top and bottom rod pockets.

Note: The spring on the earring clip needs to be strong or it won’t hold.  You could use pins to hold the pleats in place and then add the earrings or brooch over the pins to complete the shade.

Tension-Rod and Fabric No Sew Window Shade

1. For the center clipped shade – move the bottom rod up on the window so the fabric falls at your desired length.

Tutorial No Sew Fabric Window Treatment

2. It will look like this.

Easy Window Treatment Ideas

3. Create the pleat in the center and pin on a brooch to hold the pleats in place.

Double Clipped Style

You only need one tension rod at the top. Remove the bottom rod.

No Sew Fabric Window Shade

1.   With your hands – starting along the bottom edge, accordion pleat the fabric on each side and the use a clip-on earring to hold the pleat into place.

Another Way to Hang Hang the Shade

After hanging this in my daughters apartment, I found another way to use the shade – as a bottom-up style shade.  I saw this photo in Smith and Noble catalog.  You would only need two tension rods placed top and bottom to create a bottom-up shade as shown in the middle window on this photo.   You could move it up and down as needed.

No sew Bottom-up style window shade

 Turquoise and white no-sew window treatment shade that can be styled in different ways

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  1. This is such a great tutorial! So creative and I love that you use 1 yard of material. I have a small bathroom window that I am not happy with… I’ll be trying on e of your great techniques!
    Please stop by StoneGable and join Tutorials Tips and Tidbits going on now! This Tutorial is so helpful!

  2. Wow! That turquoise really pops! So creative, will have to share with my girls, their always looking for an easy update!