How to Paint Outdoor Furniture

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

This post was brought to you in partnership with The Home Depot and Scotch Blue™ Painter’s Tape.


Friday is the official first day of summer!  Are you ready?

I am partnering with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and The Home Depot  on this project. It’s part of their Ready, Set, Paint  event and blog hop that features fun DIY summer painting projects by a few of your favorite bloggers!

When I was asked what my project would be, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint…



…my 15 year old outdoor dining table and chairs. The set is in great shape, but the green color has faded and no longer coordinates with my other outdoor furnishings. It needed a color makeover.


Armed with a few rolls of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape and spray paint, I set out to make it happen.



After some DIY’ing and a few rain delays, I am now the proud owner of what looks like a brand new set of outdoor furniture.


Without the use of  ScotchBlue Painter’s tape, I would have had to remove the seat slings from the frames – way too hard.  I simply protected the slings before I painted with the tape and newspaper.


How to Paint Outdoor Furniture with Sling Seats

Supplies Needed:

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape  – I needed 2 rolls of the 2-inch wide tape to mask 6 chairs and used half a roll Advanced Multi-Surface tape with Edge Lock for the glass table top.  
Drop cloths
Sanding block with medium grit sandpaper
Spray paint – I used 4 cans of Rustoleum Hammered Brown for 6 chairs and the table. 
Small-tip paint brush for touch-ups
Bucket of soapy water and scrub brush to clean all surfaces before painting


Before bringing the chairs to my garage to paint, I ran a sanding block on all the metal surfaces to rough them up a bit. This will help with paint adhesion.  I then scrubbed them down with mold and mildew cleaner. I rinsed well and let them dry.

I lined my garage with drop cloths and started the job of masking the slings on each chair and the glass on the table so that no overspray paint would get on them.


I placed the ScotchBlue Painter’s tape right up to the edge of the metal frame of the chairs.  To make sure the tape is sealed and locked into place – run your fingertip over the edge of the tape.   Repeat taping on both sides of the top and underside of the chair.


I then covered the sling with newspaper and taped it on. I ran my fingertip over the edge on all the tape to make sure it was sealed.


This was the most time consuming part of the project.  Each chair took about 20 minutes to cover.   I set a table up in my garage to set the chairs on, making them easier to cover – no bending down required.


After a few hours – I had them all covered and ready for paint.


I always spray paint in my garage – plenty of ventilation and light.  Even with that, it is important to make sure you wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the fumes and overspray.


I sprayed 2 light coats on each chair, letting the first coat dry overnight before applying the second.  I let them dry in the garage for 24 hours and then brought them back outside.


I kept the tape and newspaper on in case I would see that I missed a section.  I did – of course, so I just sprayed the small areas that I missed.


After I made sure there was no green showing, I removed the tape and the newspaper.


There were a few small spots where the sling met the top of the chair frame that  were still green. I used  a small piece of  ScotchBlue Painter’s tape to mask the sling. I then sprayed the paint into the lid of the spray paint can and dabbed a small tipped paint brush into the lid to pick up some paint. I carefully brushed the paint on.


The hammered brown finish updates the set – much better than the green. I also like it since it is a neutral color – it will go with any table setting color scheme I use.


It was worth the time and effort to give this classic outdoor dining table and chairs a brand new look.


The Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint truly provides a factory-like finish on metal.


This weekend – the first of the summer, we have a family party planned for Saturday.  Usually they comment on my projects and I think they will notice something is different right away.


Hello Summer !

Are you READY to kick-off the summer in DIY style? 


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painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

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painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tapepainter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape



  1. says

    It looks like you got a brand new set, Diane! Love the brown. We had a green set similar to yours at our old house. If we hadn’t moved I would have had to do something with it, because not only was it fading, but the green from the table would come off on hands or legs if you touched it. It was too big to bring with us when we moved so we left it behind.

  2. Jane says

    Wow! What a great look! The patio set looks new and very comfy! I am constantly looking for old things to be revamped versus new things. I think the quality of older items is much better than many items that can be purchased today. I like the idea of my posted link because I have an old dresser that has seen much better days and I will try to redo it like this.
    Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  3. Janet says

    I have quite a few of these old chairs and every couple of years I repaint them with vibrant colors similar to the chairs in this link. I wasn’t able to do them last year because I was in CT instead of UT where I live, and this summer I am in CT again with my sister while she goes through chemo – again. The chairs will have to wait another summer.

  4. says

    I have 2 patio sets on my deck, one that was my parents a beige round set and then my original one in white, probably 20 years old. The white powder coating is chipping where the chairs stack, I would love to get that taken care. You inspire me, now just to find the time!

  5. Jennifer says

    I have plastic patio furniture (no I am not in college, but it makes it easy to stack and put away in the garage to clear up the tiny yard when I am not using the table) :) The table is green plastic, two chairs are black, and two chars are white. I want to paint them all a nice bright glossy red so they coordinate and give my yard a pop of color. Was thinking I’d do stripes on the table top too, just to gussy it up a little…that is where the painter’s tape comes in!

  6. MelissaJane says

    I always love your projects. This looks great!

    I love this sewing table made into a planter. I’ve thought about making over some kind of old furniture piece and plunking it into my garden.

  7. August says

    Since we have a baby due in August, our summer projects are more centered around finishing up the nursery than anywhere else. We lack a lot of storage in that room since it was just a guest room, so my husband is going to be building me some storage units to make up for it. These are what we have in mind!

  8. Mami2jcn says

    This DIY painted peacock chair is beautiful!–

  9. Paula Williams says

    On my list of summer projects. I like the set that I have, I just don’t like the color. Great way to keep what you have with a new look. Can’t wait to try it. As always I love your site. Such wonderful ideas.

    Thanks for sharing,

  10. says

    I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the reveal photo since I fully expected the furiture to have been painted white. HA HA!

    I LOVE WHITE EVERYTHING and that’s probably why I have spent the better part of my morning at your blog after finding you via Pintrest. I’m enjoying your home tour and LOVE that sideboard and hutch you have in your kitchen. I’m a HUGE carrara marble fan so seeing you faux-create it was a real treat!

    Before I leave you I must say you are SO RIGHT to have restored your 15-year old patio furniture set. They just don’t make them (anything!) the way they used to so repainting it was brilliant. More old things should be restored to new instead of being cast aside. So… Bravo and well done!

    I’ll be back to visit your blog every day!


  11. says

    that looks absolutely amazing!!! The set looks brand new! I painted my parents 15-year old wrought iron set about 8 years ago with Rustoleum black satin and it’s held up amazing and made the set look brand new! It’s finally due for a re-coating. AMAZING! I’ve avoided painting my sling set out of laziness… this is motivating me to get it together and get it done! Thanks for sharing!

  12. J says

    Loving your ideas. Don’t remember whose link I followed to find your site (Roadkill Rescue? Infarrantly Creative?). I almost bought a green metal outdoor set but thought ahead 10 years and bought black to spare myself another paint redo. However, when the stupid plastic umbrella ring broke, I headed off to the hardware store and found a pvc pipe flange that was the right diameter since I couldn’t see buying a new table just to replace the ring. Didn’t even bother to paint it. So far, the best summer project I’ve seen is for the DIY tiki torches ( Brilliant idea. I will be making some for my backyard as soon as I collect enough tins!

  13. Sharon H says

    wow, love how this turned out! My patio set is traditional round table and 4 chairs….green…with the little hummingbird design. Not only am I weary of the green, but I hate where it’s started to peel off and is now rusting. It is going to get painted this summer if it’s the last thing I do! just have to find somewhere to do it…no basement, no garage, no shop….*sigh*. But I am encouraged by your success.

    Currently, I have all my ASCP and brushes bought, and I want to transform my small, antique walnut kitchen table and chairs. I like several of your make-overs, and I enjoy Marian at Miss Mustard Seed. She recently used her milk paint on these bar stool/chairs. I like the way she distresses, and this post is especially tutorial. Check it out:

  14. Lynn says

    I am working on a white outdoor set that has lost its sparkle and has some rust spots starting. Not my fav job but I only have four chairs and a round table – so easier than your project!

  15. Karen H. says

    Diane, your furniture looks great and does, indeed, look brand new!

    This post is very timely for me, since I am at the very beginning of painting two wrought iron patio sets. One is black and we have had it since we built our first house back in 1994. The other is green and we inherited with our current house. They are not exactly the same but similar, so I want to spray them with Rustoleum Hammered Bronze spray paint to give them some consistency. The one chair I have partially done looks great! The green set, however, has a lot of rust on it. I’m hoping that by spraying a primer and using the Rustoleum paint, it will last a few more years!

    One of my very favorite paint projects I have ever seen is a dining set done by Reloved Rubbish in ASCP Coco and Duck Egg Blue. I would LOVE to have that in my home!

  16. Kim says

    Do you think it’s possible to spray paint cast aluminum patio furniture? I bought an expensive set 5 years ago and it has oxidized and paint has worn off where the winter cover touches the furniture. The warranty has expired so I’m stuck with expensive, ugly furniture. So disappointing. Professional electrolysis painting is suggested but very expensive for a DIY’er.

    • says

      Hi Kim – Yes you can paint it – it will work fine. I would go over the surface with a sanding block to remove any oxidation that may have become raised. Clean it well and if it is bare aluminum, use a metal spray primer on it first, then use your spray paint color of choice. 1 light coat of primer and 2 light coats of paint – let each coat dry before applying the next. Keep the nozzle about 10 inches away from the surface when spraying to get a nice smooth finish.

  17. says

    Yes, I too am the proud owner of a 13 yr old hunter green patio set. When we moved 18 mos ago, I was sooooo close to posting the set as “free” on CraigsList to keep the movers from loading it on the truck. I don’t recall if I forgot to do so in the craziness of moving, or if I decided that moving is too expensive to add buying a new patio set. Whatever the reason, the hunter green set has been sitting on my patio looking SOOOOOOOOO outdated and I have thought about repainting it. Now after seeing your post, maybe I will get motivated to get busy:)

  18. Jane says

    Oh how I needed this! We have an 11 year old set which, like yours, was in great shape except for some peeling paint. I haven’t done much DIY and thought I’d have to remove the slings to repaint…thank goodness for your tutorial…I am now encouraged and ready to tackle it!
    My favorite DIY this summer (and future project) is to make a “Little Free Library” — a first in my area. Here’s the link:
    Thank you!

  19. Lorie says

    I could have sworn you repainted them blue, not brown! How many cans of spray paint did the job take?

  20. Steph S. says

    I want to paint a cabinet I bought on Craigslist (for $20!) that resembles the shape of the cabinet in the link below and match the blue and white colors in the link as well. Love the color scheme! I would love to win this to buy painting supplies and new cabinet hardware!
    I also want to tackle painting my newer nightstands as well, so this will definitely help out!

  21. Kim says

    I scored an amazing patio table, chairs and umbrella with stand on craigslist for next to nothing! I was actually wondering if spray painting it would work with it sitting outside. I am going to follow your instructions and try it out! In the meantime, one of my favorite summertime paint projects has be from Emily of DecorChick. She painted her bathroom vanity coral and it is gorgeous. Check it out at

  22. Karalane says

    We’re preparing our home for resale on a shoestring budget.
    I need to repaint 2 old patio tables, a side table, and 2 plant stands. Goodbye rusty green, hello bronze!
    Our big DIY effort this summer is all about concrete. We’re making our own embossed and stained concrete pavers to create an 18′ round fire pit patio on the sand where our above-ground pool used to sit, inspired by this site:
    I also plan to make a couple of your decorative concrete fire columns to place on the patio:

  23. says

    My husband and I just bought our first home. We move in next month! This ombré wall is going to be our first project. We plan to do it in our office the has two store windows

  24. Corynn F. says

    Spray painting ANYTHING is my favorite summer project (long Minnesota winters prevent spray painting much of the year…)

  25. Deborah Morgan says

    Found you today via hometalk…lucky me. This article is by far the best thing I have seen this summer!! I have 2 13 year old patio sets that are desperate for an update and 2 brown sling chairs that are calling for some style!!

    So I pick your post and I so hope your random picker…picks me!!

    Blessings, health and CAKE!
    Deborah and the furry gang in OK

  26. Yard Furniture says

    These are the wonderful information for painting the furniture.Your style of presentation is very impressive. Thanks for the excellent contribution to the discussion.

    Mathew James

  27. Cindy says

    I am so glad I found your site! We have sling patio furniture that is chipping badly, and I have been starting to sand the chips down. Your idea about putting the chairs on the table is brilliant! I also liked how you showed masking off the sling areas. That is the part I am most worried about. Your post will definitely help. Thank you!

  28. says

    Looks great!
    Too funny… I’m thinking of painting my 11 year old set teal green… and they are a bronze brown now :)

    We could have just done a swap!

    Looks great!

  29. Colleen says

    So glad this article’s message board is still open! The furniture looks great – brand new! Question: The vinyl mesh on my chairs is dingy. Yes, I’ve tried cleaning them using several different products but they remain dingy. Have you heard of anyone painting the mesh? If so, what should I use?

    • says

      Hi Colleen –

      I do not know of anyone who has painted the mesh. The problem is that the mesh moves and this can break down the paint quickly.

      If you want to give it a go, the only thing I think would work for the long run is spray paint that is made for plastic.

      I would wash the chairs well with hot soapy water and rinse well. Let dry. Spray a very light coat of Rustoleum Plastic Primer. Repeat a few light coats and let each dry. Then use the Rustoleum Plastic spray paint using very light coats until covered. If you put it on thick -it will end up just peeling off. Let it cure for a few days before using and spray it on in the shade and not on a humid hot day.


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