A Bright New Foyer & More

Happy Friday!  It is a COLD one – actually cold doesn’t quite describe just how cold it is outside. It is BITTER COLD!  If your neck of the woods is experiencing these crazy cold temps, I hope you are somewhere warm and snuggled up and don’t have to go outside.

I have been working in my basement all week, which has been pretty cold. It was a nice break to take one last load of stuff from my basement purge to the thrift store. I have pretty much completed the decluttering and am getting the post written to share with you next week.

While I have been in the basement organizing, there was something exciting going on in my foyer. Painting…lots of it and not done by me.


We have a two story foyer that has only been painted once in 20 years. It was time for a fresh coat of paint.


Since we don’t have the proper ladders and equipment to paint the two story walls, we saved up so we could hire the pros to do it… my brother-in-law Dave and his dad Walter for the job.  Notice their license plate?  :-)  If you live in suburban Philadelphia and need a painter, here is a link to their website.


The only other time I didn’t do the painting myself was the last time the foyer was painted 20 years ago.  The stenciled sections of the wall are staying, the solid taupe is getting a few coats of Valspar Bistro White. It is the color I used in the bathroom makeover I did a few years ago and in my fitness room.  It is not white white, but a white that has a hint of creaminess to it.


I don’t mind painting, but it sure is nice to see a space get done in a matter of hours. It would take me days to get these two story walls painted.

When they removed the drop cloths before they left for the day yesterday, the room looked so open without any furniture.  Seeing the fresh new look, I started to play to see how different items from other rooms would look in the foyer.


Earlier in the day, I dropped off boxes at the thrift store. On my way there, I took a detour to HomeGoods. I wanted to get more of my favorite hand soap for my kitchen.  It smells soooo good..like springtime.  Which is needed right now.


While there, I spotted this large topiary ball. It was the perfect complement for an empty urn I want to use in the spring and summer. I place a pumpkin on it in the fall and fill it with ornaments for the holidays. It sits empty at other times of the year or when I don’t use it as a temporary side table.   I planned on using it in my mudroom, but when I placed it next to the kitchen banquette, I liked it…ALOT!


That got me thinking…how would it look in other rooms, so I moved it to the foyer. I love when a decorative accessory or piece of furniture can be moved room to room from time to time to give a space a new look, instantly.


While I was in the check-out line at HomeGoods to pay for the hand soap and topiary, I saw these glass furniture knobs. It was one of those meant-to-be-moments. I have been looking for knobs for the dresser in my bedroom for months, but everything I liked was too expensive. These were a bargain – a set of 4 for $7.99!  I needed 8 knobs.  Wow!  $16.oo for 8. Large glass knobs like these are at least $8 a piece everywhere else.   I am excited to get my dresser painted now.


There is still painting going on in my house, but after Walter and Dave are done today, I plan to move furniture and accessories around to come up with a fresh new look for the foyer. A good indoor project for the bitter cold weekend ahead. I will show you what I come up with  next week.

Stay warm……XO

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  1. Love it …….. so bright and inviting. Great job!!!!

  2. Kirk@adequateliving.com says:

    Love the glass knobs that you chose! I feel they will really mesh well with the rest of the house. Although I do like the paint job I don’t know if I would want to go too bright. It does give the inside of the house a more classy look though. Also great choice of hand soap. I like that brand as well!

  3. Design Furnishings says:

    Our foyer is rather small and dark. This has me inspired to add a brighter coat of paint and some lighting. It is the one area of the house that definitely needs a boost.

  4. Krista @ the happy housie says:

    Wow, what a deal on those knobs – they are gorgeous!! The painting looks beautiful – so crisp and fresh! I can’t wait to see the space once you’ve worked your magic:)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Krista – I was playing in the foyer today. I am going to keep things pretty simple, but colorful. I am planning on using decorative stuff I already own to decorate the space. I am thinking pink. :-)

  5. Diane are you in PA ?I can sure use some trustworthy painters, if not far I’m in NJ, let me know the details.

  6. The foyer looks great and I love that stencil you did ~ glad you did not paint over those walls. You got lucky at Home Goods with the doorknobs. Love those and that topiary ball also. I see your Gallery Glass “stained” glass on your side lights still looks great. I’ve been working on the lower half of my downstairs bathroom window. I have all the leading done but I keep changing the texture of glass in different areas. Mine is like your, no colors, but I can’t decide if I want frosted in some areas or pearl, etc… I’m lucky that alcohol takes the medium off and it’s easy to change. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the foyer put back together. Stay warm. Vikki in VA

  7. Serena @ Thrift Diving says:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a light, bright foyer like yours! Spacious and beautiful, even as-is! :). I just made over our basement from a cluttered dungeon to a bright, colorful “Thrift Diving” headquarters (even stenciled my logo on the wall!). Even though there are no windows down there, the white paint did WONDERS! Glad to see white paint is still en vogue! :)

  8. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    Isn’t it so nice when someone else will paint for you. I haven’t painted a single room in my house…yet. Some people report that its calming, but my demand for straight lines makes it impossible for me to enjoy the process of painting. I love the glass knobs. I think I’ll have to go there tomorrow and see if they have some at my Home Goods.

  9. DONNA STUART says:

    Hi! Was the paint a high gloss? It looked really shiny. It looked really good. I looked at the same topiary they were so cute! I will have to look for the knobs too! Thanks
    Stay warm. It is really icy tonight here in St. Louis MO

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Donna – The wall paint is an eggshell finish, although with all the light that comes into my foyer it looks shiny. Semi-gloss is on the door, trim, and balusters. It is a snowy day here – and soooo cold here, too. I brought my laptop up to an upholstered rocking chair that I have by a window in my bedroom. I am enjoying watching the snow fall as I type.

  10. Your floor plan is VERY similar to our floor plan so it was good to see what you have and continue to do to update your rooms. Love your posts. Any ideas on what color to paint a bedroom where our granddaughters sleep. We just purchased a bunk bed for the room in a darker wood tone and they are girls who do not like pink. I am thinking a lighter blue might be best?? The dresser is a two section piece…book case on top, dresser with drawers on the bottom, off-white with a small part of the top portion stenciled in a design of blue ribbon, pink/coral flowers and blue green leaves. The wood stained top on the dresser is close to the same stain color as the bunk bed.

  11. Diana Barcus says:

    I love it. I just had our foyer that is two stories painted several weeks ago. Ours too had not been painted for 20 years. It was a butter yellow from Benjamin Moore before -very pretty. Just goes to show Benjamin Moore lasts a very long time. I went with Benjamin Moore again and this time chose Wolf Gray. Love it. I had them do the spare room right off of the landing in the same color. Just like you, I had to save up. As you know the equipment needed to do two-story paint job is not cheap. Let’s just hope I don’t have to save up again for another 20 years. Lol.

  12. Love the stenciling and the topiary!!! Happy they painted for you!!

  13. Love the color…can’t wait to see it complete. Eager to see the basement reveal. At least the cold weather is motivating for getting things done inside. We are freezing here in Minnesota too!

  14. I got our son to paint our two-story foyer about five years ago…hope he’ll be up to it again in another 10 or so! He’s a Perfectionist! Yours looks wonderful….love that color! Stay warm! ;)

  15. Suzie@homemaker-mom says:

    It’s coming right along! I love the pic with the fellow sitting down at top of your stairs for a rest lol!

  16. Oh what a relief it was to see that you weren’t having the stenciling painted over! I kept thinking to myself that surely you wouldn’t do away with all that hard work so quickly. It all looks so nice and fresh and I can imagine the fun you will have playing with it!

  17. I’m SO glad that somebody hasn’t painted their foyers – you don’t want to know how LONG it’s been at my house! **send over Walter & Dave to my place (Pacific Northwest – it’s been like early Spring – breaking all kinds of records). Love the color!