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How to Make a Pom Pom Throw Blanket

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Before I started moving my studioffice all around last week, I started making a pom pom throw blanket to keep me warm as it is COLD!!! outside and I like it warm. This past weekend it snowed, which made for a nice snow day on Saturday, but the throw blanket I keep in my living room to snuggle up with has not been available for about 2 months now.  You will find out why below.

I needed to finish up embellishing a new throw I bought at Marshall’s into a large, furry, fuchsia, soft and super cuddly pom pom throw blanket.  When I bought the throw, it had plain edges, but I knew I could add big pom poms to embellish it and make it my own.

Mondo Pom Pom Throw blanket tutorial

Making the pom pom throw blanket all started when a certain new member of my household took over my warm and snuggly leopard throw. Like we humans, Kindi, my daughter’s dog, likes it is all snuggly – comfy cozy.  This is her favorite spot, perhaps the throw reminds her of Africa where she was born and lived the the first year of her life.  She doesn’t mind snuggling with my husband either. I didn’t have the heart to keep taking it away from her when I wanted to use it, so I had find something new to use.

cute dog sleeping

Sometimes I don’t even see her as she blends right in. You can see why I couldn’t take it away from her.

Dog on blanket

I got my inspiration to make the pom pom trim when I saw this photo in an old Woman’s Day magazine from the late 60’s that I found at a thrift store.  I don’t knit or know how to weave, but maybe in time for spring I can have one of my knitting friends make one for me – I will make the pom poms.  I know I want to infuse a lighter pink into my family room once I can open up my windows again. I love the colors – pink, lavender and tangerine.  This is such a classic photo – the car, the turtle neck  – very chic.  Shows you that classics – are always in style.

Pom Pom Trim Afhgan
From Woman’s Day Magazine Jan 1968

How to Make a Pom Pom Throw Blanket

This was a very easy project that I did while I watched a movie on TV.  The pom pom throw blanket was on my lap keeping me all nice and warm while I worked on it.

How to Make a Pom Pom

I used 4 different colors of yarn.

1.  Cut a piece of cardboard 3 1/2” square .  Begin to make the pom pom by wrapping your yarn around the cardboard. I went around 30 times for each of my pom poms. If you are using only one color yarn you will have to wrap about 100 times to get a mondo size pop pom.

How to make a pom pomHow to make a pom pom with yarn

2.  Once the yarn is wrapped around the cardboard, cut the ends.  Carefully remove from the cardboard.


3. Lay the wrapped yarn on an 8-inch piece of yarn and then tie it tightly around the wrapped yarn.  Make a double knot to secure.   You may want to have someone hold their finger over the knot as you tie to make sure you tie the yarn on as tightly as you can.

How to make a pom pomPom pom making tutorial

4.  Hold the 2 ends of the 8-inch piece of yarn that is wrapped around the pom pom  in one hand and place one scissor tip into the loops and start cutting the loops open.  Do not cut off the tied 8-inch piece of yarn, keep it long.  You need these ends to tie the pom pom onto your throw.  Once the loops are all open, give the pom pom a haircut with scissors shaping it into a nice round shape.  You can make it small and dense or large and fluffy.

How to make a pom pomHow to cut a pom pom

How to Tie Pom Poms onto the Throw

I spaced the pom poms 6” apart.

Simply thread one of the end pieces from the 8-inch piece of yarn that is tied around the pom pom into a large eye needle.

How to add a pom pom to the edge of fabric or a blanket

Once the yarn is through the edge of the throw, remove the needle and tie the pom pom on using the other tied end.  Make a few knots so you know it will be secure.

Hoe to make a pom pomHow to make a pom pom

It truly brightens up the room and it so cozy and warm.  <3

How to make a pom pom


How to make a pom pom and embellish a throw blanket

How are you staying warm and snugly this Winter?  I am going to make a super simple and yum-O veggie soup for dinner tonight and eat it by the fire all wrapped up in my fun new throw.

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth – I had a poncho that my mom made for me when I was a kid. It just had fringe – no pom poms :( But my mom made my sisters and I pom poms for our hair in every color imaginable. I felt pretty chic. Thanks for bringing back that fond memory.

      1. My mom made my sisters and I ponchos with fringe too! Ours weren’t crocheted though….believe they were double knit…HA! What a memory!! Believe she made some for our friends too…all matching. Bet that was a sight at school!

    1. Hi Kathy – I like the word you used – in lust! :) It is probably the best throw I have ever had… and I have a lot. They are like house jewelery to me – a girl can never have enough. This one is extra big and cozy and my hubs will probably never use it because it is “pink”. It is all mine.

  1. Super cute, Diane! I love how you brain is always working to make something already great just a bit better. I’ll be pinning this!

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Once I saw that photo in the old magazine with the pom poms – my mind would not rest until I could figure out a way I could create something similar.