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Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Pom Pom Trim

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Step-by-step tutorial showing how to make a pom pom trimmed ottoman slipcover. The fun and flirty pom pom trim is attached with velcro so it can be removed before washing the slipcover.

While I am waiting for new furniture for my living room, I decided to make new slipcovers for the two ottomans in the room.

I wrote about how I made an ottoman slipcover for the two ottomans when I first started blogging, you can see that post, here. I made those first covers with pleated skirts. I even made colorful covers for them a few years ago, but I no longer have these covers as the printed fabric didn’t wash well, the colors faded.

Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

I thought about making the same style ottoman slipcover, but then decided I wanted something different and since I love pom poms… I added large pom pom trim to the new white slipcovers instead of a pleated skirt.

I made the pom pom trim so that it can be easily removed when the slipcover needs to be laundered.  More on how I did this in the tutorial below.  I can also make and add a pleated style skirt to the slipcover in the future since the cover is simply a box of fabric over the cushion with a hem.

DIY Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

I bought these ottomans years ago at Sears Home Store. They are one of the best furnishing items I have ever bought as they are very versatile. They are not only great for putting your feet on, but they allow for low seating across from the sofa to create a conversational grouping in the room while not blocking the view to the lake.

Purple and white check ottoman cover with tassels

I have made other slipcovers for them that I like to change out seasonally.

how to hide TV cords on a wall mounted TV. Ottomans in front of TV

In my previous house, I placed the ottomans in front of the fireplace. Being that they are low, they didn’t block the fireplace like a chair would, plus they are portable and easy to move where ever you need them.  They can become a seat or even a place to set down a tray to create an extra table. They are the workhorses of my living room.


If I ever need to get new ottomans, I like these and their price tag. They are  4-inches larger than mine, but I love the color and styling.

How to Make a Pom Pom Ottoman Slipcover

Supplies needed to make a Pom Pom Trimmed Ottoman Cover

supplies needed:

  • Fabric – enough to cover top and sides of your ottoman
  • Yarn to make Pom Poms – I needed 2 skeins to make 16 pom poms for each ottoman
  • Pom-Pom Maker – I used a 3-3/8″ size Clover Pom Pom maker
  • Velcro – One Wrap style – Amount needed: long enough to go around hem of slipcover
  • 1 -inch grosgrain ribbon – Amount needed: long enough to go around hem of slipcover
  • Thread to match fabric and ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • 16-gauge sewing machine needle for sewing through Velcro

Don’t know how to make a pom pom?  You can learn how to make a pom pom of any size using a piece of cardboard in this pom pom basket post. Or you can buy a pom pom maker. 

Pom Pom makers are easy to use and when you need to make a lot of pom poms for a project having a pom pom maker makes the process go faster. I learned how to use the pom pom maker by watching this You Tube video.

  1. Drape fabric right side down over ottoman. Bring excess fabric on each side of corners to a point. Use straight pins to fit the fabric to the corner. Cut away excess fabric.  Repeat for all ottoman corners.
How to sew a Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

2. Sew a seam along pinned line. Repeat for each corner.

how to make a sew a simple slipcover

3. Trim excess fabric from sewn seam. Use scissors to notch top of the fabric about 1/8″ from the seam.

how to measure, make and sew a simple slipcover

4. Turn cover right-side out and place over ottoman.  To make sure the fabric hangs at equal lengths from all side of the ottoman, use a yardstick to measure up from the floor. The drop of fabric from the top of my ottoman is 14 inches. I used a pencil to mark the 14 inch mark all around the ottoman.

how to cover a box style cushion on an ottoman

5. I then cut the fabric connecting all my pencil marks to create a box style cover for the ottoman.

how to sew a hen on an ottoman slipcover

6. Fold over bottom edge to create hem. Pin, press and sew hem.

How to Attach Velcro to Hem For Easy Removal of Pom Pom Trim

I used Velcro called One Wrap which has the hook and loop on one side and the sticky side on the other of the same piece. Most Velcro comes in two pieces that stick together. Regular style Velcro can be used also, I just found the One Wrap style less expensive and it has a thinner profile.

  1. Cut a length of Velcro to go around ottoman. Pin to inside bottom hem.  Sew onto hem. Remove pins. Place aside as the next step does not have to do with the Velcro, but will make the bottom hem of the slipcover look better
Pom Pom Trimmed Ottoman Cover DIY tutorial

2. To hide the stitches of sewn-on Velcro, I added 1-inch wide, white grosgrain ribbon to the hem on the outer side of the cover.

DIY step by step tutorial showing how to make an Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

3.  Pin ribbon along bottom edge and sew along top and bottom edges to attach.

4. Cut another length of One Wrap Velcro to go around ottoman. Attach it to the Velcro that you have previously sewn on.

how to attach pom pom trim to a slipcover

4. Place slipcover over ottoman and lift up corner to make a mark on the Velcro.  These marks will help you attach and evenly space pom poms along the bottom edge of the slipcover. Make a mark on each corner

How To Attach Pom Poms to Velcro

how to use Velcro to attach pom pom trim to a cover for an ottoman

  1. . Remove Velcro from cover and place on a work surface. I used my ironing board. Using the marks that you made at each corner, make new marks evenly between the corner marks.  I spaced my pom poms 6-inches apart, so I made my marks on the Velcro, six inches apart.

DIY Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim using Velcro

2. Once you have made the marks evenly on the Velcro, tie on your pom poms, making sure that the knot of each tie will be along the top section of Velcro when the slipcover is on the ottoman.

Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

3. Attach Velcro strip with pom poms to the sewn-0n Velcro on the underside of the ottoman slipcover’s hem.

Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

Place pom pom trimmed slipcover over ottoman, press fabric if needed.


When the slipcovers get dirty, simply remove the strip of Velcro with the pom poms from the cover and launder the cover. Once dry, attach the pom poms again.

Coastal Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Large Pom Pom Trim

I am so happy with how the ottoman slipcovers came out. Fun and just my style. :-)

More Pom Pom Trimmed Ottoman Inspiration

How to make a jute pom pom trimmed  cover for an ottoman. Round ottoman with jute trimmed pom poms around a linen cover.

I didn’t make this, but on of my readers did. Isn’t is so very chic and stylish? The reader made it with Sunbrella fabric and pre-made jute pom pom trim. It is pricey, but I wanted to show you to give you another idea on how you can cover an ottoman you own.

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Make this fun and flirty pom pom trim for a slipcover. The pom poms are attached in a way that can be easily removed so you can launder the slipcover and not the pom pom trim. Easy home decorating project.

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  1. So cute!!! The slipcover tutorial has given me an idea for “easy” slipcovers for the cushions on my wicker loveseat. I have the loveseat on my screened porch and the fabric, drop cloth from Home Depot, gets so dusty and dirty and is such a pain to clean. I was lazy and did not add a zipper when I recovered the cushions, just did an envelope fold on the back and slip stitched the fabric closed. I have been rinsing them off over the summer with the hose and letting them dry in the sun on the pool deck. These covers would be so much easier to make, remove and launder!
    Thank you Diane for another great tip!

  2. Congratulations!! I think you will be very happy with PB Comfort!! We have loved ours for many years!!!
    I love the pompom slipcover!
    I need to make one!!
    Enjoy this fabulous weather!

    1. Thanks Nancy – I am looking forward to having seating once again in the room. I hope the 4-6 weeks delivery time goes by fast. I am enjoying the nice weather. It feels wonderful. I am heading to LA tomorrow for a blogging trip. I am excited to go, but am loving the weather here in SC now that the temps have dropped. :-)

  3. Very cute idea. I am so glad you went with neutral colored recliners for your living room choice. I have a red sofa in an office area and wish I had gone with a neutral color now as after 13 years I’m a bit over it :-)