Quick & Easy Comfy Cozy Fall Decorating Tips

Today I am sharing my favorite cozy fall decorating tips that I use to cozy up my house when autumn rolls around.  They are all quick and easy to do in an afternoon. 

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and come along as I know you will find plenty of ideas that will inspire you to create your own beautiful fall home to enjoy all season long that includes Thanksgiving decorating ideas and more.

Colorful-Fall-Home-Decorating-Ideas Cozy Fall Decorating Tips

In other seasons of the year, I like a simpler look for my home, but come fall, I want to nest and create a happy place filled with warm and vibrant color.

The 3 C’s of Decorating a Home For Fall

In other seasons of the year, I like a simpler look for my home, but come fall, I want to nest and create a happy place filled with warm and vibrant color.

Having white walls and neutral seating all through my house makes this transformation a little bit easier to accomplish with decorative accessories, and not just any accessories, but items that fit into what I call the “Three C’s”.  Colorful, Cozy and Comforting.

It’s not just about decorating with pumpkins and mums.  It’s about creating a feeling of warmth and coziness to enjoy life inside the house. I try to create this mood with color, texture and smell.

To build on the 3 C’s of fall, I also like to make sure to add these items.

  1. Bring in natural elements for authentic and free natural fall decor.
  2. Make a decorative item or something unique to call my own.
  3. Place an old or favorite fall decoration front and center.

The best part about these ideas… they use items that you probably all ready own or can get easily in your yard. They are versatile and can be used in fresh & new ways throughout all seasons.

Let me show you…

Quick & Easy Comfy-Cozy Fall Decorating Tips

Fall Decorating TIP #1:  Add a Surprise Color 

My favorite colors become even more alluring in a cloak of classic fall orange and rust.

I have been searching for fabric to cover the two ottomans in my living room for autumn.  I love the white pom-pom covers I made and will put them back on again in the spring.

I found this Buffalo Check from The Handmade Home about a year ago and loved it. It is exactly the color and style I have wanted, so I finally bought 2 yards to cover the ottomans.  Link to the fabric is at the end of the post in a list of Decorating Resources.

I made the covers the same way I did with previous cover I have posted about.  Here are the tutorials:  How to Make a Slipcover for an Ottoman and How to Make a Tassel

When adding fall color, orange is not your only option. Even bright white can feel autumnal when combined with warm oranges and browns. Jewel tones of deep purple, magenta, and even dark teal can go a long way in warming up a space. As you can see I added a touch of plum.

To make it work, I make sure to add the color to other areas of the room so everything flows. After I made the plum and white buffalo check ottoman covers, I used the scrap fabric to cover a small pillow to place on the sofa.

Fall Decorating Tip #2: Bring Nature In

Nature crafts to make to decorate your home for autumn

Branches, leaves, acorns, pinecones…anything from nature works well inside as decor. These elements add natural fall beauty to your space, and the best part is they can be found for free right in your yard or neighboring woods!

Cut a branch with colorful leaves still attached and place in a vase of water. Place a collection of found acorns in a small dish to add as an accent on top of a stack of books.  Pinecones become vase fillers, a collection of leaves will look pretty simply piled in a shallow bowl.

Fall Decorating Tip #3: Add Texture – Both Soft and Rough

Adding layers of texture is the easiest way to create a cozy and welcoming space.  The mixture of using both soft and rough textures will add an even more comfy allure.

Think furry throws and textured seagrass area rugs….

Fall orange and rust decorative accessories

Soft colorful throws, textured fabric pillows…

Orange Velvet pillow on sofa

velvet pillows and fur throws.  All perfect to snuggle up with.

Blue sideboard in foyer all decked out for fall.

The easiest way to add rough texture is placing woven baskets to any space in all styles, sizes and colors. I recently painted this desk/sideboard.. You can read how I did it and what color I used in this post: Why You Should Only Use Furniture Paint When Painting Furniture

Texture can also be added in non-textile ways. The contrast between the shiny ceramic owl votive holder against the wood vase and dried moss spheres adds warmth and interest.  I love this owl – he serves two purposes – to add ambient light at night and add a touch of whimsy. :-)

Fall Decorating TIP #4: Add a Touch of Black

Black and white kitchen sign on wall that says open and closed

Black accents are always a good thing to add as they act as a place for your eye to land and rest in a decorated room no matter what season it is.  I like to use chalkboards to add black. I bought the OPEN/CLOSED sign a few weeks ago to hang over it. I had to have it as it brought back fond memories of my mom when I was growing up.

Every night after the dinner dishes were done, she would stand at the kitchen door and announce to my siblings and I that the kitchen is closed.  We knew it also meant she was done for the day and to let her do her own thing which was to go somewhere quiet and read.  The sign is metal and has a hook on each side where you can unlatch a section that flips to the other side so you can choose between it saying OPEN or CLOSED.

As with any color you use in a room, try to use 3 black items and spread them around the room to balance the color. I have a black TV on the wall across from this chalkboard and a black pillow on the sofa and the black metal clock. That’s 4, but you get the idea. :-)

Look around your house for a few touches of black to add. Black photo frames and trays often serve well.

Fall Decorating TIP #5: Candles, Candles and Candles

Candles and more candles. I adore the soft glow they provide all year long, but in the fall they are pure bliss. I use them on mantels and tables all through my living room…

Fall candle in a kitchen

…and kitchen. They are the perfect decoration since they do double duty acting as functional decor and adding the perfect mood lighting to nest by.

Pink and orange tipped matches on talbe

When the late afternoon rolls around I like to light them and break away from whatever I am doing to enjoy the coziness of the a late autumn afternoon with a cup of tea and some music before I have to make dinner.

Bubble glass candle holder on table with white candle

It is my ritual in the fall months. I like to simply gaze out at the lake and watch the natural rhythm of life outside my window.

Fall Decorating TIP #6:  Add a Piece of Unfinished Wood 

White kitchen decorating using fall colors

Add some wood in the way of cutting boards or wood spoons. I unearthed this wood bread board from my storage stash. I made it for the kitchen in my previous house.

Adding a few fall touches to your kitchen makes a lot of sense since you’ll be more likely to be baking up sweet treats, soups and breads to enjoy as the weather gets cooler.

Fall Decorating TIP #7: Add Warm Shine

I pad and copper soup pot on kitchen counter

Soups On! – The warm hues of copper make it the perfect addition for Fall decor!  I found this copper clad white soup tureen at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I make soup quite a lot in the fall and this is going to become my go-to vessel to take soup simmering on the stove to the table.

Copper items like mine or canisters, mugs, pans, vases…can be found at your local thrift store. If you aren’t able to find a copper piece at the thrift store, you can find new copper pieces at Home Goods, Target and Walmart. If you aren’t having any luck finding a piece you like, you can make DIY copper. A few shots of metallic copper spray paint on any item will transform it to copper in a few minutes.

Fall Decorating TIP #8: Add Fall Flowers

How to style a table tray for fall decorating raffia tassels

I always like to have colorful flowers in my living room and kitchen. I am not very good at floral arranging and just like to simply use all the same type of flower in mass, cut the stems to fit the vase I choose to use and then place them in.

Fall Decorating TIP #9: Move Things Around


Keep your decorating efforts fresh. Fall lasts for three months. There is no need to keep an item on a table for the entire season. Change it up. Move a garland from the table to the mantel. 

Move a one throw from the sofa to chair that needs a pop of color. When the natural fall leaves in a basket that you brought in from nature dry out,  move the basket near your fireplace and fill it with firewood.

Once and done can get stale. Don’t be afraid to change and move items to keep the room fresh.

Fall Decorating TIP #10: Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy all the season has to offer. One of the best parts is when you are out and about this fall, how nice it will feel when you come back and are embraced when you walk in the door by your cozy comfy home.

Oh and… don’t forget to celebrate the season with a cup of hot cider or a popular pumpkin latte once you are back home.

Want to find more fall decorating inspiration? Check out all my fall decorating idea posts where you will find many doable and affordable ideas to decorate your home for the autumn season.

Fall home Decorating Ideas

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  1. Angelia Harris says:

    Thank you for your fall tips! I will be using your tip on working in black accent pieces throughout a room :)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Angela – Happy to hear that you will be using one of the tips from my post. A little black accent always grounds a room and now that it is fall… warms it up also.

  2. Melanie H. Clayton says:

    I’m coming to you because I love your style. But I’m in a quandary about window coverings. My kitchen is now open to my living room. Should all my curtains match in both rooms? Or just coordinate? I have 6 sets of windows.


    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Melanie – Your window treatments don’t have to match, but they should coordinate with each other. With 6 sets of windows. I would vary the fabric and style of window treatment. If you have patterned fabric drapery panels in the living room, then in your kitchen, hang solid or stripe fabric that picks up one of the colors in the living room drapery panels. This is what I would do, but it is not the only solution.

      If you do decide to use the same fabric in both rooms, to make each room have its own look, simply change the style of the window covering. For instance, hang floor to ceiling drapes in the living room and a Roman Shades in the kitchen. This way it all goes, but you will have added interest by using two different types of window treatments.

      You really can’t go wrong either way.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me and thanks for not telling me “it’s really just a matter of your preference”! I really needed solid advice and you came through.

        Last question.
        Is it too visually chaotic to have the curtains in one room made with a variety of coordinated patterns and materials? In other words, is it more calming and cohesive to make all my LR curtains out of the same material and then all my kitchen coverings out of another material?

        1. Diane Henkler says:

          Hi Melanie –

          It is more calming to use the same fabric on the windows, but that is not a rule set in stone. It really depends on the size of your room. If it is large room, then you can use a different fabric say on a French Door and another on the windows in the room. I would not use more than 2 fabrics though. If you really like a third fabric, use it to make a pillow or cover a chair with. With all this said though… I would do what your heart and mind are telling you. If you want to see more color and pattern, then go for using different fabrics.

  3. Rhonda Hallstrom says:

    Diane I love all the pops of color, it is perfect for Fall!! Im so happy I could be apart of this wonderful blog hop. Happy Fall!

  4. I love how bold this is, Diane! I’m really loving how you incorporated the purple. It’s so unexpected and fun! So pretty!

  5. Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

    Such fun color combinations. I love your ottoman slip covers and the HI pillow! Visiting from Style Showcase.

  6. Diane, it really looks beautiful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Gail – Thanks. Now I just need the weather to feel like fall.

  7. Love it all! I’m so tired of the white farmhouse look everywhere and, like you, use lots of color. Keep it coming…it looks so nice.

  8. Diane, I love the purple! I would have never thought of purple as a fall color. It blends in well. I love your decorating style and your house is very welcoming!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks MaryJean – I loved the white covers I previously had, but was really craving color for the ottomans for fall.

  9. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I love the buffalo check color combined with the fall colors. So unexpected and so pretty.

  10. Jenna Shaughnessy // Jenna Kate at Home says:

    I love all the color, Diane and your photography is beautiful!

    xo Jenna

  11. Linda Pettit says:

    I love your console table in your foyer. What process did you use to refinish it?

  12. Beautiful, Diane! Love the pop of unexpected colour – and your cabinet/front entry is stunning! Thanks for joining in on this tour!

  13. Love all the tips! Love the ottoman covers!
    Hope all’s well!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – Thanks – Yes all is well now that the Florence is gone. It wasn’t bad for us at all. Just a rainy day.

  14. Love, love, love your ottoman covers! I would have never thought of adding that color in as a fall color. (Your post came at the perfect time. Woke up this morning thinking how I can’t wait until I can put my baggy sweats on and sit on sofa and drink coffee. But alas, that won’t be until the end of October here in Texas.
    I do have a sort of unrelated question if you don’t mind giving your opinion. I live in a smallish apartment, painted that “beige-tan” color with almost identical color carpet. All windows face North. Depressing.
    I wanted to paint all walls white – thanks to you! :) But I read white is not good for North facing – develops a greyish cast. I need brightness and clean looking. Your opinion would be appreciated. Greatly!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Susan – I understand how depressing a north facing room can be. I would look for off-whites that have a warmer tone. Check out the color Creamy by Sherwin Williams. It is a nice soft white without any cool undertones that would read as grey in a north facing room. I would also check out Simply White by Ben Moore and Bistro White by Valspar. Stay clear of very bright whites that have a tint of blue. These would read as grey in a dark room.

      1. Many thanks! I will check out these suggestions. Susan