No Fun…But Has to Be Done!!!

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Hola my dear readers!  Try as I might to get back to my normal posting routine… it wasn’t going to happen yesterday. Hurricane Irma put a halt on that plan.  We fared the storm well, just lots of tree branches down and what seems like a billion pinecones all over the yard that I will need to pick up. The worst was losing power for 11 hours yesterday, hence no internet or Wifi for me to get a post up. Luckily, we spent the whole day on Sunday in the yard cutting down holly bushes, so we were happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the darkness.

My area was not hard hit, late last night the power came back on and the sun is trying to peek out this morning. Right now I hear a few chain saws humming in the distance, probably slicing up downed trees, but that is the worst of it for my area. Many others were not so lucky…hoping and praying for all those who were hit hard and will not be able to bounce right back into a normal routine.

As we watched the news all weekend to see where the storm was going, Ed and I decided since the weather felt fall-like that we would start to take on this…..

Cutting Down Holly Bushes

The overgrown holly that is 6 – 8 feet high along the front of the house.


It is massive… a total of 14 overgrown bushes and stumps to remove…  see Ed in there… way in the back behind the two rows of the shrubs, ready to take it on.

What is the easiest way to cut down shrubs

Cutting down any tree or shrub is hard, but when cutting down holly bushes, it is like cutting into sharp knives.  You have to cover up hands, arms, legs and feet or else you will come out shredded from all the razor sharp and pointy holly leaves.

I felt a little sad having to cut down something that is so lush and healthy, but it had to be done.

On the other hand, I was excited that by cutting down the holly bushes a nice architectural feature of the house that has been hidden for a long time will be exposed and come to life again.

The vertical glass windows go almost to the ground.  The holly takes away from this feature.

Ed is making good progress, but the job is going to take a long time, plus we have to dispose of all the clippings.  I will keep you posted as we make progress over the next few weeks.

Now it is my turn to make the area look better.  I have to clean out the garage and find new homes for the shelves and stuff on them that were hidden previously by the holly. I also plan to paint over the green paint on the front of the house using a more neutral color.  Most likely a beige color that will match the mortar in between the bricks.

Any advice for cutting down holly bushes around your own home?  Any tips to make the job easier, besides hiring someone else to do it?  :-)

I will be back tomorrow with some fall decorating ideas and some exciting news for my living room. :-)

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    1. Have you thought about painting the area just above the windows a dark color, like maybe charcoal, to visually extend the height of the windows? Just an idea.

      Also, I should have left a note for you (and a big THANK YOU) a long time ago. Last year you posted about the Patron tequila contest. I was a finalist and won $1,000 thanks to you. I took 2 Patron bottles and made an hourglass. I cannot thank you enough.

  1. You are so fortunate. We are going to be at least a week if not two weeks before we get power in St. Peterburg. Don’t know how much damage has been done to my home but very blessed that my family is safe and healthy.

  2. Whenever I pull out anything at my house I use my pickup truck. I wrap chains securely around the trunk of the bush and attach both end to the truck with large hooks and slowly drive. Takes all of five minutes. Throw the bush in the truck and off to the town landfill.

    1. This was going to be my suggestion also. Did this with 6 foot Japanese yews that were across the front of my house. It should also pull out the stumps and roots so they don’t have to be dug out. Well worth paying someone with a truck and big chains.

  3. My suggestion is to take out the ones in the middle like you’re doing to see the windows but cut the other ones way back and see how you like it. I’ve had good luck with doing a super-hard pruning job on a holly. It wasn’t as large as yours, maybe only 4 feet high but I took it down to half of that. It was pretty ugly for a year or so but came back in a more manageable size.

    1. Hard pruning the hollies is a great idea. Hard pruning is best done in the spring. You can cut the bushes back to 6-12″. They come back full really quick. So, if you want to see the house now, you could cut them back to 2′ and then hard prune in the spring. I love having holly to cut from at Christmas to add to flower arrangements all over the house.

  4. I had hollies just like that- only they were two stories high when we bought the house- I have to say it didn’t cost nearly as much as i thought it would and they took away all the debris. It was about 500 in the Dallas area and they were done in under an hour! I wish now we hadn’t waited 4 years to do it!!!