I Have Been Sofa and Recliner Shopping

After spending most of the summer without a sofa in the living room, we realize just how much we used it. We gave our previous sofa and some furniture to our oldest daughter when she bought a house back in May, knowing that we are going to buy new furniture soon.  With fall and football season approaching, I have to get my decision making in-gear so I can get the living room furnished in a comfy-cozy style that makes both Ed and I happy. Comfort and function are what Ed wants, add in style for me.


I thought I may just furnish the room with comfy recliners, but after lots of thought and shopping around for just the right pieces, I am certain I will be buying a new white slipcovered sofa like the one from Pottery Barn in the photo above, along with two recliners that swivel and rock.


In a previous post I wrote a few weeks ago, many of you told me that you found plenty of recliner options at La-Z-Boy.  I went to their showroom closest to me and did find one that would work, but it does not come in leather. I did have the salesperson show me what the chair would look like in a blue/white print and a tweedy blue.

Navy blue leather recliner rocker

Milhaven Recliner

I also found one at Ashley Furniture that Ed really liked, shown in the photo above. Sadly it does not swivel, only reclines and rocks. I want a swivel so it will be easy to move the chair to view the TV, lake and be able to swivel around to enjoy a fire in the fireplace. I like the aged navy leather on this chair and am looking into seeing if the chair can have a swivel rocker base added after purchase.

leather recliner

I did find out that this one at a local furniture store is Ed’s favorite. It can be made up in navy leather. It does recline, swivel and rock, but it is also double the price of the one from Ashley Furniture.


I do know that whatever sofa I decide on will have a white slipcover option.  I love that I can remove the cover and wash it. I have done this for years on our previous sofa.

How to happily live with and clean white slipcovers on your sofa and chairs.

Why I Love Living With White Slipcovers

I don’t mind the extra work as I love the clean, hung outside on the clothesline freshness that happens when I remove the covers from the dryer. Many of the salespeople I have worked with during my furniture search have tried to steer me away from a slipcover. They told me that upholstery can be spot cleaned easily these days, but I don’t like the fact that I am sitting on chemical residue from the spot cleaners.

So… here are the sofas I am considering. Most I found online. Only two of the seven brick-and-mortar furniture stores I went to had a slipcovered sofa option. *Affiliate links used*


This is my favorite with a Down Blend fill. It is from Pottery Barn – PB Roll Arm Comfort Sofa.  When I am at Pottery Barn, I always sit in the floor model. It is comfy!  I also like the two bottom cushions instead of three, as it looks less formal.


This one is called the Alford Sofa from Wayfair. It is made by Klaussner and has a great price. It is deep and comfy. I think it is exactly the same sofa called, LaHoya that is sold at my local furniture store for double the price. I have sat on it many times and it is very roomy and comfortable.  The only negative, it only comes in Natural and Khaki. I want Bleach White and may have to buy it at my local furniture store.


Arhaus – Baldwin Deep Slipcovered Sofa has classic lines with rounded back cushions that give it a modern touch. I found this online, but have not tried it in person which is something I think needs to be done when buying furniture that I will have for years.

White Slipcovered Sofa fromCrate and Barrel

This sofa from Crate & Barrel is one sale now. It has traditional lines with an updated flair. I like it, but would need to find a Crate & Barrel to try it out.


Joss & Main – Chelsea Down Blend Sofa has a great price and good reviews. I have never purchased anything from Joss & Main, have you?

Grandin Road has two styles I like. One is called Ava

White Slipcovered sofa from Grandin Road

The other one with classic lines is called Clara.  They both are under $1000, so the price it right, but I really would like to sit on them to make sure they are comfy.

I will probably get the Klaussner sofa #2, since I know first hand that it is roomy and comfortable. It is also less expensive then the one from Pottery Barn.

Does anyone have any furniture from any of these brands?  Are you happy with the quality and comfort?

I am looking forward to getting my living room all comfy-cozy for fall. If I order the furniture soon – a 4-6 week delivery time frame should have my choices arrive just in time for the first day of fall. :-)

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  1. Shirley Tracz says:

    I bought a pottery barn sofa back in 2009. I still love it ! The quality is excellent, but they changed the dimensions slightly as I found out when I bought new slipcovers a few years ago. But I just bought cushion wrap and it helped to plump the cushions enough to fill the slipcover cushions. Now I want to get a new sofa because they are using memory foam for the fill🙄

  2. Laura Ann says:

    Please please PLEASE do not buy the Ava slipcover sofa from Grandin Road! It is horribly uncomfortable. I am sitting on mine as I type this, and my back has been ruined by it. I can no longer return it and I have gone through desperate measures to try and mitigate the rock-hard feeling of the cushions I am sleeping on. I have tried it ALL, spent at least $500 trying to find solutions including replacing the foam with bean bag fill (I was desperate). Yes, the fabric is lovely. But to me if you feel like you’re sitting on a rock, of what value is that?? And the feathers that they have surrounding the foam cushions are worthless. If you want to really get a sense of their reviews, be sure to sort them by Lowest to Highest on their web page. Then and only then will you learn what customers truly feel about this piece of crap furniture. I made the mistake of not doing this. And I have the severe crippling back pain to prove it.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura Ann – Thank you for taking the time to tell me and my readers about the Ava Slipcover sofa from Grandin Road. Sorry to hear that it is not comfortable and gives you bad pain. Not a good thing. It is hard buying seating online that you haven’t been able to actually sit on to see how it feels. When I bought my Pottery Barn Slipcovered sofa I drove 3 hours to a Pottery Barn so I could try it out first. I agree with you about always checking the 1 – 3 star reviews as these tell the real story.

  3. Theresa S says:

    I posted a comment but it disappeared. I have had the Rowe Nantucket 3 cushion (would never buy a 2 cushion), slip-covered sofa for 16+ years with 2 slipcover sets. They are machine washable. The cushions are finally wearing down and I have been thinking of trying to fix them myself using a temperpedic topper, but I would also like to get a new slipcover. The sofa is very well made and I have the matching chair and a half, but as you can probably guess, I can buy the IKEA sofa for half the cost of fixing my Rowe! As a side note, if you can afford it, nothing beats Miles Talbot furniture for quality and comfort. I had a 2 piece sectional that was fabulous but couldn’t take it with me when I sold my NJ home. The new owners purchased it but I am deeply sorry I didn’t find away to keep it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Theresa – I hear you about the cost of slipcovering your Rowe sofa. It sounds like it is truly comfortable and it may be worth it to splurge on it. IKEA sofas look great, but are not especially comfy. I have never heard of Miles Talbot furniture. I will check it out. Thanks for the tip. Sorry to hear that you had to leave it behind when you moved. :-(

  4. Kareena Wendell says:

    I’ve been shopping for a white slip cover. And all the company’ know that white is so popular. So everytime I find a good looking low budget slipcover, it doesn’t come in white! I’m going the ikea route. I just love your design style. Keep up the great work!

  5. Elaine Mihara says:

    I have the Baldwin from Ballard Designs. Super comfy and comes with a white twill slip. Price is reasonable too. Shipping time 4-6 weeks

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Elaine – I like the Baldwin too. When I lived in PA, there was a Ballard Design store that I always went to. When we moved to SC. Pottery Barn was the only store close-by where I could actually sit and try the sofas which is the main reason I got the PBarn sofa over one from Ballard Designs. Now that I have had it for a few years, I am seriously considering getting a new slipcover for it. They are costly, but may be worth it to change things up in the room from time to time or seasonally.

  6. The number 5 sofa looks so comfortable and classy. I would definitely think of purchasing it when I get bored of my current recliner. It’s so nice list.

  7. I once brought a white down sofa that looked like and was just as comfy as PB, from JC Penny’s, and half the price however after a few week feathers started poking through. All I can say you get what you pay for.

    1. In 2009 I also purchased the slip covered sofa & loveseat from JCP. The covers are very tight and can be difficult to zip. The zipper is at the center of the back so if you don’t have the back against a wall, just drape a pretty throw over it to cover the zipper. That being said, I still own both pieces today (sitting on the couch now!). They are not the super cushy comfort of PB, but at the time, they were what I could afford. The feathers eventually stopped poking through so that is no longer an issue for me. They did not come in a white cover so I chose the off white, which works fine for me. They came with multiple throw pillows, which I gradually replaced with PB throw pillows for the finished look I wanted. I also purchased a second set of covers for each piece so that I can rotate them yearly, which has extended the life of the covers!

  8. I have double recliner sofa with footrest but here this list is so nice. I should change my recliner.

  9. I have the slip covered sofa and 2 swivel rockers from Grandin Road. Love them!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa –

      I really liked the styling of the Grandin road seating. I opted not to get it only because I couldn’t actually sit on the pieces to see if they were comfy. Good to know that you love them. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about your pieces. It will help others reading the post and tying to figure out what seating will be best for them.

      1. Laura Ann says:

        Wow, I have the Ava slipcover sofa by Grandin Road and cannot express how much I despise it! It has ruined my back, and I am not exaggerating. The seat cushions are as hard as a rock, I have never sat on something so terrible. And I decided to give it a chance, which was a huge mistake. It has been 7 months and no improvement. A colossal $1,400 mistake.

    2. emily linchey says:

      Do you have the ava sofa?! I amm so interested in it but I cannot find any reviews off of the website!!!!

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Emily – After lots of consideration I bought the Pottery Barn Grand Roll Arm sofa. I love it. It has deeper seats so when I sit on it I can curl my feet up and have lots of room. :-) I wish I could help you with the Ava from Gradin Road, but since I could not try out the Ava and sit on it, I didn’t feel secure in buying it. I have a Pottery Barn near me and got to try out all the sofas to find one that I liked. I hope you can find some reviews so you can make your decision.

        1. Hi Diane
          I’m considering purchasing this same sofa and I’m curious to know if you purchased the seating with memory foam or down?

          I was thinking I may like the down, however I have had problems with allergies to down pillows.

          Do you think the down seats may possibly upset allergies?
          I am hoping because of the cushion covers and slipcover, it may not be a problem.

          I do have two bulging disc in my back and I should go with what best supports my back, without being too soft or too hard.

          1. Diane Henkler says:

            Hi Cece – I have the down wrapped foam. It is soft and very comfortable. The down wrapping isn’t very thick and it is covered with a liner fabric. This with the slipcover has the down covered in two layers of fabric. The down does gives the cushions a plumper look. It is not super soft where you sink into the cushions, it is just enough softness that your body can mold a little to fit. I hope that makes sense. I love the sofa and all the room it has to curl my feet up.

      2. Laura Ann says:

        Hi Emily, I purchased it 7 months ago. I did leave a review here below just now but in case you’re still interested, it is simply awful! The cushions are so uncomfortable, very very hard. I’d suggest you read the reviews on the site by sorting from Lowest to Highest rated. Only then will you see how other customers agree with me in how horrible this furniture is

  10. Hi, what is the name of number four? I have not seen that on the Crate and Barrel website. Thank you!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Teddy –

      When I was looking at slipcovered sofas, the one from Crate & Barrel was on sale. Sorry I don’t know the name. Crate & Barrel probably sold all of them and don’t carry it anymore. :-(

  11. I like to use the recliner chair because it provides both comfort and ergonomic support. I am using a massage recliner chair for my lower back pain. It’s good for back and also more comfortable. Thank you for this post.

  12. Hi , Nice post on recliner. I need recliner sofa and best recliner for pain which I use it in my living room. I think One of these list my favorite.

  13. Hi Diane, Your post is very helpful and I know this sounds silly, but I’m about to buy a sofa for my Sonoma vacation home all by myself, considering your suggestions and the comments that others made. Over the years I have always worked with a designer to buy quality sofas and sectionals and I still have all my original sofas in my primary home and the oldest Sofas are in our Sonoma house – Lee furniture in my living room (12 years old), Burton James sectional in my family room (7 years old), Slipcovered Lee furniture in our Sonoma place (15 years old) and presently I have my very first sofa in the Sonoma family room (25 years old) – it is still in good shape and super comfortable but completely out of style for this little home. I don’t like buying furniture and find it stressful because I am afraid of making a mistake so I take time with it. However, I’m tempted to buy an IKEA sectional (!) – they are getting such great reviews and there is an IKEA nearby. I also love the grandinroad Ava sectional and I love knowing the Crate and Barrel sofa is manufactured by Lee. I am going to look around at options and I live near San Francisco where we have most of the above mentioned stores nearby. My inlaws bought leather furniture from Ashley and it did not hold up well. It definitely looked good in the beginning though. Thank you for posting these options and starting this discussion – it has given me confidence to go it alone, save money and hopefully I’ll make a good choice – wish me luck!

  14. I have been wanting to slipcover mine! They are pushing 11 years old and the color is worn on some areas. It also has scratch marks from when they were stored at my grandmothers house and they made a habit of falling off them with claws out! While these covers are cute, none of these would fit my style. My armrests are wide. Ideas?

  15. Have you considered the sofas from Lovesac? They are fabulous! You buy each piece individually & the slip covers are interchangeable and machine washable. When you need a new one super easy to change out the covers.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa – You are the first to tell me about Lovesac. I have never heard of the company or their furniture. It is ingenious! Thanks for telling me about the company. Do you have any pieces? Is it comfy?

  16. arman malik says:

    Very useful article as always, recently I purchased some great quality pillow from cushion-pillow.com by sleep expert brand and my sofa set looks perfect with this cushion pillow.

  17. I was in Homegoods in Ashburn, Virginia on Friday. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw a beautiful navy blue leather recliner that also swiveled. Of course I thought of you and I wanted to phone you! I hope you find your perfect pieces.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Susan – I bet the price was great, too! Thanks so much for thinking about me. I am buying two recliners today. After lots of consideration, I am going to go with a light brown leather with top stitching. My family was at the house over the weekend for eclipse watching and they all liked a color called Toast over the blue. The color offers more options to change accessories and color schemes in the future. I think I will add the color blue in the way of a blue velvet pillow for the sofa for fall and winter. I saw one a Pottery Barn that I liked and I have a gift card so I think I will be buying it.

  18. I didn’t read all your comments, so others may have already shared this. We went from a 3-cushion to a 2-cushion sofa and I didn’t like it. The 2-cushion works great when it’s just two of you, but I found it uncomfortable sitting when you were the third person sitting in the middle. We are going back to 3-cushion with our next couch.

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose…love your blog!

  19. Make sure the slipcover is the exact color you want . My daughter gave me a beautiful ruffled slipcover for my old but still good sofa. It’s offwhite and i can’t find white dye anywhere to get it the color I want. I bought mine at Lazy Boy 14 years ago and it has held up well. Just want a solid color instead of floral.

  20. I bought a pricey sofa from the interior designer I was working with.
    didn’t sit in it before I purchased.
    I will never do that again.
    It was very attractive, but not what I would have chosen if I had sat in it.
    They are all beautiful and I am sure whichever you pick- you will make it look even more beautiful.

    Good luck!

  21. Hi Diane. We have a Norwalk sofa and absolutely love it! We purchased it at Divine Living in Asheville, NC. The owner, Phyllis Roberts is so helpful. I know it’s a bit of a trek from you in Columbia, but you may find it worth the drive. Norwalk sofa’s are made in NC and you have the ability to customize not only the look – skirt or no, rolled arms or no, etc., you can also select the density of the cushions, both the back and seat. We were lucky enough to purchase a floor model at a deep discount, but they often have sales as well – you can check out their FB page if interested.

  22. Consider IKEA Ektorp. There is a white one (vittyard white) and it’s only $499. We have the love seat and it wears beautifully–even with 14 grandchildren! We like it so much, we’re planning to replace our sofa with one to match our love seat. I truly don’t think you can beat the price and we are 110% happy with this product! Even if you have to drive somewhere, I think it would be worth it!
    I really enjoy and appreciate your blog! So many good ideas and suggestions!

    1. Sue Verbaan says:

      I was going to suggest this IKEA Sofa too..

      1. We absolutely love our EKTORP couches (bought 2) for our great room. We’ve had it for almost 5 years now and they have held up so well. Thinking of buying a different color slip cover to change it up a bit. They wash up great too! Can’t go wrong and even in 2020 they still have them because they sell so well. I know I am commenting a few years later but came across your review because we are looking for rocker recliners AGAIN. We have bought 8!!! and we ended up not liking any of them! UGH. So back to the drawing board!

  23. I recently bought an IKEA Ektorp sofa for my sunroom. I love it! It is so comfortable, and the slipcovers can be easily washed when needed. There are only two of us, so I don’t anticipate much washing, but it is nice to have the option.
    Google “potty barn vs ektorp” and you can read many reviews. Good luck!

    1. I had a white slipcovered Ektorp for several years and loved it. It was the L-shaped model and wasn’t what we needed when we downsized to our little lake house in Georgia. Gave it to my son. But I absolutely loved being able to launder the covers! I also had a red corduroy set of slipcovers I changed to for Fall and Winter.
      Ikea is very affordable and many people probably think of it as just for college students, but my Ektorp held up very well.

  24. I know time is of the essence, ask your local Pottery Barn if they are having a floor sample sale anytime soon! I am on a “private” email list from my local Pottery Barn that gives me an opportunity to purchase floor samples that they are selling at a nice discount. The actually send a list of everything that is going to be sold with the cost, I just call and if it’s still available, they hold it for me to come and look. Good Luck, looking forward to seeing your finished look!

  25. Jill Jones says:

    All great looking sofas. Sofa shopping is not easy. I am in the midst of sofa shopping myself. Last weekend, I tried #4, the Crate and Barrel selection. Nice sofa. It’s made by Lee Industries which is a great manufacturer. The seat cushion is VERY comfortable. However, when I laid on the sofa there was no “elbow room.” The seat is not very deep and I want to be able to lay comfortably on my new sofa. I’d have to take the back cushions off to lay on it. Have you see the new sofa at IKEA. I believe it’s called the Farlov? It is very deep and roomy. Don’t know about the seat cushion comfort. Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you select. Take care, Jill

  26. Pottery Barn
    You can flip the back cushions as they’re the same size on both sides
    Two cushions
    And you love it! ?

  27. I have had expensive sofas but will put the IKEA Extorp up to all of the ones you have listed. You should try them out!

    1. I also love the IKEA Ektorp, which comes in a very light beige, and a light blue, but not white (at the moment). I have it in Nordvalla gray, and I sat on every IKEA sofa before I bought this one. We find it very comfortable, it is slip-covered, and the price can’t be beat, if you go pick it up. The main box is pretty heavy, but it isn’t hard to put it together. We transported it in a small Toyota pickup.

  28. Christy C. says:

    I have the Pottery Barn sofa and two chairs. We love them. They are very comfortable and the slipcovers wash well and look great. I have washed mine many times. I have an extra set of slipcovers that have never been opened. I wish I had the footstools for the chairs. I really should just go ahead and order them. I don’t think you will be disappointed in the comfort and the quality.
    if you buy recliners please make sure to buy good quality ones or they will not last. You will pay substantially more for a good quality recliner but it will last a very long time. We have one recliner made by Hooker Furniture and another by Bradington and Young. They are both great chairs.
    Ashley furniture is not known for a quality piece of furniture especially in sofas and chairs that are used all the time. If it is a piece for looks and not used much it will be ok.

  29. Millie Torres says:

    oh Diane, all of those couches and recliners are so beautiful… I love the no. 4 couch and the navy leather recliner. Can’t wait to see what you buy…have fun…Millie


  30. Gloria gawa says:

    Diane, I purchased two Pottery Barn couches for our family room with slipcovers last year. I liked the fact that I can change out the slipcovers when I grow tired of the old ones or just to change out for the season. So far I only have 2 negatives, 1 being when you have two cushions you want to sit in the middle and my husbands couch is slightly sagging in the center and 2 I got sunbella fabric and have found it to be scratchy. Also the slipcovers do not have zippers but Velcro closures. Although the fabric is scatchy it cleans up great. . My husband spilled a glass of red wine and all I had to do was just blot it up.

  31. Hi Diane,

    We chose a couch by how well you can nap on it! :) Actually, we just bought a new Lazy Boy sectional for our basement and found it almost $2,000 cheaper by buying at a small furniture store rather than than at the Lazy Boy store. We’ve had it for about 6 months now and love it. And it’s great for naps, too!

    Good luck with your search.

  32. Wow, with the popularity of slipcovers, I am surprised your local choices were so limited.

    I agree with Crystal, “don’t cheap out on this purchase.” I did that 7 years ago when I purchased a sofa for our family room and 3 months later, after the first wash, I highly regretted it.

    I seriously considered the Pottery Barn slip-covered sofa but ultimately passed on it to save a few hundred bucks and instead I bought a sofa from a small, locally owned furniture store. (Also wanted to support small business, yada yada, yada.) Although I spoke to 2 different sales people at the local furniture store (prior to purchase) about washing the slipcover, I found out AFTER it shrunk up badly, it was not intended to be washed and both the furniture store and manufacturer declined to stand behind it and replace it! (It was actually the piping that shrank more than the fabric.) Even though I washed the slipcover in cold water, air dried it until damp, and put it back on the sofa while it was still damp so the fibers still had some *give* (which is how I was instructed to wash slipcovers) the manufacturer accused me of washing it in hot water I really have not had the money to have new slipcovers made so that sofa purchase was a very BAD decision I have had to live with every single day for 7 years.

    I looked at the Alford sofa on the Wayfair website and noticed it says, “Slipcovers are washable, however machine washable is not recommended.” In another part of the description it says, “Not recommended to machine washed; spot cleaning the slipcover first if possible and having them dry cleaned when necessary.” (Who the heck wants to be bothered with dry cleaning … or go to that expense several times per year?) After my experience, there is no way I would try washing the slipcovers on that Wayfair Alford sofa! Also I would run far, far away from any slip-covered sofa that did not come with “machine washable” very clearly stated in writing.

    Of the choices you have shown, I would go with the Pottery Barn sofa, as many of their fabrics ARE machine washable. I also feel like PB is more reputable and would likely stand behind their product quicker than the other retailers you are considering purchasing from.

    Another thing you might consider is buying a good, sturdy, well-crafted, but used, sofa from a furniture consignment store (or even just the frame and cushions from a retailer) and then have someone custom make your slip-covers in a fabric that you know will stand up to multiple washings. About 8 or 9 years ago, I had Calico Corners custom make white matelasse’ slip-covers for another sofa I have had in my formal living room for 40 years. (I’ve actually had it recovered several times through the years because other than out-dated fabrics, the style is classic and the frame and cushions are still like-new.) Having Calico Corners make the slipcovers wasn’t cheap but those slipcovers have been fabulous; money well-spent. They fit great and they wash like a dream.

    In your leather recliner search, I would also stay away from “leather” from the lower end retail furniture stores like Ashley, Rooms-to-Go, American Signature etc., because typically their “leather” pieces are not leather at all, or if there is some leather in it, it is a very thin layer that is “bonded” over a backing (aka “bonded leather”) which will peel and flake with minimal wear. Real leather is thick and quite durable, and only gets softer and more supple with time, but you will pay top dollar for that. (Just scan Craigslist to see how many people are trying to sell so-called “leather” sofas and chairs that are cracking, chipping and peeling like a bad manicure! That’s what cheap, mass produced bonded leather and plastic-y “pleather” does.)

    1. Good grief! I just went back and read Crystal’s complete comment and saw her statement, ” A furniture retailer, here in Florida, Matter Brothers (if you are ever in Clearwater) carries a line, and the sofa looks very much like Pottery Barn.”

      Matter Brothers just happens to be the small, local retailer I purchased my “shrinking slipcover sofa” from (as referenced in my above comment). One thing I didn’t mention in my original comment was, I actually spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 at Matter Brothers because along with the sofa, I had also purchased a matching chair and ottoman at the same time and those slip-covers shrunk too, although not quite as much as the sofa slipcover did.

      One of the Matter brothers I spoke to after the slipcovers shrunk had the audacity to say (after I emailed photos), “Just tug on it a little. I’m sure it will fit.” Uh, no. No matter how much you “tug,” you can’t shove a fat lady in a dress two sizes too small. The sofa slipcover doesn’t fit at all so I had to purchase an ill-fitting generic slipcover at Target for it The chair and ottoman slipcovers somewhat fit but the chair slipcover won’t close in the back.

      No, no, no, I would NEVER recommend purchasing from Matter Brothers because they do NOT stand behind what they sell. Not that you would come all the way to Florida to buy from them anyway, but you could certainly have other readers from this area who might consider it.

      Matter Brothers = THE biggest and most expensive furniture mistake of my entire life. :(

  33. Stacey S. says:

    Hi Diane,

    Ah…furniture shopping.” Such fun and excitement mixed with the anxiety of “buyer’s remorse. Not sure what your budget is, but since you mentioned that it will be a long-term investment, I HIGHLY recommend an Ethan Allen sofa. I worked there for a short time and went through some of their training classes. We learned about the types of sofa construction and how theirs differs from others. It is worth researching this info on any sofa you’re considering.

    I’ve owned one for 21 years and I’ve never had the issues typical with less expensive brands (feeling of the wood on the arms, spring breakage, etc). I did have it reupholstered once…mainly because the plaid fabric was dated and my (then) toddler took an ink pen the the cushions ;) At that time, I did have a bit more padding added to the seat cushions but the piece was already around 10 yrs old at that point. It has “survived” two active kids and an an ornery cat.

    I did a quick search and found that they do have a few slipcover options: http://www.ethanallen.com/en_US/shop-furniture-living-room-sofas-loveseats?prefn1=material&prefv1=Slipcover There is a store in Columbia, which I think is close to you so you can try them out for comparison: http://www.ethanallen.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-ethanallen-us-Site/en_US/Stores-Find?site=

    Have fun shopping and look forward to reading about the final results. Heck…I LOVE reading about ALL your projects <3

  34. Janice Lacy says:

    Diane! There is a Pottery Barn Outlet (a true outlet!) store in Gaffney SC! I live in Pawleys Island and have found the prices WELL worth the drive! Loads and loads of brand new white slipcovered sofas at more than half the price!

    1. Janice Lacy says:

      I bought the PB Rolled Arm sofa that you show for under $500 in Gaffney!

  35. Hi Diane, love all that you do and you’ve got some gorgeous options. Great advice from your readers and I just want to add my two cents regarding 2 vs. 3 cushions. We have 3 and I guess I’ve never considered that to be a more formal look especially if the other lines and fabric are more casual. We have 3 people on our sofa often and I think it’s because of the third cushion. As someone else stated, no one wants to sit on the crack!

  36. There have been so many replies already, I hate to chime in, but feel the need…..Sofas are an investment. Don’t cheap out on this purchase. I’m almost 70 and have had my share of sofas, I also have back problems so having a really good sofa is paramount. That said, I won’t order a sofa that I can’t sit on. Depth of the seat is very important for women. Three cushions? Yes, because as noted previously, no one wants to sit on the crack between two. Rolled arms take up more space, both physically and visually, but are also comfortable to lean against. Ashley furniture is cheap for a reason. Made to last a few years and whoever said they market to young people is correct. I have a friend who worked part time for them and she said “don’t ever buy upholstered pieces” from them unless that’s all you can afford. Lastly, there are some wonderful sunbrella indoor fabrics being used on sofas. It’s a far cry from the outdoor fabrics and is soft and pliable, lasts a long time and washable. A furniture retailer, here in Florida, Matter Brothers (if you are ever in Clearwater) carries a line, and the sofa looks very much like Pottery Barn. We’ve had zero problems with our furniture purchased from both Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, they stand behind their products. As for furniture being made over seas, unless you want to pay a boat load of money, lots of brands are made overseas. I prefer to purchase american made products but that isn’t always possible. Not everything made in another country is cheap, it depends upon the brand, the company and how that company stand behind their products. Just like everything else, Buyer Beware. Lastly, the editing police should perhaps offer a service on-line to bloggers to edit, for free of course, and be available 24/7. Obviously that person has no clue what blogging entails or how a single stroke of a key can slip by.

  37. I have a Klaussner sofa in a beach rental that is booked 95% of the time. It’s going on 8 years now and has held up much better than I thought. It’s a microfiber and we have only had it cleaned once. It gets vacuumed regular and we don’t allow pets so it has suited us perfectly.

  38. Pat DonBrosky says:

    I understand everything from Ashley is imported from China…not made for American bodies & wear and tear:)
    Have you read Kristi’s recent experience (Chatfield Court) ? Lots of info on what to look for in quality upholstery. Unless there’s no other choice, most people only sit two on a couch, so unless it’s extra long, three cushions aren’t really necessary. I have found recliners with the high puffy back to be very uncomfortable after a few minutes. If you are vertically challenged (ahem) you will be pitched forward, with your chin into your chest. North Carolina (and SC) are furniture buyers’ heaven. Have you looked into High Point/Hickory area? Lots of quality furniture made there, at reasonable prices – well worth a trip. A well made leather recliner should last for many years – don’t buy ‘bonded’ leather (only a thin slice of leather bonded to fabric or plastic). It will peel in a short time. You’ve gotten lots of good advice from a lot of experienced people!

  39. I have had a Quatrine white slip covered sofa for 20 years and it is still going strong. Mine has two seat cushions and I would never do that again. No one wants to sit on the “crack” between the cushions!

  40. The #2 sofa from Wayfair says ” washable but machine washing not recommended”. Whatever does that mean? How else would one wash a large item like a slipcover? Thanks

  41. Beth Fagundes says:

    We ordered our slip covered sofa from Joss and Main last year. We found that Joss and Main and Wayfair are the same company, but for some reason things we buy under the Joss and Main brand are less expensive. Same exact sofa and coffee table but less when I ordered from J&M. Go figure…
    Our sofa is hand made in Asheboro, NC by Klaussen. It is very comfortable and my only complaint is that I have to go to the manufacturer to get a replacement slipcover and they are not cheap. I wanted a replacement so I can always have one clean one to put on while I was the other. I may end up just getting a universal cheaper one online to use while I wash the other. We bought the Casey sofa in Bleach White.

    Happy Shopping!! :)

  42. Please seriously reconsider anything from Ashley Furniture. We purchased a recliner there for similar reasons – comfortable, the look we were going for, my husband’s favorite, etc. It lasted 14 months, and that was a generous allowance seeing as the leather started cracking almost immediately. At 14 months the chair literally broke and was taken to the dump.

    I will never again purchase from there – have heard many similar stories.

  43. I will agree with a previous post on the Rowe brand sofa. I have a slipcovered sleeper loveseat that has been wonderful. Cover has been washed & held up great! The sleeper opens out for a twin bead. Loveseat seats 2 comfortably & that is the most you usually sit on a full size sofa.
    Ashley furniture is not designed to be durable.

  44. Hope Williams says:

    Hey Diane. I usually don’t weigh in but this is an investment that should never be taken for granted. Having had 2 back surgeries I can add this; first, deep seats. That is the portion that goes from behind to back of knee. Usually for women, we are much shorter than men and it you sit with your feet on the floor there is nothing but air behind you. Extremely uncomfortable in most situations except laying down. Second, 2 vs. 3 cushions. Putting the look aside, people tend to sit in the middle of a cushion. Which means the cushion will eventually pouf up noticicably in the around the edges and not in a good way. Three cushions more comfortably seat 3 people. It’s odd how that works but it does. Thirdly, a bench cushion vs. singles. I have one and it’s great for laying down but not for 3-4 people sitting.
    I can add what I’ve learned about cushions. The denser the cushion, the better it’s staying power. I purchased a sofa (normal), and paid hefty money to have special made HD foam with HD down inserts. I know I would gladly pay $4000 just for cushions knowing I can sit, lay down and get back up and those cushions will outlast my lifetime. Money well spent!

  45. I like your Arhaus option the best, both casual but still clean and crisp. The arms are pretty low to the seat though. Depending on how you like to sit on the couch (we tend to snuggle into a corner) the low arm might be uncomfortable.

    I’ve purchased from Joss and Main before. Of the two larger items (a dresser and two nightstands) we’ve ordered both have arrived been damaged. However, J&M was SO VERY easy to work with and absolutely made it right without making me feel I had to fight them. Given those customer service interaction I would still order from J&M. Their price points are more within my budget than some of the bigger style retailers (West Elm, Pottery Barn) but I can still get those stylish pieces. So it’s worth it for me to potentially hassle with a return or replacement, given that I feel confident that they will make it right.

    Also, I’ve purchased two couches and a recliner from LaZBoy in the last year. The blue tweed you show in your pick looks incredibly similar to our chair fabric, though ours is more teal-ish. I would not go with that fabric on a piece that gets daily wear again. It has pilled quite badly on the front of the seat. I know LaZBoy has a system to rate how many “rubs” a fabric can take before showing wear. We were careful to get a very durable fabric on the couches, but not as rigorous about the chair. :( Overall LaZBoy has been great, and we would definitely recommend them…just don’t let style sway you too far from durability!

  46. We bought a white/wheat colored sofa/chair from Lazy Boy….Lazy Boy furniture is the best in my opinion. I wanted white furniture, coming from dark green Yuck……but the fabric is Performance and you spot clean w/water and truly works. But, we have grandchildren 7,6 4, 2 and maybe should have bought a cheaper sofa till they got older but I had to have it….so for now, I’ll spot clean when necessary. Good Luck!

  47. Christy Keyton says:

    Hi Diane,

    I have had my slipcovered sofa for almost twenty years. In fact, I have four pieces of slipcovered furniture in my living room that are all that old! All of these pieces are from Rowe Furniture. Many of my friends have bought slipcovered furniture from Rowe after I have told them how comfortable and how durable my furniture has been. I have replaced the slipcovers once in twenty years,and they were washed many times. We raised eight kids with this furniture (along with an assortment of dogs) and it all looks brand new because it practically is! I found out a couple of years ago that not only do they keep the pattern for your pieces even after they are discontinued, but that you can replace the seat and back cushions for a VERY reasonable price. Last year, I bought a new slipcover and replaced all the cushions for MUCH less than buying a new sofa and the whole thing looks and feels brand new. I would highly encourage you to check out their line. This furniture set is one of the best investments I have ever made!

  48. Ummm….since you asked about quality with various brands of furniture….. I’m rather surprised that you’re considering recliners from Ashley Furniture. Even a company rep I spoke with says they make their funiture to last only about 5-7 years. While the price is lower than most other brands, it is reflected in the quality. The rep said they ‘cater’ to young people who are just starting out, often with small budgets, plan to upgrade later, but want to furnish their homes now.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think many of the Ashley items look great…but their quality (unless they’ve upgraded) isn’t meant for long(er) term use. Wouldn’t you be using your recliners a lot in that room?

    Maybe the splurge item would be the recliners rather than the sofa, if you think they’re going to be used more.

    OK…all that being said, the look you’re going for is going to be lovely. I love reading and seeing every blog post you do. I could easily move into your beautiful home in a heartbeat…of course I’d never get any work done with that gorgeous view! :-)

    Best of luck on your furniture purchases. Can’t wait to see the room :-)

  49. We have a leather sofa from Arhaus that we love! The seat and back are all one piece so it’s easy to keep clean and sit on without falling into “cracks”!

  50. Hi Diane! I have had PB basic sofa and loveseats for over 15 years! The skipvovers are amazing! With many kids, grandkids, and numerous guests they have served me well! Lousy you can wash them!!! I have purchased them with the down pillows. They are the best! They can be fluffed to return to their original shape. I have the comfort one with polyfilled but don’t retain their shape. So I vote for PB!!! Still trying to get in the slow lane?!

  51. Hi Diane,

    After recently purchasing a sofa, I can tell you that you may not like some of the lower arms on some of these sofas, like number 4 & 5, and also the back cushions on number 1 looks like they could fold in on you while trying to get comfy. I know this because I had a sofa that looked just like that one and unless the back cushion is attached, it will more than likely do this (from my experience).
    Lastly, about Joss & Main, they are the same company or somehow affiliated with Wayfair. When I shop with them, as I’ve done so many times and they are great, the items also show up in my Wayfair basket, so somehow they are connected.

    Good luck my friend!

    How you’re staying cool on the lake as it’s been so so hot here in the ATL.

  52. I had a slip covered sofa from Arhaus and used it for 13 yrs. It was expensive but well worth the money and held up well with daily wear in my family room. The cover washed well and I dried in the dryer till damp and replaced on the sofa and cushions.I replaced the sofa as I have back and neck issues and needed a firmer seat and back, but I do miss the snuggle one feels with a down cushion.

  53. I think the double sofa looks really nice, that would be my choice. The 3 cushion couch looks tooooo long. Also, with most slipcovers, after washing they need to be ironed or steamed….at least I do mine. So that would be less cushions to deal with. Love the recliner!!!! Whatever color you choose will be pretty…..I’m partial to stitching…it just makes it look classier ? My husband and I have been looking for a leather sofa for two years now!!!! We can’t seem to agree on our choices ? Our search goes on…..

  54. Carol Griffin says:

    Diane, not sure if you have checked the IKEA store in Charlotte but they do have a very nice sofa that also comes with a white slip cover….very much like the one at Pottery Barn. My daughter bought 2 of them for her family room and they are VERY comfortable and quite sturdy. Also, they definitely resemble the one at Pottery Barn and if I did not know the difference I would have thought my daughter had Pottery Barn sofas. Now, I am in the market for traditional looking chairs for my sunroom and am considering the white slipcovered ones at IKEA.

    1. I have the white slipcover from Ikea and love it!!!!!! I only paid $49.99 for a queen sleeper sofa! Very good quality!!!! It was for my moms lovely gold and cream ? couch ?

    2. Elisabeth says:

      I totally agree! We bought a very expensive sofa 8 years ago, from a local store where we live and have really liked it…. until last year I bought two Ikea Ecktorp sofas for another room. Well!!! They are so, so comfortable! Although our other sofa is very long, under a sun-soaked window, and perfect for having an afetrnoon snooze, or just stretching out while watching TV, we never do. All of us have commented on the fact we all stretch out on the Ecktorps. I had been looking at them for years, but dismissed them because of the cheaper price, thinking they may not be as good. They really are very good, and also have down overlaying high density foam. You can buy slipcovers in a range of colours and fabrics, and not just from Ikea.(See ebay). As your reader said, they are almost identical to the PB sofa in your picture. If you do a little research on them, read other people’s blogs (City Farmhouse comes to mind), you will get more information.
      Good luck Diane!

  55. I see what you mean by a three cushion sofa looking more formal than a two cushion sofa. I’ve never bought furniture on line…I have to sit in them for a bit before I choose. Good luck…love your choices! ;)

  56. Will Bellis says:

    Howdy, Diane. I HIGHLY recommend the the Ballard Designs “Baldwin” sofa. I’ve used them several times on projects and recently did the slipcovered pieces AND if you use one of their preferred fabrics for the slip cover they are really inexpensive AND they offer a Trade Discount (you probably know that already). Baldwin Slip Cover Sofa *****

  57. Love number four for myself! Buying a sofa is such surprisingly personal thing, isn’t it? I always read about those who buy sofas from Wayfair, Joss &Main, and Overstock. What if the sofa is too soft/deep/scratchy/unattractive in person? What does it cost to send it back? Oh well, you’ve made a lovely choice. Can’t wait to see it in your room.
    Oh by the way, ignore the trolls.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deb – Number #4 is from Crate & Barrel. When I lived in PA, there was a store near me that I used to browse in. I do like the styling of the sofa since it has a slightly more modern look than the 3 seaters, but like you said, What if the fabric is scratchy or the cushions hard and lumpy? I am not sure how much it costs to send a sofa back, but I am sure it is at least $100 or more. I am going to have to look into that cost.

  58. I love your blog, but you probably should have edited this post a bit.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Teri – It was late at night when I pressed publish. I usually wait until the morning to publish so I can proof-read a second time, but sometimes when I have been working on a post late at night my eyes glaze over and I don’t see typos. :-)

    2. Wow. That’s a bit unnecessary, don’t you think?