Almost Free DIY Christmas Cards That are Fun & Easy to Make

Save money this Christmas by putting rolls of unused holiday gift wrap or the scraps to good use to make colorful DIY Christmas cards. You don’t even have to be crafty to make these festive cards as they are so easy to make.

How to make handmade Christmas cards using postcards and holiday gift wrap.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my daughter Mandy came home for a few days.

Crafting area to make easy handmade Christmas cards

While we were watching a few holiday movies one afternoon, she set up a table in the living room and asked me if she could use some of the Christmas gift wrap I had stored with my Christmas decorations.

She had brought blank postcards and envelopes with her and wanted to make her own Christmas cards.

Finished Christmas card that has 3 trees cut out from gift wrap

She found what she needed along with a red and green marker and got to work.

When I saw what she was making, I knew I had to take photos so I could share the Christmas card idea with you.

She even made one for me. It is the first holiday card to place in my DIY Christmas card holder this year.

Frame the card to use as holiday wall art.

Even if you don’t send Christmas cards, consider making one Christmas tree card and framing it to create holiday art to place on a table easel or hang on a wall for your holiday decor.

This holiday card idea can also be made into smaller versions and used as gift tags. So let your style shine and create in your own style.

How to Make Your Own DIY Christmas Cards Tutorial

For the tree shape, Mandy used the template I used a few years ago to make Christmas tree paper chains to decorate the open shelves in my kitchen.

supplies needed:

  • Note cards and envelopes
  • Holiday gift wrap or scrapbook paper
  • Christmas tree shape pattern
  • Glue stick
  • Small pair of scissors
  • Thin tipped markers in colors to coordinate with gift wrap
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Eraser
Cut out Christmas tree shapes from holiday gift wrap

Helpful Tip:

To speed the tree cutting out process, layer gift wrap pieces into stacks of about 6- 10 pieces.

Place the tree pattern on top piece of gift wrap and trace the tree shape. Hold the stack together with one hand and cut out tree shape through all the layers.

Time needed: 3 hours

How to Use Holiday Gift Wrap Scraps to Make Christmas Cards

  1. Purchase Blank Postcards or Notecards

    Blank flat postcards with envelopes are sold at Michaels craft store and on Amazon. You can also use fold over note cards.

    white flat-note-cards-with-envelopes

  2. Print Out Christmas Tree Template

    Print or copy and paste the Christmas tree template below. Cut out. Depending on your printer configuration, you may have to adjust the size via your printer interface.
    Tree pattern to trace to make a paper chain Christmas tree

  3. Trace Tree Shape

    Place your gift wrap on work surface and then place the tree pattern on top of gift wrap. Using a pencil, trace around the tree and then cut out using a small pair of scissors.

    How to make simple Christmas cards using gift wrap.

  4. Center One Tree on Card

    Use a glue stick to attach the center tree on the card first. Use your fingers to make sure it is adhered, then add a tree to either side of the center tree.

    glue gift wrap cut out trees onto card

  5. Optional: Outline Trees

    Use a thin marker to outline the tree shapes as shown below.

    outline the cutout gift wrap trees on card.

  6. Add Your Greeting

    Using your own handwriting – write your greeting under the trees.

    Helpful Tip: Use a pencil to write this on the card to make sure the words are centered. Once you like it, then go over with the marker.

    Use a soft pencil eraser to remove the pencil lines.

    How to make a simple and inexpensive Christmas card using holiday gift wrap.

  7. Repeat the Process

    Depending on how many cards you plan to send out for the holiday season, repeat the process.

    Mix and match the gift wrap you use as well as the maker colors to make each card as unique as you like.

    A collection of DIY Christmas cards on a table.

By making your own handmade Christmas cards you can customize without spending much money. Best of all you will be able to share a piece of yourself with your friends and family this Christmas.

Make your own Festive Christmas cards using holiday gift wrap.

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  1. Mick the Trash-Talking Diva says:

    HA! A few days ago, when I was sorting thru the Christmas deco I came across Christmas cards I’d saved from last yr.(?). I repurposed them (cut off the backs, leaving a 1/4″ so I could replace them with glued on cardstock). There were only 4 cards so I’ll be using Mandy’s idea to create more cards.
    Thank you!

  2. Wow, I love how your gift of creativity! So many next generation seem to buy &”pay for” everything that my husband & I always diy’d. Such a lovely way to spend time together, watching movies & crafting!

    1. Oops, should read: I love how your daughter has inherited your gift of creativity….

  3. Sue Bauman says:

    Very pretty outcome! It’s apparent that Mandy has inherited your creative-skills genes!

  4. Christine Reilly says:

    I love these! Looks like she inherited her mom’s creativity!!

  5. too cute! perfect for kids and adults.

  6. Barb Dudas says:

    Wow these are so cute – she learned well from her mom!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Barb – As the saying goes… The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. :-). XO

  7. This is cute and clever!! I’ll be making some for family 💜. Thank you to you and your daughter😊🎄

    1. What a great idea as well as a wonderful way to use all those paper scraps! This would be a good project for adults and kids. Great way to keep the kids busy at this time of year also.

  8. What a clever idea! Isn’t it great that your daughter inherited your same creative spirit? My daughter did and her children have done so, too!

  9. Linda Smith says:

    Looks like she’s taking right after her Mama! What a fun idea!