Dining Room Drapes From Barn & Willow

When I arrived home recently, a package from Barn & Willow was waiting for me.  I was excited to open it since I knew what it was…


…new dining room drapes…and not just any drapes, but beautiful Belgian linen drapes custom made exactly the way I wanted. 

A few weeks ago, Barn & Willow’s founder, Trisha Roy, contacted me to see if I would be interested in her drapery line of gorgeous Belgian Linen drapes.

You may remember I recently took down the white curtain panels I had in the room. They had yellowed and it was time to say adieu.


I repainted the room and left the windows bare. I knew I wanted something simple and elegant, but figured since we don’t need privacy in the room, the search for new drapes could wait until I could find something I truly loved.

I like subtle treatments for my windows. This is especially true in my dining room where I like the focus to be on the table, food, and people around it. I learned this over many years of decorating.

I found when I had patterned window treatments that coordinated with the room’s color scheme, I always had to coordinate the table setting to the room and not the occasion. Doing this always felt off to me.

I learned that to make the most of the table setting and food, I needed to leave the decor in the room neutral. This allows me to add occasion or seasonal decor and color to the room without it clashing with a color scheme.

Since we only use this room around the holidays or on special occasions this made even more sense.


When the email from Trisha arrived in my inbox it felt like the “decorating-powers-that-be” sent her my way.  :-)



If you are unfamiliar with Barn & Willow, they are an online-only brand that exclusively offers 100% Belgian linen drapes in different styles, textures, weights, and colors at affordable prices.

I chose unlined sheer Belgian Linen in Off white.  I didn’t want anything to block the light.  These sheers gently filter the light in the late afternoon when the sun comes glaring in.

With the “holiday-ready” time clock ticking, it was nice that the drapes were custom made to my specs.  Their artisans custom stitch every drapery to your specifications to perfectly fit your style. I didn’t have to sew a thing.  All I needed to do was press each panel and hang them.


The drapes come rod pocket style, which can be hung on rings or slid directly onto the rods.


Drapery hooks are included that you can easily attach along the ribbon on the top back of each panel.


I initially thought I would use the rod pocket, put then decided to use clip-on rings.  I made the curtain rods using vintage glass doorknobs. You can find the post here: Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods.


I love the classy, casual, breezy look and feel of the unlined linen.  The off-white color is perfect with just a hint of warmth. It is cold outside now, but I look forward to when I can open the windows and let the breeze billow them into the room.

With the new drapes, the wall between the windows needed something.  I decided to go shopping around my house to find something to place there.  I found the chalkboard in my mudroom.

It looks much better here since it was on a wall that gets hidden behind a door in the mudroom.  I will have a lot more fun with it here in the dining room.  I will have to get something drawn on it for Thanksgiving.


The linen drapes beautifully and feels soft and luxurious.   I wanted each panel to slightly puddle on the floor, but you can have them made to just skim the floor, land on the sill, or puddle fully on the floor.  Custom made means you get exactly what you want. Trisha will make sure of it.

I keep looking into the room so I can see how the drapes look – you know how you do that when you get something new?  They are exactly what the room needed to feel light and airy – yet warm and cozy.   They are making me smile…simple and perfect for my style.

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I partnered with Barn & Willow and received the Belgian linen drapes for my dining room in exchange for my review and post.  All opinions are my own.

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  217. I really love the drapes you selected. My living room is rather dark, so I think these would lighten it up considerably. I think I would choose the same thing you did.

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    I have subscribed to Barn & Willow’s newsletter and I am now following them on both Pintrest and Instagram. I would “like” them on facebook but I don’t have one, it’s the thought that counts :). I’ve been browsing the website and I reall love the Belgian textured linen drapery in shale and the Patch and Appliqué Pillow collection has really caught my eye. I really enjoy your blog, thank you for all your inspiration.

  219. These drapes are lovely. I just subscribed to their newsletter and would love a pair for my living room.

  220. And I looked at the collection and I have to say my favorite is just what you picked! Currently I have something similar from Pottery Barn on my main windows, but they’re white and I think I’d much prefer the off white- they look so soft and billowy!

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    Belgian sheer linen–so beautiful!

  225. Joan Somers says:

    I’m loving the Belgian Linen Flax drapes. They’re all beautifully neutral colors so it’s hard to choose.

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    I’m a kitchen towel junkie so I love the vintage linen towels on Pinterest (following).

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    I really enjoyed the tour of the factory in Portugal on facebook. My daughter has visited and I am hoping to go sometime. It’s a beautiful area.

  228. I would probably choose the sheers in off white.

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    The off white linen drape may be just the thing to get me started on a much needed redecoration of my master bedroom.

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    All done! Happy Thanksgiving!

  250. Surfed around the Barn & Willow website, and I really like the Indigo Khadi and Fall Colors Patch Pillow Covers as well as the Belgian Textured Linen Drapes in Flax.

  251. I just signed up for Barn and Willow’s newsletters. Thanks for helping me discover them!

  252. This is a lovely offer. I could so easily spend it there. Love the Marigold pillow – subtly dramatic.

  253. I seem to love everything B & W has, but I to love the Belgian Linen in Off White. It would be amazing to see them in my dining room too!

  254. Follow Barn & Willow on Pinterest: check

  255. I would have a hard time choosing which throw pillow to choose with the gift cards, but ir would be so much FUN at the same time! Thanx for the giveaway opportunity….

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    Love your new drapes, the room looks perfect! I do believe if I were lucky enough to win my choice would be the textured oatmeal linen drapes! Thanks for this opportunity!

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  271. I love the linen drapery in Oyster! It would complement my family room so well! Very pretty!

  272. I love those draperies, so pretty and simple. Just the right touch. Thanks for a great giveaway!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  273. Cheri Oggy says:

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    1. Just liked B&W on facebook. Thanks!

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  282. Chantel Tuner says:

    I simply cannot decide! I know I would spruce up my office so I would choose to use the ORANGE PALASH pillow covers to give my existing square pillows a fresh and vibrant color in the room. I would also purchase the BELGIAN LINEN DRAPERY in OYSTER. The Oyster color is in the same color group as my walls and floor tiles, but lighter to really pop in the room and like in your room — really allow the light to still shine through. I too do not have blinds in my office. It also marries nicely with the Orange Palash pillow colors too!

    Now I must shop for a new floor rug! I love redecorating!

  283. Andie Lennox says:

    I looked over the products on Barn and Willow and I love the sheer linen. But I just noticed that they don’t ship to Canada. :( Too bad. Thanks tho.

    1. I love the look of these drapes and live in Canada as well. I found this on their site and hope it will help you.

      Do you ship to Europe & Canada?

      Yes, We ship to most of the countries in Europe and Canada. Shipping charges apply (anywhere between $25-$50)

  284. Erin Kaven says:

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    Yes, I subscribed to their newsletter… you know it! Liked (loved) them on Facebook. :)
    Thanks for the heads up and enjoy your drapes! I can completely imagine a warm breeze blowing in the windows making the room look supremely wispy and elegant.

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