Out of the Box Gift Wrapping Ideas

Ready, Set, Go….. With lots of gift wrapping ideas in my head I am Ready to Wrap! 


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was one of 8 finalists in the Scotch Brand 17th annual Most Gifted Gift Wrapper contest.   I could win $10,000!


The contest is this Friday in NYC.  I will be heading up there tomorrow.

I like to create present presence and to think out of the box when coming up with gift wrapping ideas.  If you look up at my navigation bar under my blog logo, you will see a tab for Celebrate – if you click on that you will see – Gift wrap.   This is where you will find all my gift wrapping ideas and  posts.

Since I have been spending a lot of time with my dad – thanks for all the heartfelt notes  XO,   I did not have time to get the new ideas I had planned, created – so I rounded up a few of my past gift wrapping posts to inspire you as you prepare to wrap your gifts this holiday season.

Many of the ideas I have rounded up, were created for many different occasions, but all can be done for the holidays with holiday papers and themes.

1 giftwrap Easy-Giftwrap-Idea

This is my go-to wrap when I need something last minute. Glitter tulle is so simple to use and adds a lot of impact to any style wrapping paper.  I find the best wrapping paper at Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and just this week at The Dollar Tree!


  Cut-up last year’s Christmas cards and make them into gift tags.

1 giftwrap Holiday-gift-wrap-Ideas

Satin ribbon, yarn, along with embellishments of jingle bells or vintage pins and earrings wrap it up in elegant ease.

Pink-CircleNo gift wrap – in a pinch, raid your pantry for some freezer or butcher paper.  Works beautifully.


Wine Bottle Wrap can be done super fast with a pair of scissors and ribbon.

1 giftwrap Ribbon-Spool-Gift-Boxes

Ribbon Spool Boxes are made from the cardboard spools that ribbon comes on.   Some ribbon and a few button embellishments turn them into festive vessels to hold small items.

1 gift Victorias-Secret-G-Rated gift box

A tin can and a recycled Victoria’s Secret box becomes a Tissue paper flower topped gift box


1 giftwrap Giftbags-with-monogam-gift tags

Monogram Gift bags   Make a style statement this year and put every gift into the same type and color bag. In mass they will look quite festive.   Create monograms of the recipients on your computer and print them out on card stock.   Cut each out and punch a hole in them and simply tie on the bags with colorful ribbon.



Store bought gift bags are fast and easy – take a minute and reinvent one to make it extra special simply by adding an item listed in this post.

1 gift wrap Barbie-Purse-Complete

Make this using a file folder and foil!  Fun for the girls in your life.  Clutch Gift bag


I made this with a file folder, too. It is super easy!  Handbag gift bag tutorial.


 Film-Canisters Gift Wrap Idea

Trash to Treasure: Re-use plastic film canisters by transforming them into decorative gift containers.


Punch a hole in the top and thread a loop of ribbon through it so that you can hang them them on your Christmas tree.


Place money or a small gift inside.  Make one for each child and have them search the tree to find  after they have opened all their presents that are under the tree.

1 git wrap Brown-dot-envelope_1

Giving money? Tickets to a show? A gift card? Embellish an envelope using one of these ideas.   Or one of these –  One of a kind gift envelopes



Need to wrap something long?  Try using a paper towel or gift wrap tube.



Get a little help from your computer, print out images or names using your computer and printer paper to make your own gift wrap.


1 giftbag Petite-Boxes-for-Gift-giving

Mini boxes that look like Petit Fours are almost as special as the gift you put inside.

Organization Completed-giftwrap-frame

Last, but not least – a place to store and organize all the giftwrap

See you back here tomorrow for a very white and shiny post.






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  1. Good luck!! I will be in NYC on Friday as well, but just as a tourist to see all the Christmas goodies :) Can’t wait to hear how you make out and see what new ideas you come home with!

  2. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips says:

    I’m betting on you easily placing first in the contest. Hands down!

  3. Finally, some ideas to use up my stash of pill bottles and canisters! I used to have to test blood sugar several times a day and saved a ton of the little canisters the test strips came in. I lost 110 lbs, so I no longer use them, but I have that stash and the ideas for film canisters will due nicely. Good luck to you and your excellent ideas!

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I so very hope for and wish you win. As far as I am concerned you ARE the very best Gift Wrapper ever!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Sheryl XO I will post about it next week. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Great ideas! Good luck this weekend! ;)

  6. Good luck in NYC! I’ll be rooting for you!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jamie – Thanks :) I will post about it next week. Happy Thursday!

  7. Best of luck in the contest! Hope you win!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Faye XO

  8. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Awesome ideas! Thanks for all the fun ways to wrap up my Christmas this year. I HATE using gift bags… no creativity! I’m giving my kids Starbucks gift certificates in those great cups! SO FUN!!!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Yvonne – Great gift – my girls would love these too! They are huge coffee drinkers and give me a hard time because I drink decaf. No hi-test for me. I will have to swing by my local Starbucks to see what fun and festive designs they have this year on the mugs and travel cups.