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Creative Ways to Give Cash or Gift Cards

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Creative and affordable ways to give cash or gift cards.

It is the time of year when many of us will be giving the gift of money to graduates or newlyweds. Good manners require you to follow protocol – you put a check into a card, seal the envelope, and hand it to the recipient.

Creative manners allow you to follow your spirit. When you express yourself by putting a little extra thought into what you give, those around you will say, “Now that’s how things should be done” or “Why didn’t I think of that?

Instead of giving the card in the plain envelope that comes with the card – here are some super easy ways to make embellished envelopes that will make your gift have a lot more present presence. You probably have all the items you need for embellishing in your craft supplies.

Easy and Creative Ways to Give Cash or Gift Cards

How to make a ruffled floral embellsihment for a envelope

Frilly Using tissue paper scraps, cut a 2″ diameter from 6 layers of tissue paper to create a disk.  Attach this to the center flap with an eyelet and eyelet punch.

With scissors make vertical cuts around the edge of the layers of tissue paper to form petals.  Fluff with your finger.  Hot glue a bead, button, or decorative item onto the center. Seal envelope as usual. 

How to embellish a plain envelope

If you don’t want frilly, you can layer decorative paper and cut it into any shape you desire and attach the same way. 

How to decorate a plain envelope

A Little Bit of Luxe– Wrap a strip of decorative gift-wrap around the envelope.  Use a glue stick to attach.  Wrap coordinating cording around the envelope a few times and tie in a knot. Knot faux pearls onto the ends of the cord.


How to Embelliah a plain envelope

Buckled Up– If you have a small buckle you can thread ribbon through it and use as a fashionable closure.  Glue one end of the ribbon to the center of the buckle, looping around the center and gluing on underside of ribbon.

Put a small dab of hot glue on the back of the buckle while holding the ribbon above (to keep free of the glue) and glue to center bottom of flap.

Wrap ribbon around the envelope and thread the other end of the ribbon through the buckle.  Trim the end of ribbon, if necessary.

How to weave ribbon through an envelope

Tie It Closed – Use scalloped scissors to create a new edge on the envelopes flap.  Cut slits to weave ribbon – Cut two vertical slits – 1/4″ apart from each other with a craft knife on bottom of flap.

Make sure the slits are cut long enough for ribbon to go through without getting bunched up.  Cut two slits parallel with each other and 1/4″ apart on each side of the envelope about 1/4″ from the edges and in line with the slits on flap. 

Weave ribbon around the envelope, threading through the slits so that the ends come out of the center slits on back.  Tie excess into a bow.

How to embelliah a plain envelope with ribbon

Snippets and Brass – Spread ends of a brass fastener and center on 3 – 4 inches of ribbon. Cinch center of ribbon and pinch fastener ends around ribbon.

Place fastener ends through hole punched in center bottom of envelope’s flap.  Spread fastener out on underside of flap. Trim ends of the ribbon.  Seal envelope as usual.

Handbag envelope

The Ultimate Accessory – Make a handle for the envelope with ribbon or cord. 

Handbag Envelope

Punch two holes in the top, one on each side along the crease as shown.  Thread ribbon through and knot on inside of envelope. Voila! you have created a chic little purse.

Beaded Edge Envelope

Beaded– Hot glue a line of small beads to the flaps edge.

Bow tie envelope

Wedding Bow – Punch two holes on the bottom section of envelope’s flap.  Draw the holes onto body of the envelope and then make two holes on body, making sure they line up with flap holes.

Thread 8″ of tulle or ribbon through the holes so the ends of the ribbon come out of the outside of the envelopes.

Begin to tie the bow, before making loops, thread a beaded shank style button onto tulle. Finish tying bow. Primp loops and cut ends of ribbon if necessary.  Seal as usual

How to embelliah a mailing envelope

Don’t forget – you can embellish large mailing envelopes, too.

All of the ideas here use existing envelopes. If you want to make your own envelopes out of a variety of papers, you can see ideas in another post I have on creative ways to give cash or gift cards.

You will find it here: One of a Kind Gift Envelopes

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  1. A Little bit of Lux~might just be my fave. Although they are all wonderful ideas.
    fun~fun~fun~ Great post Diane. I know I will use a lot of these.
    Have a Great weekend, Cindy

  2. These are all great ideas! This is definitely the time of year when these would come in handy.

    1. Hi Kathy-

      I have been thinking about this post for a few weeks and figured I had some time, but as we all know, time flies- and here we are at the start of graduation and wedding season. I have two graduations so far this season, but that could change.