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How to Festively Wrap a Loaf Cake to Give as a Gift

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If you like to bake loaf cakes and bread to share and give your friends and family over the holidays, here are two ways you can festively wrap a loaf cake to give as a gift.

Deciding to edit some of the holiday rituals a bit this year was a great decision. I have found I have much more time to enjoy the Christmas traditions I truly enjoy instead of rushing around and trying to do everything… perfectly. I highly recommend it… edit the holidays to bring more joy into the season.

One holiday tradition that I kept is baking for family and friends. Baking Christmas cookies and Old-Fashioned Lemon Pound Cake… some years literally by the pound.  When baking goodies for family, I simply place them on a cake plate since I know they will be eaten in a day or two.

When baking for friends or as something to give to a holiday party hostess…

Parchment paper wrapped old fashioned lemon pound cakeHow to Festively Wrap a Loaf Cake to Give as a Gift

…I usually try to make whatever I bake look holiday festive with some gift wrap and jingle bells.

This year I used…

…parchment paper, black and white plaid gift wrap I found at HomeGoods, a printed tag I made on my computer and a sprig of cedar from my yard.

To keep this post organized and not too long, I shared the recipe in a separate post. Here is the link to the pound cake recipe:

How to Festively Wrap a Pound Cake or Any Loaf Cake or Bread

supplies needed: 

  • Parchment paper
  • Gift wrap
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Jingle Bells
  • Wire or jewelry making jump-rings
  • Snippet of greenery from yard
Out of the oven Old Fashioned Lemon Pound Cake
  1. Once cake is cool, lay on a piece of parchment paper that is cut large enough to wrap around the loaf.
How to use parchment paper to wrap a pound cake or loaf of bread to give as a gift

2. Wrap parchment paper around loaf and place the two top edges of paper together and fold over a few times until the folds reach the top of the cake. Smooth folds flat with hand.

3. Fold ends as you would when wrapping a gift box, but do not use tape to secure as it does not stick on parchment paper. Folded parchment on ends will be secured by ribbon in upcoming step.

How to wrap a pound cake or loaf of bread with gift wrap to give as a hostess gift.

4. Cut a piece of gift wrap about 5″ wide x 16″ long or enough to wrap around the loaf. Use tape to secure ends of gift wrap to each other on underside of loaf. Tape does stick to gift wrap. :-)

How to wrap backed goods for holiday gift giving.

5. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around loaf, for a 10″ long loaf pan, I needed 45″ of ribbon.

6. Thread 3 jingle bells on a piece of craft wire or a large silver jump ring. If using wire, thread bells on and twist ends to make a small wire circle in the middle of the bells. Use this circle to thread the bells on the ribbon.

7. Make gift tag and thread on one end of ribbon. Thread the jingle bells on ribbon.

Pretty gift wrapped lemon pound cake with ribbon and jingle bells

8.  Place center of ribbon on top of loaf, bring ends of ribbon to back, flip loaf over and cross ribbons and then bring the ribbon ends back to the top of the loaf.

Tie ribbon and place tag and jingle bell on. Tie loops into bow and snip ribbon ends if needed. Tuck a sprig of greenery under knot on bow.

How to Gift Wrap Fresh Baked Mini Loaves of Cake or Bread

Mini loaf pans filled with Old Fashioned Lemon Pound Cake batter

I have used these mini loaf pans for making this pound cake for 35 years!  They are a nice alternative to giving Christmas cookies.

Oven fresh mini loaves of Old Fashioned Lemon Pound Cake

Once the mini pound cakes are baked and cooled, instead of wrapping them the same way I do a regular size loaf style cake. I use brown paper lunch bags.

How to wrap mini loaves of cake or bread

I like the classic brown bag, but at the craft store you can buy any color imaginable.

How to Use a Bag to Gift Wrap a Mini Cake or Bread Loaf

How to punch a hole in a bag to use as a gift bag for baked goods.
  1. Cut the top 4″ off of bag.
  2. Open bag and place on table. Fold over top edges of bag 1-inch.
  3. Use a paper hole punch to punch a hole in the center of the folded top. When unfolded, you will have two holes as shown.
holiday baked goods placed in a brown paper bag with jingle bells to give as a hostess gift.
  1. Wrap mini pound cake in wax paper and tape edges closed. Tape does stick to wax paper.
  2. Place wrapped pound cake in bag.
  3. Fold top over and thread ribbon through holes. Place tag and jingle bells on ribbon and tie ribbon into a knot. Trim ends of ribbon. Tuck a piece of greenery into knot.  Add a tiny bit of hot glue to hold greenery if needed.

How to Make Gift Tag Label

No gift is complete with out a gift tag. This is especially true when giving baked goods as a place to write what it is you baked.

I made the labeled tags for my gift wrapped pound cakes using my computer and MS Word.  I made a sheet that you can download. I used my Fiskars Paper trimmer to cut them out, but scissors work just as well.

Free fonts used: American Typewriter Regular | Introblues Script Regular

Get the .pdf for the tags here:  Old-Fashioned Pound Cake Tags

How to wrap a loaf cake or bread for Christmas

More Holiday Hostess Food Gifts To Make:

More Creative Ways to Embellish Gifts

how to wrap a loaf cake or bread to give as a gift

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  1. Thank you for the wrapping ideas. They are much better than mine. I make mini banana nut breads every year for 2 of my neighbors and my mail carrier. Such a little thing to do and they are so appreciative.

  2. Wait Diane!! did I miss the recipe?
    I love that you share how to wrap the breads too! They look so special!!
    thank you!

    1. Hi Sharon – No you did not miss the recipe. I will be posting it later tonight. Since there are two projects in the post – a recipe and a gift wrap idea. It is better for my site organization to keep these separate and easier for readers to find what they are looking for in the future. Stay tuned. :-)

  3. Love this idea. I have bookmarked this, doing this next year. That pound cake looks absolutely delicious, I will be stopping by haha! Thanks for a wonderful and simple idea, I would love to receive this!

  4. Hi Diane,

    I just stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and I am thrilled that this happened. I have enjoyed every newsletter so far and look forward to the ones I know will come in my future emails.

    You are very talented and creative. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and tips.

    1. Thanks Sue – I enjoy creating and making everything I see look as best I can using simple items. I am not very good at anything that involves math or analytical, but I can do pretty. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.