Chinese Almond Cookies

I have a cookie recipe for you today. Chinese Almond Cookies are delish and easy to make, plus since they bake up flat, they can be easily stacked in a bag or box, making them easy to give for Christmas gift giving.

Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe

Around this time every year I search for new Christmas cookies to make and give. Over the past 10 + years I have been going to an annual holiday cookie exchange that my friend hosts. One winner was Pecan Cherry Cookies.  Another were what I called The Easiest Christmas Cookies I Ever Made.

I always try to make something with a wow factor, but I find my efforts never turn out or look as good as the photo in the magazine or cookbook shows.

How to Make Chinese Almond Cookies

Kitchen Aid Mixer whipping up Chinese Almond Cookies

Over the years, I found the best cookies and the tastiest are always the simplest ones to make. They are the ones everyone grabs.

I am sharing one of those cookie recipes with you today…one of my faves… Chinese Almond Cookies.

Cookie Baking tips making Chinese Almond Cookies

If you like almonds, you will love these cookies, if you love easy… ditto!

Cookies to make for Christmas

There is a surprise ingredient in them – you have the option to use water, gin or vodka. I have tried each and think when I make them with gin they taste the best.

Christmas cookie baking idea

I like sprinkling them with sanding sugar, but you can simply place an almond on the center of each cookie before baking.

Cookie baking tips

In under 10 minutes, they are done and ready for consumption.

Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe

Be prepared for a few to disappear before they have even cooled.

Chinese Almond Cookies


  • 1/2 cup whole almonds
  • 1 cup sifted flour
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 Tbs. gin vodka, or water
  • Sanding sugar or sprinkles


  • Finely chop or grind almonds.
  • Thoroughly cream butter and sugar.
  • Stir flour with baking powder and salt and add to creamed mixture.
  • Stir in remaining ingredients.
  • Form dough into small balls on a greased or parchment lined cookie sheet.
  • Press with a back of a large spoon to flatten each ball
  • Sprinkle with white or colored sanding sugar or sprinkles.
  • Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until very lightly golden.

Cookies Make Great Holiday Hostess Gifts

  • Place them in a gift wrapped box to keep them from getting crushed and then give them as hostess gifts this holiday season.
  • If you don’t have a box to use, check your pantry for empty plastic-wrap or foil boxes. Their long, thin shape is perfect for holding a batch of cookies.
  • Simply glue gift wrap to the cardboard and line the inside with tissue paper. Add a bow and you have one very affordable and pretty gift.

Looking for more holiday hostess or a food gift ideas? 

Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe . These are not only delish, but so easy to make. Better make a double batch because once they are made... they will be consumed fast. They also make a great hostess gift when place in a pretty box tied with a ribbon. | In My Own Style

My recommendation – grab a few of these delicious cookies and a cup of tea and explore other holiday decorating ideas.

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  1. I was wondering if you could used almond meal or pre chopped almonds that you find in the baking section? Would that work rather than chopping your own? If so, would it be 1/2 cup of the pre chopped as well? Thanks in advance! They look great!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Tracey – Yes, I think you can use Almond Meal. It is 100% Almonds. I never have, but like you said, it would save a lot of chopping. I think the recipe is old before Almond Meal was even a thing. :-)

      1. Thanks, Diane! I am going to try them. They look delicious!

  2. Diane Richards says:


    Thanks for this opportunity and for the easy cookie recipes.

  3. Love the crystal blue!

  4. Toni Masaitis says:

    Tangerine!! My favorite color orange. It was my mother’ favorite color when she was my age.

  5. Thanks for offering this beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer! The Almond Cream would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen!

  6. Oh how I would love to make a batch of your yummy cookies in a brand new bright red Kitchen-Aid mixer! Wouldn’t it make anyone’s kitchen much more festive for Christmas?

  7. Kari Coffey says:

    I’d love to have one of these in Contour Silver, so sleek. I’ve used these before and would love to have one of my own!

  8. Christina williams says:

    Silver or black. But any color would improve my baking skills!

  9. Faye Scharber says:

    I think I would pick Aqua Sky! I love Kitchen Aid mixers!

  10. I would choose the contour silver to match other appliances.

  11. kathy barger says:

    I did not know that Kitchen Aid mixers came
    in so many pretty colors. I think I would choose
    the Almond Cream.

  12. Ali Celestino says:

    If I won I would choose the Silver Metallic .

  13. Nancy Hrba says:

    I would like the silver one and would love to win this. Also, I may have to make these
    for my Holiday Cookie Exchange party. Thanks for the sharing!

  14. Margaret Langenberg says:

    I would choose Majestic yellow as my yellow is my mother’s favorite color. My mother will be 90 year’s old next month and she came to live with me. She is still active and turned my kitchen over to her to have something to do. This would be a great welcome to your new kitchen present plus a wonderful 90th birthday present.

  15. Jeanne A. says:

    One of the blues won my heart. “Ice” has a retro vibe that I love.

  16. My heart goes pitty pat for Bordeaux!

  17. Sugar Pearl Silver…. because my grandmother’s name was Pearl. She used a stand mixer when teaching my sister and I how to bake Christmas cookies. I’d love for my grandchildren to have similar memories…. :)

  18. Vicky Wardlaw says:

    The Crystal Blue would be perfect in my kitchen! I’d hand my white one down to my daughter in law!

  19. I’d go with silver metallic – love me some bling!

  20. Carole Larsen says:

    Silver metallic would be my favorite choice. I have wanted one for so long and even got my daughter one for Christmas last year. Maybe now is my turn to have one? Thanks Diane and congrats on your new home.

  21. So many beautiful colors! I think I’d choose Aqua sky.

  22. I am loving Blue Willow. I am also looking forward to your future projects!

  23. Metallic chrome says happy birthday to me!

  24. I would choose Metallic Chrome. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway!

  25. Deborah D says:

    I would love the color Aqua Sky! Really enjoy your blog!!

  26. I really enjoy your blog! I would love a green apple mixer. Thank you and good luck with your move!

  27. Silver metallic, please! I’m looking forward to your next chapter with the move!

  28. I have never owned a Kitchen Aid; it would be beautiful in cornflower blue!
    Love your blog!

  29. Judy Tiburske says:

    Thank you for the cookie recipe. If I were to win I would choose Contour Silver. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness in your new home.

  30. I would choose RED! I have been slowly transforming my kitchen into reds and blues.

  31. Michelle J. says:

    I would choose the artisan red. It’s gorgeous!

  32. First of all, thanks for the opportunity! I would love to have a KitchenAid in Ice… or Empire Red. Wish you a great move, and I’m looking forward to the new DIY projects you’ll have to share with us soon. :)

  33. This is too hard to choose! I love the caviar color and the empire red both…. Caviar I guess!

  34. I would love to use the Aqua Sky mixer in my holiday baking. I’ve enjoyed your blog. Good luck with your move.

  35. Julia @ It's Always Ruetten says:

    My kitchen is red, so I’m leaning towards red, but maybe white or silver so that it’s neutral for any future changes.Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win!

  36. Rebecca Lear says:

    I would love the contour silver color of mixer!

  37. Christine says:

    I would choose green apple or pear because I love anything green. The cookies sound so good!! Good luck with the packing and move.

  38. I would choose the aqua sky because it would add a touch of retro fun to my kitchen.

  39. Peggy Savage says:

    Those cookies sound yummy. The Empire Red mixer would add the perfect pop of color in my kitchen.

  40. The cookies are a definite to spice things up a bit –
    and I’d choose Metallic Chrome! Merry Christmas to me if I win!

  41. I’ll definitely try this recipe at our family cookie bake. I know the Empire Red mixer will put us all in the spirit of the holiday!. The perfect birthday present for my daughter on November 12!

  42. Cheryl DeMarco says:

    Those cookies look yummy! I will try them! And I love the Buttercup mixer.

  43. Those cookies sound so yummy. I am loving that Bordeaux color and have my fingers crossed. Thanks for hosting.

  44. Rebecca B says:

    I will definitely try these cookies. I think my daughter could make them – she’s 8. I would love to have a new KitchenAid in Pistachio. Have fun with the move!!

  45. Susan Martin says:

    I would love to win a Kitchen Aid stand mixer in Tangerine. I think that color would make me smile every time I looked at it. I would love to have one! You cookies look yummy!!

  46. I would love to get a white stand mixer for my daughter for Christmas. She has started baking and likes my old mixer so I want to get her one of her own!

  47. Cornflower blue would look so nice in my kitchen.

  48. Paige Coggin says:

    Can’t wait to try cookie recipe. I love white, please and thank you.

  49. Deborah Schroder says:

    I would love one in Blue Willow to go in my new townhouse.

  50. Theresa J says:

    I would love the majestic yellow

  51. Aimée Marino says:

    I would love a grape coloured standing mixer. I’ve never had one before and my dream kitchen would be complete with a purple mixer!

  52. Elise Marino says:

    I would like corn flower blue. Congatulations on your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get it decoated in your own style.

  53. Brenda Stallcop says:

    I love the green apple. It perfectly matches my renovated kitchen in my 75 year old home. The wainscoting is painted Macintosh!

  54. I’d choose Aqua Sky. It reminds me of my grandma’s appliances from years ago!

  55. Sandy Patrick says:

    green apple looks good t me & have to try cookies tomorrow

  56. Emily Smith says:

    I would choose the Crystal Blue. Such a beautiful color!

  57. Sandy Patrick says:

    great recipie green apple looks great!

  58. Melanie C. says:

    I’m torn between the Ice color and the lavender.

  59. Heather Anne says:

    Congratulations on your new home! Packing and moving is a huge job, but I am excited to see how you will make your new abode just your style!
    Your cookies look so yummy and meet my criteria for simple ingredients and a simple method – perfection! I cannot believe that KitchenAid has 20 colors now! I was drooling over ‘ice; but than I saw ‘aqua sky’ and I was completely smitten!

  60. Debbie Jorgensen says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love reading your blog so much. Your style makes me smile and I can’t wait to see what you are going to do to your new home! Thank you for brightening my day.
    By the way, I love the ice color. I have drooled over this mixer for a long time!!

  61. I think I might go with the classic Empire Red. It’s such a pretty and warm color for the kitchen!

  62. Kathi Jordan says:

    I like the caviar or the blue willow

  63. Meringue is so pretty! White, but special. It reminds me of the meringue cookies I used to make for Christmas with my grandmother. Now I make them with my daughters. This mixer would be perfect!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. Hi Diane,
    So happy for you and your husband! Can’t wait to see your magic touch on your new home!

    Ice wins for me!


  65. Kathy Barte says:

    Hi Diane,

    If I were lucky enough to win ,I would choose Contour Silver.

    Congratulations on your dream house.

  66. Alexandra Francis says:

    ICE is my fav!

  67. Cheryl Francis says:

    I love the Corn Flower Blue so much!!

  68. I like the pink !! So cute

  69. Angela Eastman says:

    I like the silver gray it seams to go with everything.

  70. Wow! What a cool give-away!
    I would choose contour silver.

  71. Ooh, the lavender or deep pink would be amazing!! :)

  72. I like the crystal blue. This would be great for cookie dough that make my hand mixer very cranky.

  73. Janice McElhone says:

    Aqua Sky!! So pretty.

  74. Ann Ratcliffe says:

    I would choose the red one it is so bright and cheerful. This holiday will be rough the first one without Mom.

  75. I would love a Canopy Green one, my current one is loosing steam (it was a used one that was gifted to me as a wedding present 8 years ago, so it’s at least 9 years old). As always i love your blog and really want to try this recipe. Good luck with the move :)

  76. marcia evans says:

    White … always classic in my book! Love your website, can’t wait to see the new lake house!

  77. I would choose Cornflower Blue. A Kitchen Aid is a nice helper in the kitchen.

  78. Stacey Roberson says:

    I would love to have a KitchenAid in Contour Silver. Such great colors to choose from.

  79. B Humphrey says:

    I am dreaming of a White Kitchen; so a Kitchen Aid Mixer in White would be my color of choice. Thank you for the opportunity!

  80. Pistachio is what my daughter would love to find under the tree from Santa!

  81. The grey looks classy, I think.


  82. I have wanted one of these for so long!!!!!!!!!!! The blue is cute!

  83. Cornflower Blue! Can’t wait to try these cookies! Definitely on our holiday to do list.

  84. Christa H. says:

    Bordeaux because who doesn’t like to have a nice glass of wine while whipping up something delicious in the kitchen!

  85. L Montgomery says:

    Wow, so many great choices. My first choice would be “Imperial Gray”. Kitchenaide is the best.
    Thank you.

  86. Wendy Meyer says:

    My favorite of the colors is “ice.” Congrats on you new home! I can’t wait to see what new projects you take on!

  87. Jennifer Birdsong says:

    I like the low key color “pistachio!”

  88. Vicky Coyt says:

    I would like a white mixer, Thanks!

  89. Thanks for the chance to win. I love the white on white.

  90. Ada Craig says:

    Aqua Sky is beautiful! I bake cookies every year for Christmas for the soldiers in my husband’s unit. This mixer would make the perfect addition to my kitchen! What a wonderful giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  91. What a fantastic giveaway. Ever since I was married ( years ago) I might add I have wanted a kitchen aid mixer. My sister had one that she was done with because she wanted another color and because my son loves to cook and bake instead of keeping myself I gave to him. He has made the best mashed potatoes with it. Loves it. So I would love to finally have one for myself. I love the white.. Thks for the opportunity to win..

  92. I had no idea there were so many colors. I choose Boysenberry for my sister. She does alot of baking and cooking for church and really needs a decent mixer. Thanks!

  93. I like cornflower blue

  94. Julie Thacker says:

    I would like the metallic chrome one. Thank you.

  95. Anne Saenz says:

    Thank you for the recipe, contest, and packaging idea! I love almonds and easyness, so will definitely make these cookies! I’d love to win a Kitchenaid mixer in watermelon color!

  96. Joyce A Ward says:

    Almond is one of my favorite flavors, can’t wait to try these-thank you! White or Lemon Yellow new mixer would be welcome in my kitchen! My harvest gold hand mixer (wedding gift) needs to be replaced-:-(.

  97. Aqua sky would be my first choice!

  98. Gail Slagle says:

    OHHHHHHH! What a great give away!!! I love the Blue Willow mixer and it would go so nicely in my kitchen :-)
    Thank you for a chance to win!! BYW – I am going to try the cookie recipe (with or without the Kitchen Aid Mixer) They look yummy!!

  99. I would love the contour silver as it is a timeless color that will always be in style…just as these mixers last for generations!!

  100. Mary McElroy says:

    I have a white and black kitchen so a white one would be my choice. I will be trying these cookies soon. Tks.

  101. I love the Ice colored one.

  102. Chrome or red would be my choice for this quality product!

  103. Crystal Blue would be my choice….with the holidays coming up, a Kitchen Aid mixer would be a welcome addition to my counter…..the Chinese Almond cookies look very seasonal…like snowflakes.

  104. Amy kilgore says:

    Metallic chrome or aqua sky tough choice! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Thanks Diane! The cookies look great and are getting made today with my grand daughter!! Yum. Best to you as you settle in your new home and share it all with us, your readers!! (I would my new mixer to be white!)

  106. Angela Weiler says:

    I love the grape and the Aqua sky!
    Cookies look yummy!

  107. I would love to win a white one. Even though I love all the bright colors I guess I would choose the more versatile white one. Love the blog! Good luck with the move!

  108. I have been wanting a KitchenAid for years. I would like an empire red one please. By the way, your cookie recipe looks fabulous. I just printed it!

  109. Would love the black mixer – thanks for the chance to win it.
    So happy for you Diane regarding your new home! Can’t wait to see all about it :)

  110. Kimberly W says:

    I think I would chose the color expresso. I want to change up my kitchen in the near future and I think that would be one of my accent colors. I didn’t realize there were so many to chose from!

  111. Love the color Ice. I would leave it out on my counter because of the color!
    Congrats on selling your house and best of luck on your new adventure!

  112. My favorite is the white one.

  113. Jennifer Goodwill says:

    I would love one in tangerine!

  114. Kathi Cushing says:

    White,love a white kitchen!

  115. Pam Clark says:

    My cousin just posted on fb that her 12 year old daughter has one thing on her Christmas list, and this is it, so if I won, I’d have it sent to her in her favorite color. I’m thinking the turquoise might be a hit!

  116. Elisabeth S says:

    I love the almond cream color. Thanks for sharing your cookie recipe! Definitely going to bake a batch of those for my family to enjoy.

  117. Maria martino says:

    I would love the white / white if I win, thank you so much

  118. Ashley H. says:

    I am so looking forward to all your new projects when you move, I love how real you keep things! I’d love the watermelon option if I won :)

  119. Definitely black! Thanks!!

  120. I’d choose that pretty light blue color they have. To tell the truth every color is beautiful!

  121. sonia castro says:

    Would love to make these……Empire Red would be the perfect color….. will be making these cookies for the ho;idays… Thank you !! Looking forward to see what you have in store with the new home DIY’S, PLEASE……

  122. Eloquence says:

    I really like the silver metallic! Thanks.

  123. I would love the onyx black! We are remodeling our kitchen and that would be the perfect color.

  124. I would Love, Love, Love, the Aqua Sky mixer! It would make me smile to just look at!

  125. Cheryl Comito says:

    I would love to give a Crystal Blue mixer to my daughter who is going to school for Baking and Pastery Arts.
    I also can’t wait to makes the cookies. They look delicious!

  126. rosemarie says:

    My favorite color is WHITE- clean , crisp, look for any kitchen and decor

  127. I love so many of the colors, but I think my favorite is cornflower. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck with your move!

  128. i love the aqua one but the lime green ones would make those cookies taste so much better

  129. Annette D. says:

    My practical side would choose Espresso to match my Kitchenaid coffeemaker (which I love), but I really, really love the Cornflower Blue…. Thank you Diane I’ll be happy for whoever wins this beauty!!

  130. Pattie Neu says:

    Apple Cider … Its fall like. My favorite time of year… Plus, Its fits right in to our farm colors. Are sheep are
    a old heritage breed. Their colors are cream bodies with auburn faces & legs. There real cutie’s. I could whip up a batch of cornmeal muffins. For the little guys … they love eating food out of people’s hands !!

  131. I’ve wanted one of these in Empire Red for so long! It would match many of my other appliances :)

  132. Classic black. If it works for little dresses, it should work for my kitchen too.

  133. Martha N. says:

    I’ve been promising my daughter an Aqua Sky mixer for some time now! I love my white Kitchenaid–it’s a workhorse!

  134. I commented earlier in the day but it seems to have disappeared. I printed out your yummy almond cookie recipe. Love the secret ingredient. Thank you for that!
    I don’t live in the US but I do have a post box, does that count? If so, I love the red and hope to win as I have never owned a mixer.

  135. I would select the black mixer. I always wanted a black and white kitchen and winning this would motivate me to start my kitchen remodel project. The Almond cookies will definitely be one of my new favs!! I LOVE almonds.
    Thank you for sharing.

  136. Doreen Carroll says:

    Love the cookies, I would really enjoy the white mixer. Thanks.

  137. Karen Anderson says:

    Tough decision. I love so many of the colors. I guess my choice would be Cobalt Blue.

  138. Nikki Allen says:

    These Almond Chinese cookies with Gin sound yummy. Thank you, Diane.
    Would love a WHITE KitchenAid mixer.

  139. Karen Overmeyer says:

    OH MY Gosh!! I had no idea there were so many colors!! I would go with the luscious Bordeaux!!! And those Chinese Cookies would be a fabulous contrast in this mixer!! Woo Hoo!!

  140. Without hesitation i would pick Watermelon Red. I love this color so much I painted my living room in it!

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!

  141. Carol Leslie says:

    Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win a wonderful product! I would pick the red.

  142. I would choose yellow! Thanks for this easy cookie recipe, I’m gonna try them got the holidays.

  143. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Okay, I made these and love them. I so needed a treat just for me. I was not clear on where or when to use the vodka (all I had), but I tossed it in at the end and they are fabulous.

    I would pick the white on white.

    Check, I would love any of the colors, but again would love any of the white ones.

  144. I would definitely choose white.

  145. Maryanna Dutton says:

    I came for the Chinese Almond Cookies. Yum!
    Include me for a Kitchen Aid in Persimmon. Thanks!

  146. Rainey Underwood says:

    Can’t wait to try the cookies! The empire red mixer would be my choice.

  147. Stefanie Gladden says:

    My favorite is the Ice Kitchenaid Mixer!

  148. Definitely Cornflower blue. I love that color!

  149. I would choose the ALMOND CREAM color….mainly because it reminds me of the stand mixer that my mother always used as long as I can remember. My favorite recipe of hers that I will always treasure is “Divinity / Sea Foam” candy. Her secret to having it turn out successfully, is “you have to have a stand mixer to make this. You can’t make divinity with a hand mixer”. So I have learned, she is without a doubt, correct!

    Alas I only have a hand mixer (KitchenAid of course!)… and I cannot make divinity without a stand mixer.

    This would be the most awesome thing! If I had a stand mixer. My mother just turned 84, and needless to say she, nor I, have made divinity in quite some time! It would be such a joy to be able to make the divinity for her.

  150. The cookies sound good! I like the red mixer.

  151. Ginger Jones says:

    You can never go wrong with white!

  152. I would choose white!

  153. The Meringue is very pretty

  154. Patty Konarski says:

    Love your website and ideas. I choose Bayleaf for the mixer. Thanks so much–no matter who wins.

  155. Kim Light says:

    Hello Diane! Wow…this is a coincidence! I was (trying) to use my little old hand mixer the other day and needing to hold the cord just right to get it to work… I always forget to buy a new one until its time to use it again. So, ANY color will work for me but if I had a choice it would be that sweet vintage color Aqua Sky. On another subject, last night I was showing my husband your exciting lake house search pictures. You see, we are close to being in the same place in life as you and your husband are. My husband may be asked very soon to retire due to downsizing and we too, dream of finding a home near a lake in SC as our children are now on their own. Diane, I love the “realness” of your blog writing and you have such a great and practical decorating style. thanks for sharing!

  156. Ohh yummy sounding cookies – will try. I like the cobalt blue mixer – thanks so much!!

  157. Sally Allen says:

    The red, please…..she’s a beauty!

  158. I love the green apple!

  159. Vickie Williams says:

    Cornflower blue would be lovely

    1. Sarah Franklin says:

      I Onyx Black would look beautiful in my favorite son-in-laws kitchen,

  160. Christy Falkoff says:

    Blue Willow – great color that will never go out of style!

  161. Chrystal Younger says:

    I love mine, but would live to give my daughter one for Christmas, because she loves to bake. I would chose the Grape color, because she is a purple girl!

  162. White – it’s classic!

  163. Tami Wentzel says:

    I love your site, this is my first time viewing. I am just beginning to bake and have struggled with stirring as my right hand has carpel tunnel and arthritis. So this mixer would be an extreme support tool. I would choose the Onyx Black to match my kitchen appliances. Thank you!

  164. I’ve always wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer, but since my daughter is getting married soon, I’d love to win one for her! The Contour Silver is my choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. The cookies look so good and best of all, easy! I would be so grateful to win the Majestic Yellow mixer as I have just done a mini-remodel to my own kitchen. It had horrible carpet and old appliances. I lived with it for 13 years and finally saved enough for new flooring and appliances. That lead to new paint, yellow and grey, so the mixer would look great on the counter!!!! Thanks! Love your blog!

  166. Terri/Houston lady says:

    I love the aqua sky ?

  167. Green Apple :) I had no idea they came in all those colors! Thank you for this great opportunity. I can’t believe you’ve got the energy to do this in spite of packing to move! You’re insane, but that’s not a bad thing in this case .

  168. Thanks for the giveaway, the color I chose was Almond Crème … I ‘m going to add this recipe to my cookies to make list for Christmas . Thanks.

  169. Linda Roberts says:

    I have had my white Kitchen Aid mixer since 1979 and although some of the speeds don’t work , it still mixes beautifully. If I could get a new one I think the Contour Silver one looks stunning. Good luck on your move!

  170. I think maybe Caviar…I just like the sound of caviar on my kitchen counter!

  171. The almond cookies look yummy. My favorite color is green, so I would love to have the color pistachio. Thanks for the giveaway.

  172. Empire Red! Absolutely perfect!

  173. I would chose the Empire Red. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win!

  174. Simple in so many things is the best. If I should win I would choose Bordeaux.

  175. I love the bordeaux. Since I would give this to my husband I would choose one of the silver colors.

  176. Canopy Green is just BEAUTIFUL! It would be wonderful to be able to put ingredients into the bowl & have it mix / knead / stir all by itself without having to stand over the bowl holding the mixer in your hand! ;p

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  177. Have always waited a Kitchen Aid mixer. I use my little hand mixer. I remember watching my mom use her old stand mixer. Wish I knew what happened to it. I will trying the cookies. Wonder how they will go with a gin and tonic. Thanks for the chance to win. I would choose white like yours.

  178. I love the Majestic Yellow!

  179. I’d love to gift my wife the gray, lavender or white one! (So she can make me some cookies! lol)

  180. Now that I’m craving some cookies, it was a difficult choice looking at all the available color options! I’ve never owned mixer, but I think the caviar color would be gorgeous in my future dream kitchen! :)
    Thanks for the recipe and giveaway!! ;)

  181. Mirna Barriga says:

    The kitchenmaid mixer of my choice would be red. It would be used all year long but it would live on my counter during the Holidays. I think the red best symbolizes the cheerfulness of the Holiday season.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  182. I bake over 3,000 Christmas cookies with my sisters, daughter and dad each year. I love simple and easy and these look delicious!!! I will be trying them soon. I LOVE the cinnamon color KItchen Aid.

  183. Arell Olson says:

    I have never owned a stand mixer and would be thrilled to win one. I loved the Majestic Yellow, but would be happy with any color. Thank you for such a great giveaway and also for the yummy cookie recipe!

  184. Barbara Bieganski says:

    Red. Love your articles about prepping the house for the move.

  185. I love the Cinnamon color. I’ve always wanted one but never could quite find the money in my budget and now that I’m retired, I have lots of time to bake but even less money than before. This would be such a joy to have.

  186. Deborah Jackovitch says:

    if it works I wouldn’t care what color. I have always dreamed of having one but something seemed to always come up and I didn’t get one. I am getting ready to retire soon and maybe now I could find the time to bake and do make the things I have always dreamed of having the time and resources to make.

  187. Tangerine, Bay Leaf or Cinnamon….either of these would be my “dream mixer”. Thanks for the opportunity! P.S. Love the cookie recipe. It will be part of my goodies this season. Thanks again!

  188. I would love a mixer in an orange-ish hue, perhaps persimmon, tangerine, or copper.
    I will definitely make these almond cookies – I like almonds and I like that these cookies are fairly light, in that they don’t have a lot of sugar.
    I’ve been enjoying reading about your quest for a new home – best wishes to you!

  189. Marilyn Dillon says:

    I’m still using the harvest gold hand-held mixer I got for my wedding 47 years ago. A “real” mixer in red would be a joy!

  190. I’m in love with the berry color! Thanks for the chance to win!

  191. Joanell West says:

    I have always wanted a red mixer. Love to have one to make cookies with my granddaughter at Christmas.

  192. Victoria Scudamore says:

    I’m in love with the crystal blue mixer! thanks!

  193. Lauri Woods says:

    I would love a white mixer. Those cookies look delicious!

  194. donna wilson says:

    My kitchen is black & red so either of those would be great but the red would be awesome.

  195. What a great gift (for me!)…I desperately need a stand mixer and this is my dream one that I cannot afford. A white or black one would be my color choice – ether one, thank you!

  196. Hmmm… I would take any color, but white like the one in your post would be first choice.

  197. I would love stainless steel or white. Really, it is beautiful in any color!

  198. Amy Fitzwilliam says:

    I would love the white! Have wanted one for years!

  199. Marty Mitchell says:

    I think red would be wonderful. Boy what a joy it would be to win that.

  200. Lois Baltes says:

    RED – with Christmas around the corner red would be great. Thanks Lois

  201. Crystal C says:

    I love the silver mixer or the turquoise.

  202. Lois Baltes says:

    Have always loved red and with Christmas not too far away what a perfect color. Thanks Lois

  203. Blue! Any blue, I have a house full of blue and white!

    Thanks for the chance, I’ve wanted one of these for YEARS.

  204. Dawn Peplowski says:

    I love the contour silver but so many to choose from. Congrats on your new Lake Home. Living the Dream!!!!!

  205. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would love to have it in Ice Blue!

  206. Wow…. ALL colors are fab!! But think I’m leaning towards toffee or plumberry!

  207. Jeane Gallo says:

    I would choose stainless steel, since it goes with everything!
    Thank you.

  208. I would like to say that I would love to have one in white.

  209. Those cookies sound yummy. Vodka or Gin? Yup! I printed the recipe out and I’m going to make them for my book club. Think they can guess the secret ingredient?
    I love the Red. I’m Canadian but I have a US post box. Would that work?

  210. Red. I think red looks great in the kitchen. Can’t wait to hear about your new home and all the projects you’ll tackle to make your new home yours.

  211. Love the Frosted Pearl White KitchenAid, or maybe the Sea Glass – either is beautiful!

    PS These cookies sound great, I’m going to try them soon!

  212. Red would look great in our kitchen!

    So happy you found a lake house – our son went to school in Columbia – it’s so beautiful there – especially by the lake!

  213. I love anything Red! I think it’s the happiest color:)

  214. White would be nice, it goes with everything.

  215. I love them all! I just painted our kitchen a neutral light gray and had the cabinets painted white. A splash of color would be fun! Maybe turquoise or red?

  216. patty reed-pederson says:

    red please!

  217. Carol Perry says:

    Frosted Pearl…… I had a Kitchen Aide stand mixer and needed some money, so I decided to sell it. I regret this decision.

  218. Tina Kross says:

    The almond cookies sound Delish. I would love making them in the ice or sea glass color . Thank you for the recipe!

  219. Your cookie recipe sounds like a winner! I would love to make them with the cobalt blue mixer. Can’t wait to see your new house!!

  220. Stephanie T. says:

    I have only had hand mixers and it would be so wonderful to be able to mix, fold, beat and scrape with a mixer that does all the movement! If I had a choice, I would pick Ice Blue, with Lavender Cream as a close second! They are gorgeous! Thank you!

  221. Swati Aggrawal says:

    I have always wanted a stand mixer, but haven’t been able to buy one yet. I would love one in Red.

  222. Robin Stinnett says:

    Cookies look delicious can’t wait to try out this recipe, and I would love to have the lovely black kitchen aid mixer.

  223. I would choose Meringue!

  224. I love the Persimmon color! I have a grey, white and copper kitchen color scheme.

  225. I would love contour silver. My husband does the baking so it looks more like our motorcycles!

  226. Laurie Pysczynski says:

    Can’t wait to try the cookie recipe! The mixer in any color would be awesome, but if I had to pick I would choose blue willow.

  227. terie karaus says:

    I like all the colors but most likely would choose a grey one- my daughter’s current favorite color
    and thank you so much for the giveaway! It is very generous!!!

  228. I would love to bake my Christmas cookies with a (santa suit) red mixer!

  229. Chary Silmser says:

    I love the red one, but would be happy with any color!

  230. I would choose the color Sea Glass or Ice. They are both stunning versions of aqua, which would look great sitting on my kitchen counter! Thank you! :)

  231. margaret ogle says:

    Those cookies sound good!
    I would like red.

  232. Would choose gray, but love all the colors

  233. Rhonda Godwin says:

    The recipe looks delicious! I think I would like the yellow mixer. Thank you so much for the chance to win one!

  234. A red one would be my pick! But, how could one be picky with such a great surprise! :-)

  235. Thank you for the delicious recipe and the giveaway!! I would love to have a red kitchen aid mixer to make these yummy cookies with!!

  236. I would take any color, but I think white or pink!! I’ve used mine so much that it is now leaking oil and is out of service! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  237. Beverly A. Wright says:

    I would love a white or apple green one! Surprise me!

  238. Barbara Fix says:

    I would love to have one in white or stainless. Your Chinese Almond cookies look yummy, simple and festive! I’ve already printed the recipe.

  239. I love the green one!

  240. I would love to win the blue one!

  241. I would really like to have the white kitchen aid mixer because I “need” to make these Chinese almond cookies!

  242. Lynn Stovall says:

    My choice is platinum, stainless, or white. This is such a nice mixer. Thank you for the chance to win.

  243. christina p says:

    Oh, choosing the colors are so fun. I am torn between the imperial gray and all of the other fun colors.:) I have added your recipe to my to do list. Looks yummy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. Kim Scott says:

    I’d love a Ruby Red mixer~! My favorite cookies to make are a Martha recipie: Chocolate oatmeal toffie cherry cookie~!

  245. I have a red Kitchen Aid mixer. My daughter is an avid cookie maker and cook, comes over to use my mixer when doing her baking, and gives me attachments for my mixer as gifts which she loves using! I would love to give her a Kitchen Aid mixer of her own. I’m not worried I’d see less of her or have fewer cookies to eat! Color? Could I hold off on choosing or go with a basic metal, black or white, or she likes yellow… Thanks for the giveaway.
    Look forward to all the new DIY posts after the move and the holidays.

  246. Connie Yokeley says:

    I would love a fabulous Kitchen Aid mixer in beautiful Green Apple!

  247. Molly Rubick O'Connell says:

    Another opportunity to be the winner! I entered once before sharing that I have my mom’s very old mixer where the only two attachments are standard beaters! I’d love to have a new model with attachments such as a paddle, as well as different speed options. I like stainless steel or white. Thanks for another chance!

  248. Brittany Koelmel says:

    This recipe looks great! I would love the red mixer

  249. The cookie recipe sounds easy and yummy! I would choose the Empire red color. I would give this to my soon to be daughter in law. She loves to cook and bake and would really appreciate a large stand mixer.

  250. Julie Bohnsack says:

    I would love the white mixer!

  251. OOOOH!!!! I would dearly love a turquoise Kitchen Aid Mixer! The Kitchen Aid is the work horse of mixers and turquoise would go beautifully with our Southwestern decor! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  252. Marilee O'Connell says:

    Always enjoy your posts. Think I will try your recipe this year-my family loves almond! If I were to win the mixer, I would chose white. Classic.

  253. I would like to white one.

  254. Barbara Louis says:

    Thanks for the cookie recipe. I’m going to try it for the cookie exchange that I do with my 4 sisters next month. I would love to win a mixer…..metallic chrome would be my pick.

  255. I have always wanted to have one of these mixers and love the Pistachio color. It’s just a lovely old-fashioned green that would be a wonderful pop of color in my vintage looking cream and gray kitchen. I often made my own bread, pizza dough and, of course, cookies! This would be a luxury, especially at the holidays.
    Thanks for the giveaway, Diane. Hope your move is progressing nicely.

  256. Hi Diane! That’s a fine question. It would depend on who I ultimately decide to give it to! If I keep it for myself, I think I want pistachio. My daughter who just got married would want pink (but she may have gotten one for a gift–not sure yet.) My son is getting married in a few months, and I don’t know what their kitchen colors are going to be yet, so if my soon-to-be daughter-in law gets it, I would let her choose. Decisions, decisions! :-) Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new home!

  257. Hope Rose says:

    Perfect! Perfect!! Perfect!!! These cookies are exactly the desert I was looking for as my grandson is coming over for another cooking weekend. This time we are making Dim sum.
    Oh, a black mixer would be another perfect complement! Thx

  258. I would love to win a white mixer.It goes with everything! I bake so many varieties of Christmas cookies and this would be a huge help! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  259. Jaclyn Lauer says:

    I would love a white or stainless steel mixer! Thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to testing it out this holiday season.

  260. I’ve wanted a new Kitchenaid mixer for a long time. Mine was my mom’s when she got married in 1946! Still using it but it can’t handle thicker dough anymore. Our daughters is red and suits her cheery kitchen so well. I would love a stainless or black or white one…actually I love the blue and red too! So happy for you moving to your dream lifestyle ? and it will be so much following your progress and seeing how it changes up. Yahoo!

  261. Change of subject—-did you find your new lakefront home?

  262. Thanks for the recipe Diane. They look delish. I’ll add them to my Christmas cookie menu.
    I am so happy that you and Ed found a new lake home. Can’t wait to see it. I know it will be lovely.

    I would love a chance to win a mixer. I would probably choose a red one. A very happy color!

  263. The cookies will make a yummy addition to my cookie collection. I would love to win the red Kitchen Aid mixer.
    I’ve wanted one for many, many years.

  264. Michelle Beckwith says:

    I’ve been invited to a Christmas cookie exchange and these are perfect! The white mixer would work perfectly in my white and grey kitchen!

  265. deanna byrne says:

    I would choose white because Kitchen Aid mixer are around for so long! White would always look good in my kitchen. I am going to try these cookies gluten free. I think they will turn out beautifully..

  266. So excited to try your cookie recipe. My color choice would be white! Thanks for sharing :)

  267. Marti Nettleton says:

    I’d love a candy apple metallic red Kitchen Aide

  268. Oh I am drooling over that beautiful Tiffany blue color! :) can’t wait tinted these cookies.

  269. I have one in red and I love it, so I’m thinking if I won it, I would give it to my daughter. She would probably love a pink one!

  270. Linda Rae Collins says:

    Those cookies sound delish! I have pinned the recipe. I would love a white mixer. White is timeless :)

  271. Glenda Rogers says:

    Brown. Thanks for the cookie recipe

  272. Oh, I forgot to ask: Should the almonds be blanched almonds? If one were to use the raw almonds that still had brown skins, I think the skins would impart a speckled appearance, would they not? I usually keep raw whole almonds on had for snacking, so would be tempted to use these instead of purchasing more almonds for the cookies, so it’d be great if there was clarification. Thanks!

  273. I love simple cookies, too. Easier to make and so universally loved. I would choose the Metallic Chrome color! Timeless. What a great contest, Diane.

  274. Christine says:

    First of all I love the cookie recipe and how easy it is.
    And wow! A chance to win a Kitchen Aid? I have NEVER owned one and would love to be a proud owner of a Blue (if the come in blue) or silver Kitchen Aid!

  275. Debbie Estep says:

    Oh my…I would love to win a mixer. Before my fiance passed 4 years ago he was going to buy me one for Christmas and I still don’t have one. I would pick the lime green colored one I think it’s called pear. Good luck on your move in a few weeks and can’t wait to see how you decorate this house. Thanks for all of your tips and secrets I love getting my emails.

  276. I so enjoy your website! And welcome to South Carolina!! :)

    I would love a red mixer.

  277. I would love the sea glass mixer! Thanks so much for the chance–this mixer has been on my wish list for years! Happy Holidays!

  278. Linda White says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Can’t wait to try it out. I would love a white mixer.

  279. The adult within me wants to pick a more grownup color like white or graphite, but for me it would have to be that raspberry pink mixer!!! Thanks for the great giveaway

  280. Marcia Hollon says:

    Can^t wait to try this recipe. My choice would be the gray.

  281. Lou Clifton says:

    Love the new recipe to add to my list for the Holiday Season. My sugar cookie didn’t turn out good last year so I will try the recipe you have posted. Wow, the thought of winning a Kitchen Aid mixer would be a dream come true. My first thought would be a Stainless its always a timeless color. Graphite would be great color as well.

    Thank You for the recipe

  282. Suzanne W. says:

    Yum, these cookies look great! And made to perfection with the Artisan Mixer no doubt. My color would be Pear… I love the green ones!

  283. Cathy Clark says:

    LOVE anything almond, so can’t wait to try these cookies!
    I would choose white—I know BORING!!! I’m in love with all the white/neutral color schemes out there, esp kitchens, so white would work perfectly!!!
    Thanks for chance to win such an awesome give-away!!!

  284. I always loved those cookies and now happy to have a recipe to try! Thanks! The kitchen aide mixer is wonderful. I have a white one for more years than I can remember. Would love a stainless one and then pass my white to my son.

  285. Megan Bell says:

    So many colors, so hard to choose! I like the Bay Leaf, but Liquid Graphite is also nice. Thanks for the chance! (Hope I win – this would make a great birthday gift for myself)

  286. Tracy Estes says:

    I love the Sugar Pearl Silver

  287. I know it’s dull, but I love the white ones.
    But if the price is right, I’d take any color!

  288. With so many gorgeous colors it is hard to choose but if I was lucky enough to win I would so enjoy the Imperial Grey color.

    Looking forward to trying your cookie recipe.

  289. Growing up we had almond cookies with a melted chocolate circle on top purchased each Sunday from a local Jewish bakery. Thanks for the memory and the recipe..
    White is my color.

  290. Valerie Young says:

    Red. Please and thank you, for my blue and white kitchen.

  291. Ebony Aelterman says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win a red one!!

  292. Valerie Young says:

    I would love a RED one for my red,white and blue kitchen.

  293. Donna White says:

    I would love to have a red mixer. My kitchen aide mixer just bit the dirt. I have been trying to make myself purchase a new one.
    Thank you for the give away.

  294. Jacki McGarry says:

    Honestly, I would like any color, but I really like the mixer in “sea glass”! Thank you!!

  295. DonnaMarie says:

    The color Apple Cider will work for me!
    Thanks and best wishes on your move.

  296. Anne Marie says:

    I would love a black mixer – classic!

  297. Cynthia Brocato says:

    I would love a white one.

  298. maureen ingram says:

    Love them all but i would choose white.

  299. Joan Rhea says:

    My daughter-in-law wants one of these in the worst way but alas it has not been in the budget for a new family. She loves green so I think bay leaf green would make her squeal! :-)

  300. Sherry Elston says:

    WOW!!!! These cookies look great! And easy! And this giveaway, what timing!!!! My Birthday is today, I’m turning 50…. again….. I would love any color, but if I get to choose, RED. I love red.
    Thanks for the recipe, and a chance at a free Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer.
    It’s cold in PA.
    sherry elston

  301. Blue would be the perfect color for my young adult daughter who is finally showing an interest in cooking. Thanks!

  302. Cynthia Kuenz says:

    Ice Blue or Orange! Or any color, to be honest!

  303. Hello, I checked out all the colors…so hard to choose! I love a classic silver color, and depending on which line of mixer it is, I believe they are called by different names. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  304. Beverly Grabowski says:

    I would LOVE the Kitchen Aid Mixer in RED for a wonderful splash of accent color in my kitchen. Thank you for the cookie recipe, can’t wait to try it. I continue to always enjoy your posts, updates and tips. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do! : )

  305. M Darlene Young says:

    Would love one in any color but red is my preference. Love your blog and can’t wait to see what you do with the one house to make it home.

  306. I would love to win a white mixer for my neighbor who does so many nice things for me.

  307. Plumberry, to match my purple kitchen! Although I’m sorry to see you move away from PA, I am so looking forward to all the projects you’ll be doing in your new home! Best of luck to you!

  308. Marilyn Goodrich says:

    My dream is to own an Aqua Kitchen Aid mixer! What fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  309. Would love a silver or grey Kitchen Aid.

  310. So excited for you and all the great changes! Thank you for the opportunity to win…I would love a black Kitchen Aid.

  311. Shirley Kasal says:

    I would like a red mixer for my niece. Thank you.

    I love your blog! It inspires me to decorate!

  312. White is perfect, thank you!

  313. Wendy Hancock says:

    I would love one in classic white :)

  314. Elizabeth G says:

    I would pick the “blue willow” color. Thank you, I’m looking forward to trying the cookies!

  315. I am feeling very “classic” today so I would select WHITE! :)
    If it were March, I’d probably head to the GREEN one…..

  316. Holly Rigby says:

    Ooooo….stainless for my daughter who has a 2 year old, is a partner in a law firm…doesn’t like to cook, but is getting into baking! And her husband is a gem!
    Thanks and best of luck on your move. Dying to read about it…as we moved 17 times with the Army…yours will be a lot more fun!

  317. Any color Kitchenaid would be much appreciated and needed! I thought my 20 year old hand mixer had finally quit on me last week but then noticed I hadn’t plugged it in!! Sad but true story ?

  318. Robin’s Egg Blue, Please. Thank You For Your Generosity In Sharing… Both YOU And Opportunities!!

  319. my favorite color is turquoise, so I’ll just wish for the turquoise kitchen aid mixer. can’t wait to try the cookie recipe!

  320. Susan Nohner says:

    Crystal Blue so bright and cheery. Or the Red it’s my favorite accent color!

  321. katherine petrich says:

    I would love to have a contour silver Kitchenaid artisan mixer. Thanks for the recipe, Diane! Your cookies look delicious.

  322. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    I would choose a White one!

  323. I would love a KitchenAid White mixer! My Mother used to make Almond Cookies years ago but lost the recipe and tried to duplicate using other recipes; she felt she never succeeded (but we still loved whatever cookies she made). I love the idea of using gin — that is definitely something I am going to put in when I make your recipe!

  324. Oh, today I think I’d go with red! Now when I’m selected I could change my mind. It’s my perogative, after all, isn’t it?

  325. The red is lovely! Or any color! Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait to try these cookies. Yum!

  326. Kathleen Meyer says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one in Aqua SKY! Great giveaway!

  327. Donna Rosenbery says:

    I would love a black/ onyx mixer. Thanks for the giveaway and recipe.

  328. Melissa Leach says:

    I would choose white, thanks so much.

  329. I would love to win a royal blue or raspberry colored mixer. Either color would look great in my kitchen. Thanks!

  330. I would love on in black:)

  331. I wish I had one of those cookies now with my coffee:) I would love that mixer in black:)

  332. Diane, I am not picky, I would appreciate winning anything. Dying to see the inside of your new home, and right before Christmas, what a gift for you.

  333. Stainless or I did see a copper color that I loved.

  334. Fritzy Dean says:

    Oh, That beautiful red one is calling my name!

  335. Kris Reynolds says:

    I would love to win the white one for my mom.

  336. Euna Sansoucie Ridenour says:

    I have a black and white kitchen and would LOVE a red one to add to my other pops of red!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!! I am still using my vintage mixer from the 1950s!!

  337. I would choose the silver!! Classic style!

  338. Teresa Nankervis says:

    Red please!!!!

  339. I would love a white one! Thank you.

  340. Christy Altman says:

    I’m sorely tempted by the Copper, but who doesn’t want a Red KitchenAid mixer!!

  341. I would love to have the brushed silver or white to match everything in my kitchen. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  342. Carolyn D'Alessandro says:

    What a wonderful opportunity. White would be my choice. Thank you! Wishing you an easy move. I just moved recently myself..whew, glad that’s over.

  343. Onyx black, please and thank you!

  344. I’d choose classic white!

  345. I would love the classic white! I don’t have a stand-alone kitchen mixer but do use a KitchenAid handheld mixer.

  346. Any color works for me, but red might be fun!

  347. Yesterday while passing through the kitchen wares department in Macy’s, I stopped to admire the rainbow of colors of Kitchen Aides, all lined up. I think I would choose either white, stainless or black though, in keeping in step with the rest of my decor. Happy moving adventures Diane!

  348. Vicki Baumer says:

    I would love a silver one for my daughter. Thanks!

  349. Susan Achnitz says:

    I would love a black or white mixer, thanks for the win opportunity!

  350. Pamela Caudill says:

    I would be happy with any color but since I have to pick…..I choose “empire red”. Thanks!

  351. Anastasia Phillips says:

    I would choose red because my husband loved Coca-Cola decor for our kitchen. He’s been collecting things for years. All of our appliances are red. A red mixer would help keep the them. :)

  352. I would love Espresso or Bordeaux! Thanks!!

  353. I would love the satin copper, thank you

  354. Shirley duke says:

    Red is my favorite color. My kitchen is white with red accessories.

  355. There are so many beautiful colors! I think white or cornflower blue. It looks like a great recipe to try also.

  356. Beth Garland says:

    The silver one would be perfect to give to my daughter for Christmas!!

  357. Judy Morano says:

    I would like to win a white one. Classic and would never go out of style!

  358. Aqua is my choice. So hard to decide with all the pretty colors available. Next week is my baking week. Will give your cookie recipe a try. Good luck on your move ! Can’t wait to see the new DIY’s.

  359. Gayle Worley says:

    White one, please.

  360. I’ve been looking for them to go on sale so I can replace my 30 something year old white Kitchenmaid….they never wear out. Still good as new and my daughter could use it for the few times she needs one. When I think of Kitchenaid I think WHITE.

  361. I would love the white. Classic and goes with everything. My Kitchenaid stand mixer is now 40 years old. Still going strong, but a challenge to add ingredients and keep them from flying out. The newer ones seem like they have conquered this with the plastic edge. Once you get one, you never want anything else! Thanks for the giveaway!

  362. Classic white would be wonderful.

  363. White please. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  364. Blue, please, to go with all things nautical.

  365. Sara LeSueur says:

    Black would be awesome. The cookies sound divine. Thank you.

  366. I would love to have a stainless one.

  367. Laurie Florance says:

    Hi Diane – I saw a “contour silver” on the Kitchen Aid website – loved it! But happy for any color if I win! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  368. Oh how delightful. What a great giveaway! I would choose an aqua or orange mixer.Yes. please. I would then be baking up a storm.

  369. The white one is for me.

  370. Leesa brinkley says:

    White for me!

  371. Heather C says:

    Red to match my other small appliances in my kitchen

  372. I would love a red one!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. Classic white would be my choice. Can’t wait to try the cookies!

  374. Jean Cogdill says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter! I have a red one already. But a green one would be
    lovely for her. Funny because she just mentioned it the other day. Christmas is coming!
    Thanks for the recipe; looks yummy, and for the opportunity to try to win.

  375. White would be perfect. I enjoy reading your blog!

  376. Donna Dickey says:

    Red one please.

  377. melissa mckinney says:

    Turqoise please.. would be perfect in my kitchen..

  378. I would love a white Artisan mixer!

  379. Dee Tracy says:

    The cookies look delish and would pair wonderfully with a steamy cup of coffee! I would love the classic white Kitchenaid!

  380. I love them all but would prefer an Azure Blue mixer. Can’t wait! I have longed to own one of these forever :)

  381. Jill Butler says:

    I would love the red mixer!

  382. Linda Southworth says:

    I just made a batch of cookies with a new recipe found. Now I see these beauties which I need to try too! Time to find more folks to give cookies to. My hubby and I can’t eat them all…well, we could but you know. I am a huge fan of the Kitchenaid mixer and lust after the turquoise artisan mixer. Hopefully one day! Thank you for a great recipe!

  383. mary mahoney says:

    the red would make my christmas merry!

  384. If I choose for myself it would be red but if I won this I would be giving it to my Grandson for a wedding present so I would let the bride choose or simply go with white. I hope I win cause i already have 3 grandchildren married; this will be the fourth, with 20 more grandchildren to go!!!!!!! Lordy, Lordy I do need the help or in this case the WIN!

  385. Jenine Daley says:

    I would def choose black or stainless steel. Either of those colors would match my daughters kitchen perfectly. I would love to give it to her for Christmas, she gave me the most wonderful gift this year.. My first grandchild! He is the love of my life!!!

  386. barbara n says:

    Definitely the RED!

  387. I would love the red! Thanks for the chance to win.

  388. Sheila Fitzgerald says:

    Red would be my choice!

  389. I love anything almond! I’m going to try these this week! The mixers come in so many pretty colors but would have to choose the navy because I’m stuck on blue right now for everything. Thanks for the recipe and giveaway!

  390. Would be happy with a white one…thank you!

  391. I would love the Pistachio or the Ice color so I could make the Almond cookies !

  392. I would love the red one pictured or a navy blue one – what am I saying? I would love one in any color!

  393. I would love the white mixer. Classic color that fits in anywhere. Nice giveaway and delicious recipe.

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  395. Sheryl Myrick says:

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