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Holiday Candleglow In The Windows

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Christmas decorating ideas showing how to use and display candles both real and electric in your home’s windows.

If there is one thing I love about Christmas time, it is the candleglow that comes from the twinkly lights on the tree and the candles in my windows.

There is a song from the movie Home Alone called Somewhere In My Memory  by John Williams. 

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs as the lyrics express exactly how I feel about Christmas.  It makes me so happy, nostalgic, and gives me that warm Christmasy feeling.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

In all the front windows of my house, I put an electric candle.  I remember as a child how excited my brother, sisters, and I were when we came home from school to find that my mom had put up the Christmas decorations that included candles in all the windows.  It was magical getting tucked into bed at night and dreaming of all the good things you knew were coming your way in the following weeks – I could barely sleep.

Falling asleep with candleglow = bliss.

I continued this tradition in my own home and I am happy to say that my daughters will happily continue it.  When each of them went away to college, I sent them a surprise package in early December with a candle for their dorm room window so they would not miss out on that magical feeling as well as have a little bit of home while they were away.

I don’t put candles in the windows on the back of my house, but I also don’t want to miss a good opportunity to add some candleglow, especially to a place where I spend a lot of time – my kitchen window.

I might as well make cooking and washing dishes as pleasant an experience as possible during the holidays.  I dim the lights, light the Kosta Boda snowballs I have lined up on my windowsill, put on some Christmas music, pour a glass of red, and I am good to go.

 Ahhh!…  I love candleglow.

Candleglow Christmas Decorations

I snipped some pine branches from a tree in my side yard and placed the glass snowballs on top…and of course added a touch of purple.

Christmas candleglow ideas
Christmas Songs

Candles in the window,
shadows painting the ceiling,
gazing at the fire glow,
feeling that gingerbread feeling.
Precious moments,
special people,
happy faces,
I can see.

Somewhere in my mem’ry,
Christmas joys all around me,
living in my mem’ry,
all of the music,
all of the magic,
all of the fam’ly home here with me

Candleglow holiday decorations

Do you put candles in your windows?

Here is another great candleglow idea to greet your holiday guests at the front door –> Outdoor Holiday Candles.


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  1. Yep I have the battery operated LED lights that flicker in my windows. I just love them.

  2. THis looks so great..I love the snowball votive holders..where did you get them from.

    Enjoy the holiday season.

    I am having a blog give away..so if you want to head over!

  3. “I dim the lights, light the Kosta Boda snowballs I have lined up on my window sill, put on some Christmas music, pour a glass of red, and I am good to go.”
    That sounds just perfect! That certainly sounds like it would make cooking and cleaning in the kitchen ALOT more fun! Guaranteed my sills will be decorated and the wine will be flowing by the weeks end!

  4. Diane, I always put candles in all our windows too (yep-even the back). My duaghters have taken up the tradition too…and it is one I love. I don’t know what the Kosta Boda snowballs are (showing my ignorance here) but they are beautiful. Okay…WHERE did you get them?>) Hugs-Diana

    1. Hi Diana-

      I got my first Kosta Boda Snowball from my brother when I was still in high school and have 8 of them. Kosta Boda is a maker of glassware. I think it is a Swedish company. They make all sorts of decorative glassware for your home. I found most of mine at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

      1. Diana-

        I just looked them up and you can get them on overstock.com. They are 18.00. I bought mine for around $7 each, so look around. I am sure if you go online and put in: Kosta Boda Snowball Votive you will be able to find some.

  5. I love candles in the windows too. I REALLY LOVE the ones you used in your kitchen. Much better than the candlestick type. SOOOOO cozy!! I am going to do this in my kitchen for sure. Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Have a wonderful holiday season!!!!