Decorating With a Country Antique Pine Hutch

I have been dreaming about having a step back pine hutch to display all my white pitchers and dinnerware in my home for a very long time.

I have come close to finding a few when out and about at flea markets and antique stores over the years, but none have been exactly what I had in mind. I have come to terms of being stuck in wishing mode.

Until I found the perfect hutch, the one I have been envisioning all these years.

Hello beautiful! I found the photo of this hutch through a link that KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm posted a few weeks ago. Seeing this hutch got my desire to have a hutch like this go way up on my “I Want It” meter.

In my previous dining room, I did have a hand-me-down massive Pine Hutch that had doors and arches. I removed the doors and painted it white. It was OK, but it didn’t have the same lines and simple style as this step back country hutch has.


I also had this glass fronted cabinet that I stripped and placed on a sideboard to get the decor closer to the look I was after.

I kind of gave up on the idea of getting a large stripped pine hutch when we moved to South Carolina since we no longer had a dining room or a large enough wall in the kitchen to put one.

We even broke the big pine hutch that was in the dining room apart since we didn’t have a space for it anymore and no one wanted it. We did use the top crown molding from it though to make a Fireplace Mantel in the living room.

The mindset that I have no room for a pine hutch to display my collection of white serveware went out the door when I looked more closely at the photo of my dream hutch. It wasn’t in a kitchen, but in My Little White Barn’s living room!

I had a lightbulb moment when I thought of my open to the kitchen living room and saw I already had the bottom half of the hutch. I could make a hutch to custom fit on the console table to fill the large wall in my living room.

I adore this hutch, everything about it from the detailed curves on the sides to the paneled back so much that I am going to try to build one for myself.

I only have limited wood working skills and tools. These helped me to make a Farmhouse Style Coffee Table using Ana White’s furniture plans in the past, but the curved cuts on the sides of the hutch are something I can’t do on my own.

Looking outside to neighbors wood shop shed.

I am lucky to have my retired neighbor John help me make it. He has a woodshop in the shed you see out past the side yard of my house. It doesn’t look like much, but the tools and machinery inside would make any woodworker envious.

John has helped me cut and put the finishing touches on the French Enamel Door Signs I made, my Craft Room Work Table, the Open Book Stand and most recently the wood I used to make the Cable Railing on my front porch.

When I asked him if he would be interested in helping me make an Antique French Country hutch and I showed him the photos, he signed right up.

Vintage & French Country Pine Hutch Design Inspiration

I thought I would show you a few other step back pine hutches that I found for building inspiration. Each one has unique curves along the front side edges.

The sides of the hutch above get narrower under each shelf.

The sides of this open step back hutch has straight sides with a curved detail where it meets the cabinet section.

This antique English pine hutch has straight sides with cut-out detailing across the top.

I like all three of these open style pine hutches, but not as much as the one that changed my thinking, that Yes I do have a place for a hutch.

I have taken the measurements of my existing console table that I plan to place the hutch on. I have made the build plans, now I have to go buy the wood.

Once I get the hutch made, then I will match the stain/whitewash to match the console table.

furniture top repurposed into a sideboard.

I am hoping to get the color of the finish to look like the glass cabinet that now resides in a guest room upstairs. I added bun feet to it to make into a Small Console Style Cabinet.

I am very excited to get this hutch project started and hopefully done before the holidays.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. Is there anything better than someone who has the skills and the generosity to share the how to? I don’t think so.

  2. Oh, I am so excited for you and your project! It sounds like quite the undertaking. How fortunate to have a neighbor who is a woodworker! I know it will be beautiful and you will learn a lot. I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

  3. Your neighbor is a wonderful helper, I am looking forward to seeing what you both create!

  4. Michele M. says:

    Diane, you certainly have a truly winning and determined mindset on this project! I wish you (and neighbor John) every success on getting this dream-come-true hutch finished perfectly to your liking. Best of luck!!

    I am really looking forward to seeing it all dressed up with your wonderful collection of wares.

  5. I can’t wait to see this one… and now I want a hutch🙄 I don’t even have a place to put a hutch, Diane.😘

  6. What an exciting project! Glad you’ve found a way to implement your dream piece. Can’t wait to see the finished project stylized with your gorgeous flair. We all need a neighbor like that :)

  7. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn says:

    Love it! I am now looking for something in antique pine to make a kitchen/center island. We live way out in Southern Oregon so English pine and similar is hard to find so I’m keeping my eyes open for something that can be re-imagined! Cannot wait to see your project!

  8. Good luck on your project! You will get so much enjoyment from your new piece.

  9. Diane that is such an awesome plan. I cant wait to follow along with this project with you. You ideas are so inspiring. I too, sit often times, saying I don’t have a wall or room for a hutch…and I want and need one doggone it. 😁
    I’m on board to watch and learn.

  10. You go girl! I’m excited that you will be building your hutch and thinking how wonderful that you have a neighbor who can lend you a hand. Looking at all the inspiration pieces you shared the Little White Barn piece would be my choice also. Can’t wait to see how the hutch will look in your living room. By the way I love the glass cabinet with the bun feet.

  11. I’m so excited for you, Diane! You’re going to love your cupboard. When we moved into this house last year, I had a similar yearning and found a 100-year old Welsh dresser that I just love. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out- I know it’s going to be wonderful!

  12. Diane, I am always in awww of your creativity! I cannot wait to see your hutch. So exciting😊