Style Scouting: Vol. 164

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Autumn view off mountain looking west in SC

Yesterday after tailgating at the Navy vs. UNC Charlotte game, Ed and I decided instead of heading south for the two hour trip home, we headed west to see if we could see any fall color.

We headed to Caesars Head State Park in the upstate of SC. We had never been before and it has been on our bucket list of things to do.

The colors are just starting here and won’t peak for another two weeks. I am sure that this view will be a lot less green then. Even though we didn’t see fabulous fall colors, we did enjoy the side trip and dinner on our way home.

Have the leaves turned around your home?

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A cozy, but fresh and vibrant kitchen.

This rustic Farmhouse has lots of pretty features.

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Have you seen this lamp hack? It reminds me of what I did to change a lamp in 3 different ways for a project in my book, Instant Decorating.

Now this is a very smart baseboard painting trick!

This is wallpaper, but it would be pretty easy to DIY it yourself.


I have made chocolate cake in a mug, but never Pumpkin Pie In a Mug Cake. Looks great for the times you are craving it, but don’t want to make a whole pie.

These look delish to go with afternoon tea or coffee.

Cornbread to serve with chili or stew, but with a twist.

Out & About

Now this is a very clever costume for Halloween.

I probably will never get to see this in person, but being able to do a 360 degree tour is pretty awesome. You can even zoom in and out to see more details.

Fun & Interesting

Now this is funny – Ordering a Pizza in 2023.

This new advent calendar called a Comfort Calendar is so clever it sold out in days. If you want one, they will be back in stock again on Oct. 23.

Something to Think About

Knowing how to do this in an emergency is good to know.

Over the last few years I have found myself embracing doing more of these 9 things.

“Everything is habit-forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing.” – Wilt Chamberlain

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  1. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Fall brings in me a time for reflection of the past and the days before we must huddle for colder days. BUT I agree with another comment, I am not into worshiping the creation, mother earth, magical holidays, etc. At first glance it sounds all warm and fuzzy and ‘centered.’ Smacks of apostasy and heresy. I will encourage a wide path around all that. Love God, love people, love family. Share the good news.

  2. Mairlyn Holeman says:

    The Outdoor Apothecary article “sounds” good, but I think it is a worship of nature, etc., rather than the One who created it. It is very good to be grateful–but Who are you grateful to? It also bothered me that she was advertising Samhaim, which is a pagan religious celebration allowing interaction between humans and demons. No thanks!

  3. Love the baseboard painting trick, Halloween costume, mug pie, and the Outdoor Apothecary link. I find myself embracing a slower, less hectic life.
    Thank you for these weekend pick-me-up posts.

    1. Great links today! Thank you for all the time you put into creating such great Sunday posts. I too loved the Outdoor Apothecary link. Looking forward to reviewing it further.

      Our fall weather here in Minnesota is bursting with color. One of my favorite memories of my younger sister is how she would describe how fall reminded her of driving through a bag of Skittles.

      Loved your interview with Carrie too! It was fun to hear you talk about your design past. You are so artistically talented.

  4. So many good links. Have to stop for now and come back later. The Outdoor Apothecary link looks like it will take me some to devour. In a good way!

  5. Well, I had an epiphany this morning, thanks to you! After reading the link to the article on Outdoor Apothecary, I read her article about the seasons, and realized that all along as I’ve been purchasing seasonal decor (which I love) to “celebrate” the seasons, I was actually craving the connection to nature & wanting to bring nature into my home & feel more connected to that. I actually don’t need the decor at all. Or, more realistically for me, LESS decor. Thank you.

  6. LOVE the link to the Outdoor Apothecary. She spoke to me as if she was directly speaking to me ! We just returned from Sicily where we visited and had dinner at a Herbalist farm. It was one of the highlight discovery places we visited. A sicilian who had a dream, found his life partner who is a chef and is from Brooklyn!!
    TY again…