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While I am taking some time off to enjoy the holiday weekend, I thought I would celebrate by giving away this stack of decorating books to one lucky reader.

Win a stack of home decorating books. Black Friday giveaway.

There is something for every aspect of decorating in the stack. I have shared the two books on the top of the stack with you before. The rest of the books are new. One has not even been published yet. All have inspiring and doable ideas.

Here is a little bit about each book:

Amazing Furniture Makeovers

By Jen Crider

Upcycle Your Secondhand Bargains into Stunning Statement Pieces

This book is full of inspiring ideas for seasoned refurbishers and the know-how to get anyone started. Amazing Furniture Makeovers helps you give your antique pieces new life without losing any of their vintage charm. Jen Crider, founder of Girl in the Garage, breaks down everything you need to know about furniture makeovers―from basic chair reupholstery to remaking coffee tables into benches. There won’t be a piece of furniture you can’t make more beautiful, functional, and personal.

Big Style in Small Spaces

By Sarah Dorsey

Compact Living Doesn’t Mean You Have to Miss Out on Great Style

Sarah Dorsey, founder of Dorsey Designs and professional interior designer, has created over 30 beautiful, multifunctional décor projects that are perfect for your small home. Little touches like leather-wrapped cabinet handles and a shibori-dyed tablecloth fill your home with warmth and personality. Clever pieces like a sofa arm table and floating nightstand are easy to make yourself and help maximize the space you have.

The Gift of Gathering

By Bre Doucette

Set the Table for Conversation and Connection

When family and friends gather around the table for good food and fellowship, special memories are sure to follow. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with this creative collection of seasonally inspired tablescapes by popular decor blogger Bre Doucette (Rooms for Rent).

Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful. Bre will walk you through every step of the process from planning the perfect get-together to adding special touches your guests will appreciate and remember.

Inspire Your Home:  Easy Affordable Ideas to Make Every Room Glamorous 

By Farah Merhi

Instagrammer and founder of Inspire Me!, Farah Merhi shares her creative and elegant interior design secrets so you can create a glamorous, yet cozy home without spending a fortune.

8 decorating book giveaway

Your Best Home: 5 spaces x 5 design steps = a better life 

By Joe Snell

This ‘manual for a better life’  is all about getting back to the basics home. It’s a guide to help you apply and optimize the five fundamental factors in home design – space, air, light, view, and sound – to the five most common spaces in all our homes – entry, living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. In engaging, informed and accessible text and photography, practicing architect Joe Snell shows how to get the fundamentals right in order to lead a fulfilling, healthy and happy life in your home.

But Where Do I Put The Couch?

By Melissa Michaels and KariAnne Wood

101 Real Decorating FAQs Answered

When you have a home decorating question, do you wish you had a team to consult? Now, you do! Home decor bloggers Melissa Michaels (The Inspired Room) and KariAnne Wood (Thistlewood Farms) answer 101 actual queries from readers like you.

My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation 

By Donald Rattner

48 Techniques to Boost Your Creativity at Home, According to Science

My favorite book in the stack. It reads a little like a textbook, but after reading it, I am sure you will be looking at everything you have in your home in a new way.

For over twenty years, scientists have been discovering connections between our physical surroundings and the creative mind. Written by a noted architect, My Creative Space is the first book to turn this rich trove of psychological research into practical techniques for shaping a home that will boost your creativity.

Individual: Inspiration for Creating a Home That is Uniquely Your Own 

By Jessica Belief

We all deserve to live unapologetically in homes that reflect who we are. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we crave spaces that make us feel secure and connected, nurtured and enriched. 

Individual journeys to 15 truly unique homes that are authentic reflections of the people who inhabit them, from an art-filled city terrace to a magical seaside shack and a 1970s-era palace in the ‘burbs. Practical tips on such topics as choosing a palette, balancing function and style, and living better with ‘stuff’ show you how to imbue your space – whether a rented apartment or a cottage in the country – with the essence of you.

Individual is a stunning reminder that you don’t need a bulging bank account or an award-winning architect to create an authentic space in which you can thrive.

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  1. Oh, how would I like to win this stack of books my youngest son has accepted a job in Asheville NC and now I find it’s past time to refresh the house. Taking down my 1980 wallpaper in the kitchen. I have been looking for inspiration to make it updated.

  2. Hi Diane…
    Love your blog, especially all your adventures, and stories about your beautiful family.
    I would like to receive your giveaway of decorating books.