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Hola all!

It is Friday again…how did that happen so quickly?

I have been a bit behind on getting posts up this week, but I have a good excuse.

Today I am super excited to share with you that I am in a book!  Yep!

More Creative Lettering

Do you remember when I posted about the book, Creative Lettering?

It was so popular that crafters wanted MORE and it is finally here… the fabulous follow-up to that bestselling book, featuring 15 entirely new contributors and one of them is me. :-)

Book More Creative Lettering

Last year the author, Jenny Doh, emailed me and asked if I would like to be a featured artist in the book.

In My Own Style Creative Lettering

She especially wanted me to show how I do lettering on chalkboards.

Blogger Diane Henkler Featured in  the book Creative Lettering

I created everything she needed around the holidays and the book came out this month.

The book Creative Lettering Ideas

There are 15 artists featured. All provide tips on their favorite forms of hand lettering and tools, along with complete alphabets and how-to projects based on their signature styles.

Lettering ideas

With everything from posters and cards to signs, collages, and journals, this eye-catching collection will inspire readers as they create their own, personalized work.

Creative lettering ideas for addresses envelopes

So many styles, tips, and techniques to inspire you to create your own distinctive and creative lettering.

the best markers to use when writing on brown kraft paper

My favorite style tip is how to add white accents to lettering on brown kraft paper packages.

Faux calligraphy

Love the tutorial on creating faux calligraphy…

Creative lettering ideas into art
… and how to create art with lettering.

Script calligraphy

You can buy the book on Amazon:  More Creative Lettering

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  1. Love the script. Lettering is such a wonderful skill–it can add so much to a simple gift or card.
    I own the first book; this one will be a lovely complement!

  2. Love the script! I am just getting started with hand lettering so I am not good yet but… I am working on it!
    Thanks for the give away!!!!!!!

  3. Script is definitely my favorite. You write so beautifully! Would love to win the book!

  4. I love the script lettering, it reminds me of a long flowing elegant evening gown; totally classy!

  5. Hi Diane,
    While I am totally print lettering in everyday life I dream of the ability to write script as beautifully as you do and as portrayed in this book! Hopefully I will win it and begin my learning process! Thanks!

  6. If I have to choose, I’d say I like script just a little more.
    This looks like an awesome book!

  7. I tend to favor Script over Print but actually love all types of creative lettering. Congrats! Great book!

  8. I am a big fan of script. It’s so elegant and, for me anyway, shows the effort to really try and make my handwriting a little more special.

  9. i love script, but have been playing around with print lately….your post was a main catalyst to going out to the art supply store and actually buying some hand lettering supplies and giving it a whirl… In fact my new blog banner is a hand lettered chalkboard I made and photographed :). Congrats on your feature in the book! If I don’t win, I will be picking up a copy on Amazon!

  10. The More Creative Lettering book looks amazing! Congratulations on being featured in the book! I have always loved a combination of both script and print. When learning cursive in grade school I would always get in big trouble for writing with a combination of both within each word. I still do it today and somehow our 18 year old son picked up the same habit and form of writing. I like to think that great minds write alike :) I love your blog! Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. beautiful lettering whether script or print always catches my eye…but I’m probably most comfortable (when doing it myself) with script… still have lots to learn which is why I need this book.

    p.s. congrats on getting published! Way to go!

  12. I prefer script because I find it more forgiving of mistakes. Looks like a great book–thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Congratulations on being one of the chosen few for the book. Your style has been noticed and appreciated. That must be a good feeling. I prefer fancy over plain every time, so I choose script.

  14. Congratulations to you – what an amazing accomplishment! While I prefer the look of script I think I may have more of a chance to be successful with an attempt at print – Great examples in this post!

  15. I’ve adored script since I learned how to write in elementary school and won awards for my penmanship. I still have those award certificates and they still mean a lot to me after all these years! I find it a shame that script isn’t being taught in many schools these days. What a great loss!

  16. I love the lettering (both script & print), but more importantly I appreciate your post because it reflects the priority you place on family. Bless your daughter for working so hard on her career — and you and Ed for supporting her so completely. I know this is what we as parents do, but it is uplifting to see it exemplified. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Thanks for the chance to win this book, it looks like just what I need to get me started. I prefer script :)

  18. Script is fancier and more artistic usually, but I find that print is easier to read at a glance. So I guess my answer is BOTH!

  19. Basically, love anything outside of the routine. Probably prefer variations of script though.

  20. I love SCRIPT. It really bugs me that only certain special teachers are helping children to use it.

  21. I love lettering in general. That book will be my next purchase (unless I win!). I am better at print but prefer script. With all the ideas in the book I will definately be practicing both. Looking forward to getting it.

  22. It depends on the situation, but if I had to choose it’d be script. I’ve enjoyed your site for yrs.

  23. I love script ! I can choose the desired degree of ‘flow’ and emphasis…love it!

  24. I love both and your style is impecable! You truely have a talent and gift and inspire me to do more creative things. I think i love print right jow, especially your print on chaulkboards……just awesome!

  25. Diane-How exciting! I love hand lettering, too, and have been practicing and pinning and practicing some more. This book sounds great. Right now my favorite is printing. Good luck to your kids on their big test!

  26. Wowza- good for you Diane! Since I enjoy pretty lettering,, this book would be a nice addition to learn something new in my next projects – thank you for the giveaway!

  27. I think it’s amazing how creative handwriting can transform gifts to something truly special. I’m partial to script, I love the flair of it! Your posts always inspire me!

  28. I love them all, but partial to the print! I teach second grade and always looking at fun fonts to make my anchor charts with…which means I type it up in Microsoft Word, print it out and then try to copy it…would be so nice to have a book with the letters right there for me anytime! Congrats!!!

  29. Congrats on your feature in this lovely book! I have tried my hand at hand lettering ( I’m so punny—get it?—pun-ny!)) and I prefer the swirls of script. I have done a wedding chalkboard in script that I am particularly proud of that I gave as a wedding gift a few years ago. But my ‘successes’ are too few and far between because I am SO HARD on myself – I expect nothing less than perfect! I am trying to get back into lettering, but again, I want it to be perfect right away- so I give up too quickly. When I saw your blackboard art and read the sentiment (“If you are afraid to make a mistake you’ll never make anything!”) I KNEW you were speaking to ME! I NEED this book and if I win, Diane- would you PLEASE personally inscribe your mistake sentiment inside the front cover especially for me? Thanks for the shot in the arm to get back in the saddle again, and thanks for this generous giveaway!

  30. I love script! I have actually used your lettering on several gift envelopes lately…so creative and fun to do!

  31. I love script. When I was going to elementary school in Germany, we learned to write with fountain pens. Cursive/script looks so much better and I believe the art of writing and learning how to write is lost with #2 pencils.

  32. Hi Diane, Congratulations!! The book looks lovely. Thanks for the giveaway. I prefer script. I think it’s elegant and can be beautiful.

  33. Congrats Diane and I am not a bit surprised you were featured in this amazing book. You are so talented!! I love writing. I’ve grown up “practice writing”. lol aka as doodling. I love print and script equally so I could not choose. They are both fun. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  34. Congratulations on being one the artists in the book. I love both script and print. No matter what I love seeing things handwritten.

  35. I love both script and print! They show your personality, especially in our world where everything is so tech related. Having said that the script is so elegant and beautiful! I shared on Facebook, tried to post to instagram…I am new there and couldn’t figure out how to do it…..

  36. Congratulations on being in the book. I like both print and script but my favorite is script. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  37. I like Script, but I use Print often also. This sounds like a great book to have. Full of ideas. I love how your chalkboard designs come out. Thanks for sharing with us how you create them.

  38. Hi Diane! (I’d love to be your neighbor…….just sayin’.)

    Congratulations for being included in the new Creative Lettering book!!

    I’ve been following your blog for a short time and really enjoy your projects and practical solutions to perplexing problems. (Wow…that’s a lot of p’s in one sentence.)

    I am drawn to script. It just seems to have personality and flair to me.

    Again, Congrats and keep up the excellent blogging!
    Alice M.

  39. Hard choice! My sister, who passed away in 1995, had the most beautiful script handwriting I have ever seen. She created her own font before there was really such a thing. It is sad that cursive is becoming a lost art.
    Congrats on the book! Love the chalkboard illustrations!

  40. I like script better, but truly love them mixed up. I took a calligraphy course YEARS ago, and still use it on all the cards I make. I would love to learn some new techniques and how to use other tools. Thanks.

  41. My first thought was Print, as I work with Special Needs Children. Print would be easier to teach them, but I am drawn to Script for me and the possibility to teach my students something more complex. As I choose to only use Facebook and Pinterest, I cannot share elsewhere. I will purchase this book if I don’t win; it is spectacular!

  42. I am just in love with letters – script or printed! It’s been that way ever since I was a very little girl and first learned to read.
    Congratulations on being included in this new book – what a wonderful experience!

  43. I love script, especially because it’s a dying art. The faux if especially beautiful and easier to read.

  44. Congrats on the being published – loved your chalkboard inspiration. The whole book looks fantastic . I guess I’d say I’m more drawn to script, it seems more “vintage” to me (and I love anything/everything vintage!). I long for the days when people took the time to write a beautifully handwritten letter,; now, they don’t even teach cursive anymore!

  45. I love the beauty of script. But this book show awesome styles of both print and script. What fun!

  46. I choose PRINT, love the SCRIPT and know there’s a better chance I can recreate the PRINT!

  47. Diane,
    Congratulations on the book! I’m looking forward to getting my own copy. Your last posting inspired me to take the time and enjoy creative handwriting it’s a great outlet for the doodle in me. Love script.
    Thanks so much!

  48. Diane,
    Congratulations on the book! I’m looking forward to getting my own copy. Your last posting inspired me to take the time and enjoy creative handwriting it’s a great outlet for the doodle in me.
    Thanks so much!

  49. Happy for you being in this new book! Will post to FB – your handwriting skill is so awesome! I hope to win a copy, whether it’s script or print, it’s all good. I’m really glad that there is so much interest in lettering, since I see it as a dying art. There is still plenty to learn! Good luck with it!

  50. I posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinned it. Can’t figure out how to post it it Instagram, but I’ll keep playing with it.

  51. I think Script is SO beautiful! This book looks AWESOME! I have terrible handwriting and this would help so much!

  52. I love script but can’t write it very well. Seeing books like More Creative Lettering makes me want to learn to write script just like that. Print is wonderful too and easier for me to write. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your ideas!
    Kim Carlisle

  53. Usually script wins out over print for me, depends on the item/mood/use.
    Love your blog, congrats on the book contribution.

  54. I love the script but print would be more pratical for me. Just dont have the best penmanship to start with.

  55. I like both. It depends on the purpose. Love your creativity and your blog. Thanks for all the ideas!

  56. I prefer print. Print has more options. Yay for new books! Print is not dead!On my way to post in Twitter and Instagram.

  57. I am really drawn to *script* style. Loving all things in Calligraphy and the JOY it brings to my pages!

  58. I can’t choose between the two…both have their palce in their own way, depending on the context of the project….but as a daily choice it would definitely be PRINT for me!

  59. Definitely script. I am disappointed that the schools in my area are not teaching kids to use script more today. They briefly learn cursive and then promptly drop using it. SO sad.

  60. What a wonderful giveaway! I lean toward script. Thanx for the chance to win!!!!!! And congrats!!!!

  61. Script, no print. No script, no print yes print. Oh it’s like choosing between chocolate and donuts! Not a fair question, but I hope I win anyway!!( the chalkboard examples are cool)

  62. The style of lettering I like is script. It has a more professional appearance to it.

  63. I can’t choose between print or script because it depends on my mood and use. I wish I was better at doing script.

  64. Congratulations on being a featured artist!! Love hand lettering and have been trying my hand at it lately as I keep an Illustrated Journal (Fauxbonichi). Personally, I like to mix and match script and print. Good luck on your endeavors :)

  65. If I am sewing and putting a name on an item, I use scrip for girls names and block print for boys names. If I would happen to win, I would give the book to my friend, she does wonderful signs on a chalk board for different occasions. Thanks and congrats on your place in the “pages.”

  66. For me it depends on what the project is—I love script for letters, cards, envelopes, but print for chalkboards and wall hangings. Congrats on the book!

  67. congratulaions on your inclusion. It looks like a great book! I guess I am in the minority, but I like print best.

  68. Love the script! My vote is for Script all the way!! As a former elementary school teacher, I appreciate the time and beauty involved in creating a script font! And since cursive writing in no longer being taught in most schools, I fear script is a dying art! Thank you for contributing to this book! I would love to win a copy!

  69. Hi, Diane!

    I’m part of the script-loving majority, with the more flourishes, the better. But strangely enough, when I write by hand, I print in cap and small cap.

    Congratulations on being in a beautiful book!

  70. How awesome that she seemed you out! I love all words and styles, but the print inches a little higher up on my love list

  71. Diane,
    How wonderful to have your work published. I prefer script and was quite good until I became proficient in shorthand and it destroyed my handwriting…oh my I’m dating myself.

    My mom who had amazing handwriting use to say that mine looked like a doctors. Speaking of….

    we have something in common. My future daughter in law just finished her third year of medical school and is preparing for some big test in Chicago. Attends Creighton in NE. What medical school is your daughter and her boyfriend in? So proud of her hard work.

  72. I like to mix it up, but for much of what I do, print is best because of readability. Thanks for this opportunity!

  73. Diane, this is a GREAT review, thank you! :) I’m more of a fancy print mix-it-all-up kind of person. :) I’m really liking this book now that I have more info!!!

  74. Script, definitely. I learned calligraphy in college, and have always been excited by different forms of hand lettering, but love script the best. Isn’t it nice to be invited to participate in things that feed your artistic soul!

  75. Have always loved script. Actually enjoyed all those handwriting lessons way way back in elementary school.

  76. Wow! I wish I had a package to send! I love everything I saw in your post – I can’t pick which one I like better! Thanks for sharing.

  77. I love beautiful, elegant script mixed with very simple print. The book looks lovely and will be great for anyone who wins it. Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win!

  78. I love a combination of script and print……where some letters are connected with a flourish yet others stand on their own. Would love to win this book…..would love to be able to do chalkboards like you!

  79. Wow, this is so timely! I just bought myself calligraphy pens as I want to learn calligraphy and other creative lettering! I think my favorite style of lettering would be cursive, but since I’m just beginning my creative lettering journey, that might change soon! Can’t wait for you project next week!

  80. I love the look of script but it can be so difficult to read, that’s why I prefer to print!

  81. Enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing your creative expression through crafting, painting and repurposing everyday items and offering a free book giveaway.

    My preference is script when it comes to doodling and lettering and I like to add quotes or sayings to the pictures I have taken using the photo as a background.

  82. It depends on the mood or character of what I want to convey whether I will use script or print, but I love to use words, and I’m really looking forward to expanding my repertoire with this book. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, Diane

  83. Print FOR SURE. I’ve practiced and practiced script writing especially the more fanciful calligraphy. Never with great results. But there’s so much you can do with printed letters–color, size, shapes, doodles. It’s easier to become more proficient, more quickly. The results are usually very satisfying especially if you tend to be a perfectionist. But in the end, it’s all fun–script or print.

  84. Ugh – do I have to choose between Pront or Script?!!? They are both lovely and far better than type for sure!!

  85. I love anything written. I appreciate it all when we’ll done. Script has always been a favorite and all of it’s forms. I think the shapes made of writing would be fun to play with as well as the chalkboard lettering.

  86. I love script and print. They both have their place in the scheme of things. I love how words placed in interesting ways can become art. I shared this on Facebook too! I would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the opportunity Diane.

  87. The book is fabulous, so many ideas…I would probably choose the script, but I do love both. Basically anything monogrammed is what I love…thank you

  88. I prefer script but I have to admit I used a variety of print styles for my classroom when I was teaching.

  89. I love print – clean and simple and easy to read ! congratulations of your inclusion in the book – it looks awesome!

  90. Definitely like script best! But, if I am creating it, probably better to stick to print! :-)

  91. Script holds a special place in my heart (it’s so girly!) But I really enjoy designing with a combination of script & print, I love the juxtaposition. Congratulations on your contribution to the book and thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  92. Congrats on being included in the book and what a great project to share!
    Even though I am a teacher, I have always been a “printer” with my writing. I do admire a lovely script handwriting that is elegant and swirly…so script is my preference.
    *sounds like you may have 2 doctors in the family someday! :)

  93. I would have to say Script is my favorite but I am a fan of all types of creative lettering.

  94. I love words—in any form. But if forced to choose, I would opt for print. Probably because I am intimidated by folks who have lovely hand writing skills. In any form words open the world to us

  95. Wow! Congratulations on being in the book! I like script, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to do calligraphy. I can’t comment on the other forms of media because I don’t subscribe. Thanks for the chance!

  96. I love the script! So many ways to customize it! Although you can do some fun things with print!

  97. I love script that looks half script and half print.. I love your web site emails letters I receive from you. I have a special file I put them in under labels on my computer. I plan to build a house next year and will be using so many of your creative ideas.. (Ex.. Chalk painting your dining chairs!).. Maybe I will use handwriting on the painted fabric seats!
    Keep the ideas flowing, Diane.. and many thanks from Texas!… Fran

  98. Hi, Diane! That is totally awesome to be a featured artist in someone else’s book. Personally, I love the chalkboard look, and depending on what it is, determines whether I want print or script. But, I love the way script looks. Or kind of a script, where it’s almost printing but the tails connect to give the impression of script….much like calligraphy, I suppose.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  99. I love the written word whether print or script but if pushed to the limit I would say I like script just a teeny bit more. It sort of depends on what the words say or what they mean though. I am torn.