Creative Mailing Envelopes for Handwritten Letters

Today I am sharing a few ways to elevate the lost art of letter writing into a stylish event. 

I love anything that has to do with pretty papers, pens alone with pretty handwriting. I am testing out a few new pens and very unique DIY envelopes.

Gift Card Envelope Ideas

  1. Creative gift giving – One of a Kind Envelopes

2. Stylish Anthropologie Inspired Sewn Envelopes

Clever ideas for envelopes

3. Crafty and Easy Embellished Envelopes

DIY envelopes

Dress up plain envelopes – The Gift of a Letter

Envelope Templates to Print

Free printable envelope template

Aren’t these envelopes cute?   You can download the templates over at Camille Styles.  All you need is paper and pens and don’t stop at thinking you can only use computer printer paper…

.. why not try making one of these envelopes with scrapbook paper, leftover wall paper, gift wrap, or maps.

The Lettermate


Once you have your envelopes made, I have been using this…. Lettermate to address them. I read about it on Pinterest and had to have it. :-)

The Lettermate Envelope lettering template

I have been practicing using it with a set of colorful gel pens.  Seeing all the colors puts a smile on my face. I also bought a white opaque pen to use when addressing dark color envelopes.

The Lettermate makes addressing an envelope in a fancy way… doable for anyone, even if you don’t have pretty handwriting.  I printed out the how-to guide which shows a dozen ways to use the template.

If you still like to send cards and letters through the mail I think you will enjoy making these to send your correspondence in style.

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  1. Nina Goodfellow says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I love receiving/giving snail mail and these are wonderful ideas. Pinning and sharing these!
    Keep these ideas coming, Diane! Each time you post something like this, it helps me to re-purpose and use up existing supplies I have on hand and to use them in new, inventive ways. I especially love the folded card idea. There is so much cardstock at home and I can’t wait to start using them in that way! Yourdesign is to die for! Love it ALL.

  2. I do love hand lettering. When I was a teenager, my grandmother gave me a calligraphy set as a gift- it was so lovely. I taught myself calligraphy and most recently I’ve been working in a bullet journal which has been so much fun! Thanks for these great links, Diane!

  3. Denise McDonald says:

    I love to send cards/letters in the mail and these envelopes are adorable! Added the template to my “shopping list.” Have fun at Haven and can’t wait to see all the new, creative ideas you find.

  4. What cute envelopes! I saw that Lettermate before, then decided against it, I think I may have to rethink it.

    My favorite pen is the Pilot G3 Frixion pen. It is a gel pen that is erasable and refillable and they come in fun colors, too. I just love them. They tend to be hard to find at Walmart, but I can find them online. Being that they are erasable has saved me a number of times when filling out certain forms although I might add, paper quality does make a difference on how well the ink erases. The better quality the paper, the better the ink erases.

  5. I’m old enough to have grown up when handwriting/penmanship, or what ever it was called, was taught in schools. I loved it and was always tops in the class. As an adult I took calligraphy classes from a master penman and for years I would address a certain number of a brides wedding invitations as my wedding gift. Painting wasn’t something that interested me so calligraphy took care my artistic urges. I still love anything you can do with different kinds of pens so I’m in heaven when you have new ideas I haven’t tried.

  6. I love looking at all of the school supplies that Walmart has out, too. The pens are always tempting. Papermate Flair is one of my favorite pens for cards & envelopes. Handwriting just seems to look really good when using these. They come in all colors too! The largest set of colors can be found at Office Depot. Your envelopes are beautiful! Love the colors & they are bright & pretty just like your home.

    1. Jo Ledford says:

      I’m new at this and left handed to
      Can I really do this

  7. Carol Griffin says:

    Love these ideas! Now, I need to make a run to Walmart. Have fun at the Haven conference and I cannot wait to see your staircase update. I am absolutely loving your lake house transformation……brings back memories from a few years back when we were updating our house here in Murrells Inlet, SC.

  8. Linda Weeks says:

    Enjoy your time at Haven! You are the best! Even your letters are extra clever! Really pretty stuff!

  9. Love the fun post today. My handwriting is horrible – that Lettermate is intriguing.
    Love all the fun envelopes.

    Remember the post office charges extra postage on oversized card envelopes. I would check before showing up with a fun stack of envelopes that already have stamps on them. They may not accept.

    I do like the idea of creating a creative envelope for a card you a presenting with a gift or just because:)

    Have fun at Haven!