A Stylish Script: Pens for Lettering

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Yesterday I walked into my local supermarket and right inside the door for all to see was a display filled with these…

Autumn Wreath

Wreaths – pretty Autumn ones.  Which signals -Fall is soon upon us.  I got all excited as I love Autumn. It is my favorite time of year.  I live for it!!  My husband thinks I am crazy.  He views it as one step closer to Winter, the cold, shorter days, dark when you get home from work.  Living in the tunnel as he calls it.

I think of cozy afternoons on the sofa with a cup of tea.  Refreshing walks in the crisp air collecting brightly colored fallen leaves and pinecones, hearing the high school marching band in the distance, tailgating at college football games, pumpkins, and pencils, pens, and school supplies.

To me, back to school time – Fall – means a fresh start, a clean slate for new dreams.  To learn something new, to re-invent.  I think of it as a brand new year – more so than New Year’s Day.  I think I adapted to this way of thinking when I was still a kid as the end of August meant one thing – NEW – new school year, new friends, new clothes, new underwear, new haircut, new blank spiral notebooks, and new pens and pencils.

Notebook and Pencils

I love this aisle…in Staples, Target, or Walmart. It doesn’t matter. I love to peruse this aisle thoroughly as I have a fascination for handwriting – I love to see it – a signature, a handwritten note, a beautifully addressed letter.

Pens at Staples for lettering

I have always been fascinated with the alphabet, script fonts, lettering, and people’s handwriting.  When I was in junior high, my mom knew I loved these things and gave me a book on handwriting analysis.  I read it cover to cover and my fascination with individual’s handwriting grew.  I am no expert, but I find it very interesting to see other people’s handwriting.  We don’t see much of it anymore, as most everyone uses a computer to communicate and correspond.  It makes me a tiny bit sad – as you don’t get a glimpse of someone’s handwriting that tells so much about them, their style and personality.  Is it neat, sloppy, loopy, slanted, straight, big, small…

The Holy Trinity of Chic and their signatures –  as different, unique, and stylish as each of them.

The holy Trinity of Chic

I like to have my favorite pens at arm’s length.  I prefer pens over pencils, but the green pencils I found a while back look so pretty on my desk that I let them stay.  I should buy some “New” orange ones for Fall.

Lettering and Desk Organizing ideas

Mark Twain Quote

My favorite blue pen is a Bic Round Stic.  My favorite pen for printing, not script is a Penstix EF.  They are hard to find in stores. I buy them online.  For elegant script – even if you don’t know calligraphy – is the Elegant Writer. It has a fine calligraphy nib that automatically creates thick and thin areas on each letter as you write without having to do anything special.

 Pens at Staples

I bought a box of these, they are now on my desk – new ones for my fresh Autumn start.

Bic Pens

I have used pretty pens, expensive pens, and fountain pens, but I love Paper Mate- Write Bros. pens.  This is probably my very favorite pen to write with – plus they come in many different colors and you can buy them for about $1.50 a pack.

Paper Mate Pens for Lettering

The next time you grab a pen to write a note to yourself or someone else – give some extra thought into how easy it is to write with – does it glide across the paper effortlessly as you write or does it make your hand cramp?  Does the ink smear or leave teeny blops?  Do you like the way it makes your handwriting look when you use it?

It is fun to experiment with different pens.   Staples has a Writing Trial Center which I always check out when I am there.  Most pens are in clamshell wrapping so you can’t try them, making this little center – a place to experiment very smart.  I am sure if you have ever bought a pen, you have seen the scribbles on the store’s fixture from people trying to see how it writes.  It is a natural expression, a kind of -” I want to try it” graffiti.  We do it without even thinking. Having this little trial area lets you try the pens out on paper, not on the side of the fixture to see if you like it before you commit to buy. There is a little pad of paper with each pen so you can try your script or doodle until your heart is content. Most stationery stores like Crane and Papyrus have paper for you to experiment on also.

Pens at Staples

What is your favorite writing instrument?  Do you like a certain brand or type?  A certain color of ink? –   A pen, pencil, or a marker? If you are interested in learning how to improve your handwriting check out my post here.

Happy New Year – Happy Fall.


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  1. I love pens, pencils, markers all of them..I like to draw with with pencil Bic ECOlutions EVOLUTION 650HB it is pretty soft and I love about that when I draw…I use different king of pens when I’m writing. I love Stabilo pointVisco pens in every color possible..:) Love Identi pen that has fine and extra fine tip..also love america crafts slick writer…I also use markers..mostly when I do my art journal and want to write something big with pen..I then use Textmark’s 700 it has pretty thick tip so that is why I like to us it when I write big thing..easy and fast…

    Well those are just couple of my favorites…I meaby have to do blog post also for this theme…:D

    Thanks for sharing your pen loves..have to try those out..meaby I faal in love too..:)


  2. I can’t believe that I found another person obsessed with pens. I can’t even tell you how many secret places I keep pens and pencils. Mostly pens but I love the mechanical pencils too. And..here’s another quirk…I like pens that write any color except black. I don’t know why but BLACK ink just seems so…hmmm…LEGAL to me. lol Loved the post and as they say …It’s good to know that I am not alone!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday- Diana

  3. I don’t have a favorite pen but now I will…Staples is right next to where I work, I’ll have to stop in! Loved your post, thanks for sharing!


  4. Hello,
    I think I’m liking that Penstix. I admit to a collection of pens. My favorite is a Waterman fountain pen. Yep, good old fashioned fountain pen. I also have a glass nib with an inkwell. Nice to meet someone else that likes pens that write well. I like the plain old Staples pens for everyday but when I find a pen I like how it writes no matter the brand that works too.

    1. Hi –

      Thanks for the comment. I love, love, love, Penstix. They come in 3 different thicknesses. E, EF EEF. I believe they have clips on them now. I love the simple straight styled ones. If you put in “Alvin Penstix” into a search you will get a list of online suppliers. They are made with India Ink. I would love to have a glass nib and inkwell – so elegant!

      My best- Diane